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  Today I woke up and went online  searching and I found myself in eBay   website, turning over certain pages I came across these beautiful boxes my mind said yes talk to your women about these boxes.

I know that many women have not got this opportunity to search for something like this. this is the reason why I should obey the minds prompt to write about this.

Does this make sense? I know it does because we are women and we know what we need.

I found many beautiful boxes but let me concentrate on these three boxes. At your own time you may go to eBay to look at them. Sure you must feel the way I felt. They are beautiful I must tell you.

Before I go further, these are the boxes I picked to talk to you about. You might have got them or you are desiring to get one , this is the opportunity before it goes out of stock. Number one in the list is;

High gloss large wood jewellery box necklace storage organizer cabinet moire,

two, Large leather Jewellery box bracelet necklace storage and three, Extra large Vanity Case Beauty Box make up jewelry

Ask yourself a question, do I really need this box?

I understand that most women like putting their jewelries in one place OR who wouldn’t like good things? Would you prefer leaving your jewelries scattered on top of your table or lying about and be played with by children. No, I don’t advised that .Women are known by their orderliness.

What you will do is depending on quantity of your jewelries get yourself a good box that will accommodate your jewelries and prevent them from scratches.

These are the options:

1, High Gloss Large Wood Jewellery Box Necklace Storage Organizer Cabinet Moire

This is a big cabinet that may contain all your jewelries if you have plenty of them.

It will contain and still have extra space where you can put valuable things like your under wears and your night gowns, this is my own opinion you might have other things you may prefer to stock in this cabinet.

Wood Jewellery Boxes

Free Postage and one day shipping

The seller of this cabinet said that this cabinet can be posted to your door post without any extra cost and this can be done within one day.

Note: The one day shipping may drag depending on these factors: 1, When the seller gets your payment 2,  Dispatch time 3, The type of Shipping services you choose 4, Delivery time may vary due to peak times                                                                                 High Gross Wood Jewellery Box

Note Also that if you choose express shipping it may charge you extra money so to avoid paying extra money for your shipping go for standard shipping which may take up to five days for you to receive your cabinet

You may want to know how to process your payment

eBay uses trusted financial service providers so that you can pay without fear that your money may get lost.

These providers are PayPal, Visa, and master card. They make sure that any financial service provider they use passes credit check before they allow them, but you must have  enough money in your account to use these people because they don’t deal on credit.

Let’s say the total cost of your product is £100, please don’t start processing the payment if the money in your account is less than £100 instead allow your money to be more than hundred pounds in-case of any transfer charges

Returning your  Good after Purchase

You are covered by eBay money back guarantee. This means that once you don’t like the product you bought that is if the product you bought is not according to the description by the seller you are permitted to return it and have your  whole money back.

But you will pay the returning fee. Make sure to return it within the 30 days after purchase.

To make sure that seller of the product included this eBay return policy in his sales Go to the listing of the items you have already bought and check the return section for the policy.

If it is not there you know that the seller does not allow return.

2, Large Leather Jewellery Box Bracelet Necklace Storage Organizer Travel Case

This is a case that will allow you to collect all the necklaces you want to use in your journey in one place.

Putting these necklaces in one place will save you the hassles and the chances of not losing your necklaces in your journey.

Large leather Jewellery Box big


Large leather Jewellery Box big

In the ordering of this box you may want your order to reach you the same day, choose to use express delivery which will cost you £ 10 extra.

If you prefer not to pay any extra money use standard delivery which may take longer day to get you, approximately 5-7 days.

A Note of Warning

The seller of this good is in United Kingdom and is happy to sell to people living in the United Kingdom and anywhere in the world But people  living in places like Channel Islands, Hong Kong and China don’t worry as you can still search around and get what you want from the sellers  who are willing to deliver  to your area

Payment Mode : Payment is done through PayPal either by visa, direct debit, master card, debit or credit cards.

3, Extra Large Vanity Case Beauty Box Makeup Jewelry

You can pack all your make up accessories into this vanity case comfortably without putting them piece by piece into your bags.

Packing them together is the most convenient and less stressful to move cosmetics about without missing one

This seller is in UK and is willing to deliver within one day for  people living in United Kingdom using standard delivery selection which is a free delivery.Extra large vanity case

Wants also to deliver free and fast to people living in Dunstable and Bedforshire within one day with standard delivery selection.

The seller of this product is not willing to deliver to people living in these countries Such as; Channel Islands, Isle of man, Isle of  Wight, Northern Ireland, Sicily, Scottish Highlands, Scottish Islands.

So if you want a Vanity Case please search for a seller who is willing to  deliver to your own country.

