Wealthy Affiliate What is it To You?


Wealthy Affiliate by definition is an online marketing business company which comprises of a  friendly community made up of super marketers and newbies in online marketing business. More than 10, 000 individuals are found in this community helping each other to succeed.  I have been in other places but I have never seen a place like this in the online marketing world.


History of Wealthy Affiliate


Wealthy Affiliate is owned by two young men who are in one time in their lives developed a hunger to do something marketing online just like me and you They formed this business in the year 2005. This is about 12 years now.

Since then these two young men devoted their talents all these years in training up people for online marketing. Some of these people before joining the Wealthy Affiliate had no knowledge of internet marketing but due to series of training with classes and video teaching have become super online marketers.
They help members to make real money online by teaching them different ways to achieve it.

Avenues of making money in Wealthy Affiliate

If anybody registers through you and grows, you have some percentage

Train new members in Wealthy Affiliate you have some commission

You can affiliate with other big companies and promote their products and earn commission

Through Knowledge you have acquired in Wealthy Affiliate you can work with other companies and earn your wages

Through Wealthy Affiliate you can sale your own products in  big companies like Amazon.

So many ways you can make money online with Wealthy Affiliate without spending a ditch. It is free to join

Activities of the Wealthy Affiliate  Community

This community is known by its readiness to help each other. They asked questions, they have group chats where the members give immediate help to themselves. They have classes where you learn everything about online business.

Many marketers in this group produce powerful blogs which help people in the group to grow. They give live online training which the members join and learn and continues to improve themselves.

They provide comments and suggestions to members. All these keep the Wealthy Affiliate community alive and interesting. They introduce themselves to different types of affiliate programs giving members wide options to select from and make money online
You can sign up free and start your free membership on the links below


How To join And Become A Member

You can subscribe with the Wealthy Affiliate and become a free member. You can stay as a free member as long as you want,  receiving lessons and asking questions.
Wealthy Affiliate As a Starter Member has to open an account with a sum of $19 for one month of trial. If after one month of trial you consider joining wealthy affiliate program  and upgrade to premium member then you have to pay the sum of $49 every month. You can upgrade to yearly payment, paying a reduced sum of $359 this will give you every opportunity in the world to become a super online marketer before the end of one year. When you become a premium member every opportunity will be opened up for you . You will be free to be communicating freely with the owners of this Business giving you more opportunity to succeed.

Free membership subscribe here

Starter membership


Wealthy Affiliate in the lessons will guide you step by step on how to build your website. Your website as you know is your trading ground. This is where people will come and find you. This is where you tell people what you have for them, how you fill about them and the opportunities you have for them.

The community will help you out wherever you are stuck, So that you will be able to build  your desired website according to the niche you choose.

Me and My wealthy Affiliate:

I am among the people who see everything internet as a Fraud. I fear doing anything in the internet because I had a feeling that there are people inside the internet to harm me.
But since I found out about wealthy affiliate and their community, how good and friendly they are the fear and the notion I had about internet disappeared and was replaced with eagerness to succeed. Join me here it is free

My Success In Wealthy Affiliate

I entered into Wealthy Affiliate without any knowledge of internet marketing at all. The period I have stayed with Wealthy Affiliate was not a waste to me.

I can do many things now in Wealthy Affiliate without much help. I even help some new people out in their questions I never knew I would reach the level where I am now.  I have built a website of my own.

I have affiliated my website with big Companies. I am making some changes now because it is new in the company. In due time I will show you my check. You can check out my website here; https://www.pregnancyandlowbackpain.com. When you go there and like my site just drop me a message or ask question I will be glad to answer you

Can People Really succeed With Wealthy Affiliate?
Here success depends on individual and the efforts you put in learning. You must learn and put what you have learned in action before you succeed.

It is not make money quick process. You will work and  It is good as it will make you feel like “yes I have done it myself”. Many marketers have made huge amounts  of money out of Wealthy Affiliate.



Who Can Join Wealthy Affiliate?

If you really enjoy making honest money, Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

If you are a mother and want to stay at home with your kids and still make money Join Wealthy Affiliate by clicking the image above

If you are a worker and want daily extra money in your pocket Click above image and join

If you are retired like myself and still want some money in your pocket wealthy affiliate will give you more than what you think

If you are getting enough money and you love internet I advise you join Wealthy Affiliate you will be glad you did.

