Low back pain occurs in almost all the pregnant women especially from the second month of pregnancy, when the weight of the embryo starts to increase and the mother is adding weight due to hormone action.

low backbones comprise of sacrum, ilium and OS coxa. Posterior sacroiliac ligament joins these bones ( Ilium and sacrum) and low vertebral column uniting them through OS coxa forming the hip joint. This is where all the weight of the upper body rest then with pregnancy some women experience pain in the back.


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There is a continuous cycle that goes on in every woman from the age 12 to the age of 45.  when a girl is approaching the age of 12, a hormone called  Follicle stimulating hormone  (FSH) is released to prepare her for womanhood. this hormone causes the egg in her to mature so that by the age of 12 the girl will experience a flow of blood from her vagina if pregnancy did not take place signifying wearing away of the uterine lining ( mensuration). This causes a lot of embarrassment for the girls. That is why in schools today children before that age must have been Educated about the changes that will take place in their body around this age.

When the egg is released and there no pregnancy taking place, the same hormone will stimulate the ovary to produce estrogen. This estrogen when released will stop the action of FSH  so that another egg will not get matured, then stimulate the action of the Pituitary gland to produce a Leutinizing hormone(LH) which causes the matured egg to be released from the Ovary.  This action continues until pregnancy takes effect. Ovary will now produce Progesterone which maintains the uterine lining and stays high during pregnancy. (BBC GCSE site)

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Diagram of Hormone levels during pregnancy

When the woman gets pregnant the announcer of pregnancy will be released, this is called human chorionic gonadotropin, it increases blood supply to the pelvis causing the bladder being very irritable to urine. This same hormone is seen during pregnancy tests with urine or blood.

As the pregnancy continues to grow, more hormones continue to act on the woman, the babies weight continues to increase and the woman’s weight continues to add up. As the child is maturing, a relaxing hormone which is in charge of preparing the birth canal for delivery continues to soften the pelvic ligaments and loosens the  pelvic joints making it easy for the baby to pass during delivery, in the course of all these, lower back bones which bear all the weight of upper body will begin to feel very uncomfortable and pain due to the heaviness in the hip. CLICK HEREImage result for Free Diagram of a pregnant woman in pain

The pain starts to develop in the second half of the pregnancy (2nd Trimester) as the child continues to grow in size and the woman continues to gain about 25-35 pounds in weight. This time uterus also grows and puts more pressure on the pelvic nerves.

Other Causes Of Low Back Pain In Pregnant Women

  • Posture- Due to the increase in the size of the mother and the baby with the actions of the hormones on the pelvic bones and ligaments the woman’s spinal disc may be displaced causing pain.
  • Muscle separation; The rectal abdominal muscle which runs from the rib cage  to the pelvis tends to separate during pregnancy thereby causing pain
  • Twin pregnancy
  • Sedimentary work
  • History of back pain before pregnancy
  • Emotional stress
  • Pressure on  the nerves by the fetus against a bone may cause pain,

    What women should do to avoid low Back Pain During Pregnancy


2,   DIET


It has been observed that with above as listed when pregnant women have good posture eat good and balanced diet and do some daily exercise and catch good sleep on daily basis they will have a wonderful smooth pregnancy and delivery.