BONUS Buy One Get One at 5% off from this seller

This seller has a lot of goodies to choose from, ranging from Extra large vanity electronic Acrylic Nail art Drill set manicure to Professional Large makeup Bag vanity case cosmetic  Nail

30 days refund Policy

The seller refunds you your money back completely. So once you purchase your good and it is not as the seller described it, you are free to return it within 30 days of purchase and you have your money back

Your Queries are welcome

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15 thoughts on “Women Jewelry and Accessories Boxes”

  1. Amod says:

    These three types of boxes are extremely helpful for women

    1, High Gloss Large Wood Jewellery Box Necklace Storage Organizer Cabinet Moire

    2, Large Leather Jewellery Box Bracelet Necklace Storage Organizer Travel Case

    3, Extra Large Vanity Case Beauty Box Makeup Jewelry

    Each of these boxes has its own special benefits. Proper storage, ease of carry during travel and large space to keep the essential makeup and jewelry items are the most attraction.

    30 days return policy and 5% off on additional purchase are another attraction of this purchase.

    Really, these three pics are necessary of every woman

    1. bibian okoye says:

      Hi Amod,

      Thanks for your comment. Though women are the niche men who have pieces and knots to keep away can equally use these jewellery boxes lol, It is an essential box to keep at home for organisation and preservation of quality

  2. Daniella says:

    Hi Bibian,

    Awesome article, I really enjoyed the reading!

    My mother gave me lots of jewelry and I didn’t have any box to store them. So I was looking on the web, and that’s how I found you:) This box looks stunning and spacious, I’ll check this further on eBay. Since it will be the first time I buy on eBay, I would like to know if it’s a safe place to buy? Also, how is eBay when it comes to refund? I know that Amazon is 100% reliable company. Sorry for these questions, but I am often suspicious, it’s my nature:)

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    1. bibian okoye says:

      Everybody knows that eBay and Amazon are the two best places to buy online. So as it in Amazon so in eBay. They refund you your money once what you got is not what you expected. They can even ask you whether you like your product as a reminder to return it if you don’t like it.

      Thanks for your comment

  3. Mary Ann says:

    Hello Bibian. These are great jewellery boxes and a great find. I really like the design of the Leather Jewellery Box Bracelet Necklace Storage Organizer Travel Case. It is not only stylish but looks as though it has lots of room for all your jewellery and would look nice on top of a dresser. Thanks for the ordering information – it will be a big help in deciding where to order.

    1. bibian okoye says:

      Great Mary Ann, you already dreaming how it will look on your table. I hope you have already ordered one because it is very awesome stuffing every jewelry in one place. Thanks for commenting

  4. Salim says:

    Good day,

    Even though I find this post to be more helpful to woman, the review was a brilliant and informative write-up and the product seems Wonderful to get as a gift for the forthcoming valentine. Thanks for the honest and relevant review. I hope you provide more products that are unisex too.

    Have a nice day

    1. bibian okoye says:

      Thanks Salim, search diligently in this post you will find the one that will so useful to you. To remind you that female accessory box will sooth you too this time of the season, at least as you said ” valentine season” is good for everyone

  5. Barry says:

    It certainly makes a lot of sense for women to have these Jewelry boxes in their home. One of these would be a perfect gift for my lady friend :). You certainly have eyes for good things. I fell in love with number 2 recommendation::: large leather jewellery box bracelet necklace storage organizer travel case. It’s very much suitable for home use and travel too.

    1. admin says:

      I told you it caught my eye immediately I found it online and I have got one for myself. I know many people will find it helpful for keeping their jewelries in a pace and traveling.

      Thanks Barry for coming around

  6. Liz says:

    Oh I need something like this. My favourite one here is the High Gloss Large Wood Jewellery Box Necklace Storage Organizer Cabinet Moire. The problem with jewellery is it comes in all shapes and sizes, so often one box won’t fit it all. So you need different sections which are different sizes so you can fit that large bangle in or over sized pendant which won’t get damaged because you are not trying to ‘stuff’ it all in one place. My 4 year old loves my jewellery, and a piece or two has been broken I must admit, so the options you present here are appealing.

    1. admin says:

      Thanks Liz for finding my post helpful. If you have enough space sure the High Gloss Large Wood Jewellery Storage Organizer Cabinet will be best. It will help you organize all your jewelries together both big and small.

      It will help you to preserve the health of your jewelries. Enjoy and Thanks for coming around.

  7. Norman says:

    Jewelry box makes a great part of a women makeup because this is where they get to to house does valuables my wife has a jewelry box also that is so beautiful that is resting on the draw of cause. It is good to know that their are jewelry boxes that an be hanged from the door this is a good way to save space. I believe these types of boxes can and will get the attention of so many women who want to make sure that their jewelry is well taken care off.

    1. admin says:

      Yes, Norman, Jewelry boxes are part of women’s daily needs. As you said it saves up space and not only that prevents the jewelries from wears and tears and also save the household getting injured from the jewelries.

      Thanks for your comment

    2. admin says:

      Yes, Norman, this is an important aspect of women’s life. All women need jewelry box, be it big or small. As you said it saves space and not only that provides safety for the jewelries and the house members as a whole avoiding injuries. I know my audience must surely find this article helpful.

      Thanks for coming around.

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