Ovulation is the period when a ripped ovum falls from the ovary of a woman. If a sperm meets up with it conception occurs if not the womb “weeps” menstruates. So anyone who wants to get pregnant will target this period. It comes in the middle of every menstrual period. The menstrual period comes up every 28 days after the woman’s period ( the menstrual cycle). In, it is poised that ovulation period occurs within the menstrual cycle on the fourteenth day of menstrual cycle, that it happens from the first day of the woman’s period. So ovulation calculator will help you to know the right time to have intercourse to be pregnant.

So are you ready to get pregnant soon? Start today knowing the time of your menstrual periods. Though some people experience irregularities in their period with a proper calendar checking and /or ovulation calculator you can still get pregnant.

Ovulation Calculation Resources

Ovulation and Pregnancy predictor

  • Fertility calendar
  • ovulation pregnancy calculator
  • Body rhythm
  • Cervical Mucous
  • Basal Body temperature

Taking the resources one by one

 OVULATION strips and PREGNANCY calculator

Ovulation Strips and Pregnancy CalculatorsWithin the period of menstrual cycle which is 28 days and you are not sure of your ovulation day and you want to get pregnant. The best thing to help you be using fertility/ovulation pregnancy calculator. Two of them will help you succeed in your effort to get pregnant. While the ovulation pregnancy calculator can give you the time of your next menstruation the fertility calendar will give you the exact day for Your intercourse for the pregnancy to take effect


According to Planned Parenthood, Rythm practice has been in existence. It is a method of tracking when you are ovulating. Using this calculator can be a very good tool for someone looking for pregnancy to use.


Using mucus as a pregnancy calculator is the most accurate, free and easy to use the method when seeking pregnancy. It is the only fertility sign that comes before ovulation and is a sure way to get pregnancy.


Oral Basal Ovulation Predictor

Oral Basal Ovulation Predictor

Basal temperature is a method where you can use your body temperature to measure for ovulation day. You  want to know more about basal body temperature check here

Knowing Your Baby’s Sex

With ovulation calculator and calendar you choose which sex you want, and this is dependent upon the actual time at your ovulation period you had intercourse.

Calculation Of a Male child

Male sex runs faster than the female sex so that if the ovulation has already taken place before the intercourse you are likely to have a male baby. This is because male sex can run quickly and faster to embed on the ovum before the female cell comes and ovum can only accept one sperm cell. Male sex cells also die quicker than the female sex cells

This can only be possible if you know the date of your last menstruation then count out 14 days from there if you are using a calendar, so schedule your intercourse on that fourteenth day to expect your male baby.

You may wish to use a basal calculator have your intercourse on the fourteenth day when your temperature is slightly higher than your normal temperature(37.2-degree centigrade) so when it rises slightly above it (37.4) on your 14th day after your period then you can have your intercourse on that day.

Calculation of a Female child

To get a good calculation for female baby, you have to first of all to know the first day of your period. Have your intercourse 3-2 days before your ovulation. Female sex moves sluggishly towards the ovum. It is not fast like male sex cells. But it lives longer than males. The aim of this early intercourse is that before the female sex cells could reach the ovum the male has gone there, and because they don’t live long they will die before the ovulation and before the female sex cells could reach.

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Bibian Okoye