Pregnant women ordinarily put on weight as the pregnancy progresses. The question of overweight is when the woman exceeds her expected weight.

Every woman has her normal weight considering height and weight (BMI) which is the basic Mass Index) adding up to the weight that comes with pregnancy. The truth about overweight during pregnancy is that it is a predisposing factor developing pregnancy complications like low back pain, high blood pressure, Obesity, big baby, pre-eclampsia, heart attack or even death of he mother/baby or both. Underweight though has its own problem like a birth of premature or underweight babies.

How Do I know When I am Becoming Overweight

To know when you are becoming overweight during pregnancy you must have checked and known the weight you have before the starts off your pregnancy. You can do this by dividing your weight in kilometer by the square of your height in meters

Let’s say you have a normal weight before your pregnancy, and now that you are pregnant your weight is between 18.5 to 29.99 pounds, there should be no cause for alarm because you are within the good weight increase. Be sure not to increase more than this scope if, do you know you have entered danger zone(Obesity=30-39.99)

You can check your BMI here

Some women may enter their pregnancy with the weight which is anything below 18.5 pounds. if, you are in this category of women you are expected to gain higher weight in order to meet up within normal.

The women whose weight are higher than 18.5 should gain lesser to avoid overweight being sure of your weight will actually be of help to you.

The Factors That Affect Your Weights Are:

  • Diet
  • Habit
  • Hormones
  • Laziness
  • Sedentary work
  • Baby’s weight

How Diet Affects Your Over Weight

Mothers diet can affect her and her baby, it can cause mothers obesity and change your baby’s DNA as said by BBC News, though how it does it was not confirmed, but still under research.

Most at times in pregnancy, you hear people tell you to eat what you can for your baby’s request, obeying this order is good but you have to be careful. Make a good choice of what you eat. Eating a lot of junk food will definitely increase your weight and it is dangerous if your weight is borderline or already obese before pregnancy.

Nicole Avina, a researcher affirms in what she wrote in the that the consequences of obesity during pregnancy comes greatly on overindulgence in eating of unhealthy foods like snacks, cakes, and ice cream, she went further to say that in the US most of the women who get pregnant are already overweight or obese and this increases the risks of conditions like eclampsia, gestational diabetes, and postpartum hemorrhage.

These women according to her may as well gain more weight during their pregnancy and this weight may be retained even after delivery.

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It is also that most overweight pregnant women are deficient in vitamins, this is because the type of food they eat lack the necessary nutrients and vitamins.

The Habit You Formed Might Cause Your Overweight

As I said above overindulgence in eating sweetened diets like cake, ice cream, yogurt and other food that are made with lots of sugar increase your overweight.

According to the research conducted the across-sectional study of 499,504 Middle-aged adults aged (31 to 69 years) in the UK general population by a group of researchers Shadrach Dare & Co in the relationship between smoking and Obesity (overweight) shows that former smokers are more likely to be obese than both current smokers and never smokers.

Quitting smoking may also go with temporally weight gain. They also say that smoking and obesity are the major public health issues globally. So if, have been smoking before pregnancy or quitting your smoking habit during pregnancy you are more likely to be obese.

If you are a smoker you have a high risk of cancer, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases or even your death or that of your baby.

How Overweight May Affect Your pregnancy hormone

It is found out that people who are obese are more likely to Waite for pregnancy longer than they that are within normal weight.

This is believed that the circulating time of the produced hormone in the body of obese takes a longer time to complete their journey than on the normal sized woman, though not very sure, The story goes that fat cells absorb the hCG levels in the fat woman.

So sometimes it is hard to get a positive test in an obese as early as in normal weight even though they may be pregnant.

Baby’s weight May contributes to your overweight

If you are obese during pregnancy he tendency is that your baby will be bigger than normal(Macrosomia) therefore increasing your weight

Baby’s umbilical cord will be larger than normal, the placenta may also become larger due to a large baby.

Amniotic fluid may also contribute to your overweight.

All these are round about he baby. But if your baby becomes so large you have every tendency to develop pregnancy complication or poor delivery or Cesarean section.

Sedentary work may contribute To Your Overweight

Caterine Fazzi and Co carried out research on Sedentary behaviors during pregnancy: a systemic review said that most of a time wake is spent in sedentary behaviors, which is an activity that takes less energy than the others, for example sitting.

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He says that times spent in a sitting is a risk factor for diseases like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and death. Sitting for an extended time is a risk factor for death even with people who meet physical activity guideline. They said that they were not sure whether it influences pregnancy outcomes.

And he went on to suggest that if a sedentary outcome is bad for other people that it will definitely affect the pregnant women and their babies.


Overweight is not encouraged in pregnancy rather pregnant women are encouraged to eat healthy for and to monitor their weight from time to time to avoid overweight. If weight is not checked during pregnancy you might be faced with pregnancy complications like difficult delivery, low back pain which might become chronic even after delivery.

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