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Red tea detox is a program found by Liz Swann Miller for people who want to lose weight without killing themselves with vigorous exercise that may not work well after all. It is set in a way that works like a miracle in your body when you take it.
This smoothie is very effective in detoxifying your entire body from toxins, bad fats and returns your age to your 16th year anniversary. This tea is very powerful and can really give you back the shape you want. It works like magic and can miraculously reduce your weight in two weeks.

It removes fats, toxins, and unwanted chemicals and leaves the lumen of your blood vessels free from cluster thereby giving you an ultimate health.

I always advise women to detoxify themselves before getting pregnant in a planned pregnancy so that they do not have to detoxify while pregnant.

In a situation where the pregnancy is by accident, you do not worry also because you can still take some detox while pregnant.

According to modern alternative mama,on their raising natural healthy family said that pregnant women though they are concerned about their condition(baby) they are faced with two alternatives when they are sick due to excess toxins and chemicals in their body that need to get rid off  as these can affect their babies in the womb too, need to detox and they also emphasized that red tea contains other nutrients their body need for health maintenance and proper growth of these babies.

Red tea detox cocoa which may contain some traces of caffeine in it but according to Liz Miller who is the producer of this red detox, she said that red detox is good for everyone.

I cannot make out the quantity of caffeine each cup of coffee contain but I can say that do it yourself would be a better process eliminating cocoa and using other four ingredients that can still give you what you want.

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Why is red tea detox a miracle drink?

Red tea detox is a miracle tea tested and scientifically proven to open fat-sac and remove every clogged fat within two weeks. You are encouraged to drink this tea every time to cleans your system of the toxins and oxidants found in the body that may make you sick and make you fat.

Give yourself two weeks drinking this red tea you will find out how much fat you are to lose from 10, 20, 30, even 40 kilos of body weight or more and you see that you can lose this fat without killing yourself with exercise. Give yourself fourteen days you will come back with testimony how much fat you have lost.

Liz Swann Miller, Who Is She?

This Herbal detox is discovered in Africa in the Kenyan region, they use it whenever they want to do internal body cleansing.

The herb was discovered as Liz traveled to Kenya for a visit, and is in need of body detox as she had the problem of overweight she was seeking to get rid of.
She quickly took the opportunity and got her weight reduced by 15bl within two weeks.

Having done this she was so pleased to let others share in her success by making it scientifically proven to be effective for everyone regardless of sex or age.

Liz also called Elizabeth Swann Miller is a known Amazon author. She has published many eBooks such as Green Smoothie Diet Solution, Juicy Recipes, and Juicy Fast.

According to Liz Swann Miller, She is a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) practicing for ten years(10), A degree holder in Psychology. Equipped with all this knowledge she has known what people need and what is safe for health.

She is now willing to spend everything in order that the world will recognize this miracle red tea detox as she knows that Obesity is a global viral disease and she wants to play her own part in using this Detox to help those who are worried over their size, especially for belly fats.
You can read More about Liz Swann Millers’s story here How she Overcame Her Obesity

The advantages of taking Red Tea detox

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  • Removes toxins from your body
  • emulsifies (breaks down) your fat
  • Makes you feel younger than your age
  • Gives you longer health
  • You do not need to kill yourself in exercise to get the shape you want
  • It makes you an adviser because people will come to you to find out how you made it
  • Red tea can be taken by anybody no matter age or sex
  • It makes you feel full and keep away from eating every time
  • Helps your bowel open
  • Prolongs your age of getting Alzheimer

The Disadvantages of red Tea Detox

  • You have to spend at least $17 to get it.
  • You have to restrict your movement while taking it as it will open your bowel
  • You may not be able to get it in off license unless online
  • you will have to follow the instruction to get it properly

Other Advantages of Red Tea Detox

  • Immune system booster
  • Makes you fee light
  • It comes with a leaflet that can tell you how to use it for good effect

Bonuses You will Get if you buy this Red tea

The founder of this program wants everyone to share in this her discovery without hassle. She also wants you to have these bonuses to encourage you and to show you how sincerely she wants you to believe in her.

>>Purchase In This Program and get a free ebook and Ultimate Guide<<

The Content Of This Red Tea Program

The Red Tea Program contains about 5 ingredients in one that makes it exceptional from other smoothies.

  • Cocoa- found to have the abilities to improve your blood flow, lowers your blood pressure and improves your general health
  • Maca- Contains high anti oxides and the nutrients that improve your mood, and memory and then balances your hormonal level.
  • Chia- This is known to be an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acid. This is a good fat that cushions the heart and other vital organs and prevents one from any heart attack or stroke.
  • Raspberry- Possesses the properties that stop inflammation, therefore has the ability to fight cancer, heart and circulatory diseases. And can make you look under-age. Rich in good nutrients that nourish your body and that of your baby.
  • Vanilla- Is rich in fragrant aroma and velvety smooth flavor. It also contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that can boost your general health

Important Of detox (my Story)
There was a time I started feeling sick. I did not really know what was wrong, I took all the necessary precautions about my health but I did not get better.

I went to a doctor who did not discover what was wrong with me but I was dying. Getting sicker every day until one day a friend of mine brought smoothie to my husband and my husband bought two of this.

When I came home I was glad to take this smoothie because I was ready to take anything to get better. When I took this “Oh my God” My bowel opened and after all, said and done I was a new person, full of strength.

All the heaviness of the body was gone. Too much complain about one sickness or another was stopped and I felt I was a newborn. That is the reason I call this program a miracle program which helped me to be well again.


Red Tea Detox Program can bring a great relieve to your general health and your body weight in particular, helping you reduce tons of fat from your body especially your Tummy.

Keeps you light to carry your baby with ease. If you have detoxed yourself before getting pregnant you body be cleaned of those toxins and chemical and will be ready to receive the incoming baby.

If you are pregnant and wish to detox please meet your health advisor who will help you to choose the detox best for your condition.

Red Tea Detox has a lot of health benefit in it as it is not only one herb or root but comprises of those ingredients that can boost your immune system, Boast your energy, Increases your vitality and mostly removes Toxins and unwanted fat that is troubling you.


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  1. Hi there,

    Thank you kindly for creating and sharing this article about the benefits of detox with red tea with us all, it is appreciated, thank you so much.

    As a matter of fact, I recently read on a government medical research site about the positive effects of red tea on endothelial (the one molecule thick lining of all arteries and veins) dysfunction. In short, it is incredibly beneficial for both heart and circulatory health!.

    • Thank you  Derek for your new discovery and taking your time to study further. Detox is very essential for normal function of all the systems of the body,  opening up veins and arteries narrowed by fats and chemical thereby improving blood circulation and good oxygen supply to formal oxygen deprived areas of the body. 

  2. Red Tea Detox sure sounds amazing.
    I’m not really looking to lose weight, but the idea of being healthier and free of toxins does talk to me. I often get very tired and weak so I’m sure this is something that could help me.
    The only thing that gets me nervous is that you say it has about 5 ingredients. Before I drink something that can effect me so strongly I would want to know all the ingredients. Are there any used that aren’t mentioned?

    • Hi Rose,

      Red Tea Detox is not only for those looking to lose weight it can also be taken by  those who want to maintain healthy living. Each of the ingredients(recipes) as mentioned contains nutrients that  are good for health. Antioxidants, vitamin, anti cancer and omega-3. Only that you may not take it as those seeking to lose weight. Those seeking to lose weight has to follow instruction because the order comes with the instruction. You may take one cup a day depending on what you want to do.

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