Monitoring Your Overweight During Pregnancy


 Reducing your obesity

The best way to deal with your body weight is a change of lifestyle. Eating healthy diet and exercise can help you manage your obesity, Inflammations, and low back pain well. A proper supplement can also help you a lot since you can not get every vitamin and minerals you need in your diet and finally regular weight monitoring.

 why you should monitor your weight during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very important period in a woman’s life. It is important that you should do all you could to keep yourself and your baby fit and healthy. You can do this by regularly monitoring your weight, your fat level, your water level and other components of your body which might pose a hindrance to your normal health condition.

Monitoring your body fat can help you know when your weight is escalating and when to start moderating. If not you fall a prey to high blood pressure, diabetics, cancer, and other diseases that go with excess fat in the body

What to look for when buying your monitor 

There are many many scales and monitors on sales out there today so that when considering which body fat monitor you want to use I advise if you can to check the modern monitors that come with many features in one place.

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This will not only reduce the cost for you but will also save you a lot of time handling many types of equipment for one procedure.

But the decision is yours to make considering your pocket and convenience. As I told you there are many monitors out there with different specifications (features) and prices but they are cheap and affordable. You can always go for the one you can afford. But know what cheap articles are, they can almost always spoil quickly and the cost of repair may be tremendous.

Check out for these features when looking to purchase a fat monitor;

If the scale can actually measure your weight effectively and can store your reading in case you want to check back later

So many scales that monitor your fat can as well monitor your body water level helping you to know when there is high water level or low in your body

Some of the scales available today can measure your weight and display your fat count this is due to advancement in technology

If you are losing weight to get fit get a monitor that can analyze your muscle mass to help you find out how much of your weight is made of  lean muscle

You can get an app where you can download your results for easy tracking

getting a monitor that can check your heart rate at the same time is a big advantage  because it will help you to know the condition of your heart

Some of the modern monitors contain all the above features while some of the old scales may be lacking some of these features so it is proper you get the one that can be of good help to you


To deal with your overweight and excess fat in your body you are advised to effectively manage your lifestyle with proper dieting, regular body composition monitoring and the use of supplements.

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8 thoughts on “Monitoring Your Overweight During Pregnancy”

  1. Alejandra says:

    This a great and helpful article to read, it’s good to see there’s some valuable information to share and help mothers to be about why is important to take care of themselves and how important is to keep weight right.
    I remember when I was pregnant from my first son (a few years ago) the doctor told me I was gaining weight so fast and I should get a diet to keep my weight under control. I was shocked, I didn’t want to do it.
    But I did that diet anyway, and it proved me I was so wrong, my pregnancy went well, the baby was born healthy and with good weight and I was so happy as I didn’t weight much at all.
    I still remember when a cousin visited me and the baby and she told me: – wow! you’re wearing already your regular clothing!
    I find the scale you recommend in this article and the tips you share to help young women to stay on their healthy weight will help them a lot, and there’s a good reason to keep an eye on out weight, our health.

    1. admin says:

      Thank you, for finding my post  informative. Pregnant women to be honest need to be careful about their weight because of consequences of overweight during pregnancy. and after.

  2. dreamgirl93 says:

    Gaining a lot of weight is a fear that all woman have during pregnancy.
    My question is: What happens if you don’t eat more than normal during your pregnancy, could this hurt your baby? I also read the comment of SJ below, and I found it so funny 🙂 I think a pregnant woman doesn’t need to eat for two because the baby is so small that it wouldn’t be a big difference.
    And do you need another weight monitoring tool for pregnant woman than you need for not pregnant people? How is it different?

    1. admin says:


      You have to eat good food not necessarily  eating more than normal. You have to eat healthy by making sure you eat enough vegetables and protein and less carbohydrate because almost every food we eat contains some carbohydrate. Eat less at time. Take healthy snacks in between, Support it with some exercise. You will notice you will feel healther and strong even though you are eating less and your pregnancy will progress normal.

  3. SJ says:

    This is such a great article, thank you.

    I find being pregnant that people don’t help you by encouraging you to eat more and saying oh well you are eating for two. Which is totally not true. The other one of us is very very small and doesn’t need to eat THAT much.

    This makes it more difficult to keep your weight. But with the tool you have provided it will be easier to keep accountable – not just weight but fat count as well. Will be taking action.

    1. admin says:

      Monitoring your weight while pregnant is no more a serious issue, previously,  if you don’t go to your health provider you wouldn’t know what your weight is, technology has made it easy for everyone.

       Pregnant mothers can check their weight anywhere even when they are in a journey because some are portable and can be carried around wherever you go.

       This can help you eat your meals with relaxed mind knowing what level your previous weight is.

  4. GiuliaB says:

    Yes, when I was pregnant with my son – 17 years ago – I did put on quite a lot of weight for my size. I’m petit, so weight would aggravate my ankles more severely than with taller women. I must admit, I didn’t use monitor, nor did I check my weight regularly. In fact, as far as I remember, midwife never seemed worried about my weight. But it’s also true that I kept myself active by doing a great amount of walking. You are right, gaining too much weight during pregnancy can lead to gestational complications, but it can also lead to health problems later in life. Keeping active, without necessarily going into strenuous sports activities, is vital to having a problem free pregnancy.

    1. admin says:

      Hi GiuliaB,

      Naturally when you are pregnant, the increased pregnancy hormone together with the presence of the baby tend to increase the pregnant your size and weight. This type of  weight increase will stop few months after you  deliver your baby and stops breast feeding the baby with or without any care( monitoring) But the combination of this weight and food the woman eats during and even after delivery especially if you eat indiscriminately as some woman do due to child demanding.

      It is very imperative you monitor your weight regularly. It is not only what will happen to you after all but to the baby. The baby might get too big and experience difficult delivery, deformity or even dead. 

      Monitoring your weight is highly advised and encouraged.

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