If you are a father or mother but wish to have time with your family,  Man I tell you wealthy affiliate is for you because it can give you more than enough to keep you and your family. Start today

Click on the video above and see how she made $40, 000 every month

What does Wealthy Affiliate Like In Its Members
  • Wealthy Affiliate wants every member to be hard working
  • To be dedicated
  • Do your courses
  • Join community discussions
  • Ask questions
  • Follow the members
  • Practice what you have learnt
  • Associate with outside world (social networks) such as Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, You tube, Twitter, Pinterest and others
  • Wants you to progress and make real money
What Wealthy Affiliate Never Likes At All
  • Laziness
  • Spamming
  • Cheating
  • Copping
  • Idleness

What the above points are saying is that you must work out your money. So if you are the type who don’t like hard work better think twice  before you  hit   register

Advantages and disadvantages of Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate has advantages as well as dis advantages, the advantages are as follows;

  • Free to start
  • You will earn real money
  • You will make new friends
  • You will be Educated
  • You will know your do’s and don’ts in internet marketing
  • Your fear about internet marketing will be averted
  • You are in a better position of getting job in big offices than others due to your internet know how.
  • You can do your business anywhere, any place,  any time
  • You will have time for yourself and your family
  • You will have good community who help you  step by step to success

Disadvantages of Wealthy Affiliate

  • It may need some money to spend in the process
  • It needs dedication and hard work to succeed
  • It needs internet connection
  • It needs bright lighting for your work
  • It needs your time
  • You will be paying monthly to keep up with the training and other services but not even enough to compare with the benefit you will be getting.

Thank you for reading so far. Now it remains some action sign-up for free here

Or you have made up your mind to join Wealthy Affiliate and become a Starter member.  Create your account by clicking here

I still thank you for going further more, if you like my post or there is something that you don’t understand about this post feel free to express it or ask your question/ questions in the box below I will be more than happy to answer you.



  1. Warren says:

    Nice article on Wealthy Affiliate. I agree with you that it’s for you if you want to make honest money. No matter what, you have to provide good information or products that someone else wants to buy. Period. I love your testimonial on the couple making money from Amazon Associates. Great program from the world leader in online retailing. Who’s promoting them and showing you how to do this? Wealthy Affiliate, that’s who. Thanks for what I consider a fresh approach to this company.

    1. admin says:


      Thank you Warren for finding my post interesting, in the world of online marketing you have to tell people what is the product is and make it clear to them so that they will make their own decision. Some people like quick money why some people would like to go through what it takes to make the money in a way that will hurt no one and satisfied that they sweat to get the money. 

      Thanks for coming around.

  2. Esther says:

    Wealthy affiliate… great thinkers, great innovators, great community. I am glad you thought it wise to share this article; it was indeed helpful. The opportunities are amazing it’s just a matter of dedication and consistency.
    Thanks very much for sharing.
    *bless you

  3. Afunanya Gladys says:

    Wealthy affiliate is indeed an awesome community to join… It exposes one to many online opportunities. And their training can expose one the more. Glad to come around this article. I would love to be part of it. Thanks for sharing

    1. admin says:

      Thanks for coming around Gladys. Joining Wealthy Affiliate is a nice choice to make. Mothers joining Wealthy Affiliate gets the opportunity not only making money at home but the opportunity of being there for their children at all times. It is a great thing to do.

  4. Deraj says:

    Wealthy Affiliate is definitely a best place for everyone who want to work online. It is like an university for everyone who want to learn almost all expert business skills to earn money online. So, I completely agree with your review.

    1. admin says:

      Thanks for your comment.DeRaj, That is a truth about wealthy Affiliate

  5. Norman says:

    Hello and thanks for sharing, wealthy affiliate is such and awesoem community that has and is doing so much to cause so many people to have there dreams come true of owning their own online business. The community is great, the tools are great and the training is just awesome. You have done a great job with your post. I am sure that your readers will love what you are sharing. I will tell anyone who wants to have online success to becomne a part of this community, that is making a big difference in the lives of so many.

    1. admin says:

      Thank you Norman for finding it helpful. Please encourage everyone. Mothers who want to stay at home and make money. People out of work or who wants to make extra money for their living.

  6. BelieveYouCandle says:

    Thank you for the very extensive insight into Wealthy Affiliate What it means to you! Personally coming from a background of trying out a few different online marketing programs and classes, it is pretty refreshing to see a program that can really help out quite a bit different kinds of online marketers and online business managers.

    It was nice to learn the different aspects of each Wealthy Affiliate and the way you formatted them made it easy and enjoyable to read!

    Thank you for the advice!

    1. admin says:

      Thank you Believeyoucandle for sparing time to read my Post and checking out the difference that wealthy affiliate is the best

  7. Bassam says:

    Wealthy Affiliate is indeed a great place to get started on your make money online journey, it is also the place where I learned everything I know today about making money online from. I hope the visitors to your site do see the benefits of it and give it a shot. Best of luck.

    1. admin says:

      Thanks for having time to go through my post. Starting with wealthy affiliate is a best recommendations for anyone starting online marketing

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