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Name: Zeta Villa Maternity Wears



Owner: Zeta Ville

Overall Rank: 98 out of 100%

Zeta Villa Maternity Wears Overview

These wears are made for pregnant women. It is a Jersey dress with originally made deep V-neckline cut. This shape is made to help you to wear this during breastfeeding and after. Gives you free movement, easy blood circulation and allows free movement of air inside you even during very hot weather.

Does This Maternity Wear Fit Everywoman

This maternity wear can fit every pregnant woman at every stage in their pregnancy. It has up to 82% expected fitness.

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It has different sizes, therefore, can fit every individual whether underweight, overweight or obese. You can always get the one that will perfectly fit you.

The length is superb, covers everybody both for tall and short people. It is properly designed for this purpose

PROSGood overall rank of 98%

Pregnant Women comfortable wears

  1. Good fit everyone 82%
  2. Dress Length covers up to 90-96cm
  3. Sleeve, Both short and length of 10cm
  4. It is machine washable
  5. Regular fit for the occasion
  6. Easy for breastfeeding
  7. It has a 4-star ranking

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I cannot find anything bad with this wear apart from the fact that it doesn’t have long sleeved and that you may not like to wear it after your breastfeeding your child because it would be bigger than your size though some people may not mind.

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