Using a Home Pregnancy Test
Home pregnancy test gives you the opportunity to check in the comfort of your home if you are pregnant or not without going to hospital clinic or to your health provider to do that. Technology has devised different ways you can check if you are pregnant, and all these can be done in your own home.

The end result of most of these tests is to recognize the presence of human chorion gonadotrophin(hCG) in the urine. When a woman is pregnant this hormone will be seen in the urine signifying pregnancy.

First Thing You Should Do

You may try to get a home pregnancy test of your choice; be it strips, machine or thermometer or anything for different types of pregnancy tests. You actually will find many brands in the market but do not be carried away they all get the same result of finding the level of hCG in your urine.

So before purchasing first check your purse and the type you want. But most importantly check these things:

  • Expiring date
  • If the package is intact
  • No tears and wears
  • Check for the packs with more than one in case you may desire to check again especially when the first checking is negative.

Clearblue Home Pregnancy Test

Checking the things listed above and making sure that what you are purchasing is in good condition will help you get the best and trusted result after your test.
Another thing that may affect the result you get is when you test is testing too early when the hormone is not yet poured into the bloodstream, you definitely will get NEGATIVE result, So it is advised that you wait up to a week or more after missing you period before doing the test if you want good result (either positive or negative)

Though some test may tell you that they dictate pregnancy even a day after missing your period. It might be true or not but instead of taking that chance of getting a negative result when actually you are pregnant, it is better you exercise patient a bit longer to get a proper result.

NOTE: The fertilized ovary embeds in the uterus 6 days after it is fertilized and from that day the body will begin to produce hCG. So from then, you begin to calculate the best time for you to do the test to get the accurate result.

Doing the actual testing Step I

Pack Of 6 Home Pregnancy Test


  • You have got the test brand
  • Have made up your mind when to do the test, either a day or a week after you missed your period
  • Ready to do the test with first early urine as that is the time you get high hCG concentration

Step 2

Make sure to read the manufacturers’ instructions to make yourself familiar with how to use and the best time to use. This is because since the brands are different there might be different ways of doing the test.

There might be instruction on how to contact the producer when you are not sure of how to use or what to do.

Step 3

Ultra Early 5 time one step

compose yourself to take the test as you might be nervous and anxious about the result might be, you can invite a friend or family member to keep you company as a diversional therapy so that you do not mess up the reagents because of anxiety.

Step 4

Ready to test? wash your hand with water and soap and check that you have everything in hand before starting.

Recheck the type of test you want to do. Testing with urine? OK, get you clean specimen bowl in hand, sit on the toilet seat, allow the first urine to go out, put your bowl between your legs and allow the flowing urine inside the bowl(midstream urine), dip the strip inside the urine and allow its minutes.some instruction might be to urinate directly on the strip or to use the dropper, in this case, use a dropper and drop some measured urine on a given side of the test strip. Follow the manufacturers’ instruction at all times.

If you are to use the strip directly, then bring you strip out from the strip pack, sit on the toilet seat and allow the first urine out, turning the strip absorbent side upward put it under you two legs as the urine is still flowing and allow it to absorb enough quantity of urine. Take it out and allow it to stay depending on the instruction some number of seconds, say 5 seconds for the reading to be completed.



Using a home pregnancy test removes you from the hassle of going to your health provider to check if you are pregnant or not. Now you do the test yourself at the comfort of your home and when you are ready for it. It allows you to use the method you find easy and comfortable for you to use. Allows you and your husband only know at you early pregnancy that you are pregnant without the whole community seeing you going up and down while going to your health provider.

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Bibian Okoye