How does Posture Affect Pregnant Women

Posture is a contributory cause to a low back pain women experience during pregnancy. The activities of an individual pregnant woman during the day and the way they lie down in bed, sitting, stand or lift things determine what effect the posture can have on them.

when a woman is pregnant and the fetus is growing in her womb. the law of gravity tends to displace spinal vertebrae away from the center creating a curve at the posterior vertebral column keeping the figure in a C-shape.c-curved vertebral colunm

C-curved spine due to growing fetus

Lifting heavy loads how it causes low back pain

It is not advisable to lift a heavy load from the ground because it will have a bad effect on your back causing back pain, not only on your back but also on the baby. it may even cause miscarriage or premature labor.  If you are lifting a weight from the ground you are using your thoracic, abdominal muscles and bearing down the whole weight on the baby in the womb.  the whole weight of the upper body and the baby’s weight will rest on the muscles of the hip causing pain. This pain might be temporal or permanent.

Do you want to know the proper way to lift load during pregnancy?

When you are lifting a load during pregnancy, the load should be kept at a shoulder level where you can just slip it on your head or on your shoulder without stress.

If the pregnancy has advanced make sure to carry the weight away from your abdomen, about 15-20 inches away.

Make sure to keep your back straight,  keeping it straight can help the spine aligned with nature not bending.

While carrying an object that is heavy, do not pull them but push them it will give you a clearer view of where you are going so that you do not fall back.

Be sure to keep your moderately heavy load you want to carry in your hand close to your waist, it will stop you from twisting to carry it thereby causing pain at your back.

Bad sitting  position can as well cause low back pain

Bending Forward; Bending forward to reach a load or an object causes discomfort and strain on your back. It can also harm your baby because your baby will have to carry all your weight when you bend over.

Sitting without Backrest;  It is good to use Backrest to support your back while sitting to ease your tiring back from strain and give your spine a support, releasing it from pain.

Hanging legs up why sitting; Is allowed during pregnancy to ease sluggish blood flow from the lower part of the body, but that shouldn’t be up to 10 minutes because it will cause your baby caring all your weight for you which may not be good health-wise.

Half sitting Position; Do not sit in half sitting position for a long time be it on your bed or on a stool. It is contributory for developing low back pain.

Slouching Position;  when you are slouching the spinal column is not kept straight. the whole weight settles on your lower back causing pain.

There are other good ways to set that may be good, the most important thing to bear in mind is to be sure not to sit in a place for a long time. When you sit up to 30 minutes get up and walk around to aid proper circulation of blood around the body and relieve the baby from caring the weight. You must also eat that food that contains more of protein, folate, and vitamins to enhance good blood flowing in your system.


Watch the video above to assist you in your positions during pregnancy

Standing wrongly also hurts, Here are the best way to stand during pregnancy

  • While standing Do not tilt your head forward, backward sidewards or downwards
  • Keep your shoulder blades back and your chest forward
  • Stretch the top of your head towards ceiling
  • make sure your ear lobes are in line with your shoulders
  • keep your knees straight but not locked
  • Point your feet in the same direction with your weight balanced evenly on both hips
  • pull your stomach in and up ( as much as possible)
  • Do not tilt your pelvis forward or backward. Keep your buttock tucked in, the arch of your feet supported with low-heeled (but not flat) shoes to prevent stress on your back.
  • Do not stand in the same position for a long time.

When driving during pregnancy; which positions are best?

  1. When driving, make sure you sit at about 10 inches away from the seat where the airbag is stored.
  2. Sit close enough to the steering to allow your knees bend and your  feet reach the pedals comfortably
  3. Be sure to put on your lap and shoulder safety belts
  4. Always  use back support like lumbar roll to support your back
  5. Wear comfortable shoes.

Positions to adapt while sleeping

  1. You should not lie flat on your back or your stomach. It causes more hard work and stress to your heart and back especially during the third trimester
  2. Do not lie in a position to draw your legs up  to the chest
  3. Make sure to sleep in a position that will not alter your curve at your back.
  4. Use firm mattress or if you are used to soft mattress make sure to be in a position safe for you and your baby
  5. Use one pillow on your head do not pile up pillows as this will not be good for you.
  6. You make sure to lie on your sides mostly left side so that your weight will not be on your liver which lies largely at the right side of your chest.
  7. If putting one in between your leg can make you comfortable use it because there is nothing wrong with it.

