Our body is made up of many cells which the main parts are;  red blood cell( erythrocytes), white blood cells(leukocytes), platelets (thrombocytes), Nerve cells (Neurons) Cartilage cell(chondrocytes- bones), Muscle cells(mycocytes), Neuroglial cells(provide support and protection for neurons as they are maintaining hemostasis to the brain, Adipocytes(lipocytes and fat cells).
These cells are grouped according to their functions in the body.
according to the sciencenetlinks, there are about 200 different types of cells in our body with different structures and organelles.
In this particular post we are concerned about the body fat cell.
Adipose tissue (Adipocytes) are collection of fat cells and is made of two types.
white adipose tissue called white fat (WAT) and brown adipose tissue called brown fat(BAT).
Each of these fat tissues comprise of two types of fat cell.
 When the adipose tissue in the body reaches to the level it is meant to reach by nature it begins to multiply or expand to accommodate more fat cells.

When this happens the person starts to grow in size adding weight which if not controlled the person reaches obesity level that is above (29.99 lb) the normal body Mass index.

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Why You May Not Be Able To Lose Your Fat Cells

Wikipedia had it that people who are fat because their fat cell are replicated are hard to lose their fat and maintain it.
It says that an adult who becomes obese may not have more fat cells than a lean counterpart person.
This means that they have more fat cells in their body and so may not loose a significant weight Like in people whose obesity is from childhood whose fat cell are inflated and can easily be shrunken.

 Shrink your stubborn body fat cell

Many individuals have use many ways to get rid of their stubborn fat cell to no avail. They have used countless products but hit their heads on the wall.
This time there is this wonderful tea that does the magic for both. This sounds like a joke huh!
I am going to reveal to you this wonderful product in a minute.
Hold on with me and you will be surprised what a single product can do in your life. Taking  away those fat cells you never believed could be possible to be dealt with.

Have You Heard of  Elizabeth Swann Miller?

I know it will interest you to know about this wonderful woman who has been helping many people with one of her newest discovery of how to use red tea detox to shrink both the inflated body fat cell and the replicated fat cells that have  been your concern for ages.
She is a psychologist, neutropatic doctor(ND),  has published a lot of eBooks relating to smoothies and recipes like Diet solution and Juicy Fast. She has been a committed author in Amazon for ten years(10yrs) providing people insights on how to get best out of what they eat.
With this knowledge of who she is you can now agree with me that she holds the stuff to make us trust this her new discovery.

Does Red Tea work Like Other Teas?

Though many people who want to lose weight may think that it not necessary to use red tea for detox since they are using others like it.
I am telling you that this red tea is very different from other teas you have been taking, whether blue tea, black tea or what not.
Red tea detox is a special tea on itself. It does special work which you may not find in other teas.
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What Makes Red Tea Superior To Other Teas?

Red tea detox is the only tea that can open your body fat cell and shrink it within 24hours as said by the Liz Swann Miller the founder.
She discovered this particular leave she added to her red tea detox that made this particular action possible from the south African forest.
This leaves contained an ingredient called rooibos and this in conjunction with or ingredients in red tea do the magic.
Not only that it shrinks the fat cells, its components  polyphenol and flavonoids can never allow any new fat cells to grow again in your body once it has shrunk the old ones, this is an added advantage to this red tea detox.
This red tea detox does not require you to fast or to die in exercise before it can work but rather it allows you to enjoy your favorite meals and the exercises you cherish while it does its work.
If you like don’t do anything, this red tea detox works with no added help.
It does not only depend on shrinking the fat cell to give you a younger looking shape you deserve but also nourishes your entire body and refreshes you life.

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It is really great to find out at last a Tea like this Red Tea which can do both reducing your obesity as it is adding more vitality to your life.
It is a good decision to detox yourself with this red tea and get rid of chemicals from your cherished body, and as you know leaving these chemicals in your body means inviting a long standing sickness.
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Your opinion and questions are highly welcomed.