My name is Bibian Okoye. I am very new member in internet marketing. I joined wealthy affiliate in December 2016.

I found Wealthy affiliate community as my second home where there is love and understanding. People are always ready to help when you are stuck.

We have marvellous tutors Kyle and Carson who are there for us two -four, guarding and teaching us even when we make grievous mistakes.

I have decided that I will make this 2017 my year of making money online. I am determined, though I am new in internet which makes my moves difficult. With our community and my lovely tutors I will make it.

My advice to new members like myself is to make sure we follow the lessons, join charts with action we will succeed.

One thing with the wealthy Affiliate is that you will have a lot to learn and a lot to do.

Determination they say is the key to success. I will always move on even when I make mistakes I will seek help and move on.

I wish my tutors and the community a very happy New year.