If you want to get up from a lying position make sure to turn to your side first, draw up your both knees and swing your legs to the bedside, set-up pushing you up with your hand placed on the bed. Avoid bending forward at your waist to avoid injuring your back. 

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  • s says:

    You offer some really great info and tips on posture–not just during pregnency. Having good posture and lifting objects correctly is important for everyone. You talk about sleeping posture also. I never knew there was a difference on your body when you sleep on your right or left side. Quite interesting.

    • admin says:

      Yes, there are different ways of lying down while sleeping. So it is important for every woman to form a good habit of proper lying down while sleeping when they are young so that they will not find it difficult to lie on their sides as a pregnant woman especially lying on their left side, which is the best position for pregnant women with up to seven months or more.
      Thank you for your comment

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    Thanks for this ‘eye opener’. It is indeed a nice piece of information. Made me to understand the importance of posture especially during child bearing age. I got to be careful because I realize that bad posture does not affect me alone but also my baby and has bad effect during delivery. These are good tips for making pregnancy and deliveryless tiring. Thanks for sharing.

    • Bibian Okoye says:

      Thanks Oluchi for coming around. It is really important that people realize why it is important to maintain good posture. From when you are young to even when the pregnancy is already around the corner. Good posture does not only benefit the mother but also the baby and in essence leads to normal and smooth delivery.

  • Jeff Lewis says:

    Wow, very nice and informative right up on an extremely interesting topic! Kudos and giving a lot of very good pointers about how to lift things properly while your pregnant.

    Thank you for the time you put into this and for the great source of information!

    • Bibian Okoye says:

      Thank Jeff for coming around. Pregnant women suffer pain more frequently due to how they lift loads from the ground. If the organise the ways they lift loads they will be able to prevent or minimize the occurrences of low back pain during pregnancy

  • Deraj says:

    Very nice information on the posture which affects pregnant women.Women keeping good posture from when they are young through their pregnancy will not suffer low back pain, but some women may suffer back during pregnancy due to carelessness.I have shared this post I want to more women to read it and see what to do to avoid low back pain.You are doing a great work. Keep it up.

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  • Candice says:

    Other than some grammatical corrections, the content is well formatted. It is crucial to understand how the posture affects our pregnancy. I remember I couldn’t sleep in my own bed, my body preferred the air mattress on the floor. The video is very helpful and your suggestions below are great. During pregnancy, our body goes through many changes and we don’t realize that often, we cannot do what we did prior because of the baby and the way our tendons have loosened. I had male co-workers to help me pick up things and carry boxes for me in my office during my pregnancy. Do you agree that when the body is in pain it will put stress on the baby?

    • admin says:

      Yes, dear! when the body is in pain the body temperature tends to rise and when the temperature rises above normal (36-degree centigrade to 37.2-degree centigrade) and the cause is not handled fast it may adversely affect the baby. Again it depends on the degree of pain, some pains are so severe that it lands the woman to hospitals. some die because of severe pain. some develop high blood pressure. some due to pain may not be able to move about, avoiding exercise. All these can adversely affect the baby. That is why every pregnant woman should adapt to good posture to prevent this awful low back pain from coming at all or when it comes, should be managed immediately to prevent it getting worst

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      Yes vera, your guess is right, but in this post we are paying particular attention to the pregnant women because they are the most hurt.

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    I am not sure about pregnant women. But I am a guy who sits for long hours on a computer. Please, can you suggest anything, so I don’t hurt my back?

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      Thank you Guatam for coming to my website. You a man but you may have sisters, cousins or relations if you are not yet married whose information on the post might be of help. I think the information you are looking for might be in the area for men.

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  • JChrisA says:

    Well done article on how important posture is for getting through pregnancy with minimal low back pain. Most people reach young adulthood with bad posture and practices. In some cases it is even considered “in” or “cool” to imitate peers that exhibit bad posture when standing, sitting and especially when walking.

    For young women, it may not noticeably effect them until they have their first pregnancy, and then it is a lot more difficult to change these habits due to all the other challenges of having a child. You did a great job of lining up all the basics to quickly help those who are hurting…excellent work!

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      Dear JChristA,
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