As I mentioned in my previous article, most women in their pregnancy suffer low back pain. The low back pain is not without a cause. The pain may be attributed to different factors or causes Such as Arthritis, Tendinitis, Bursitis, Endometriosis, Femoral or Inguinal Hernia or even previous Gynecological issues and Or presence of fibroid in your womb

Low Back Pain Can Be Very Disturbing; Agreed?

Some women not all though, may prefer not to get pregnant and this is because of the painful effect of pregnancy some women experience or complain of.

The low back pains may come from the bones of the hip, or nerves surrounding the hip. Or tendons connecting the hip, or weight of the child in the womb resting severely on any part of the pelvic bone especially when they are pressing on the nerves or tendons.

 Types of back pain

Arthritic back Pain This type of pain is caused due to the disease called arthritis which is inflammation of tissues surrounding the pelvic bones. This condition is seen mostly on women with advanced age and it can be chronic and get worse during pregnancy

Back Pain Originating from femur or inguinal when the femoral and inguinal ligaments are inflamed by any reason either by arthritis or trauma they experience pain which may radiate to the back causing low back pain

Tendinitis This is inflammation of tendons connecting the pelvic bones to each other. The pain comes from inside the pelvis and affects the back

Bursitis according to Wikipedia is inflammation of one or more bursae (small sacs) of synovial fluids in the body. These sacs are lined with synovial membrane that secrets synovial lubricating fluids. If this bursa are healthy the movement is smooth and painless but when these bursae are inflamed movement becomes painful.

Gynecological back pain issues This is a type of pain that occurs due to pregnancy, labor and post delivery. In order words the tears and wears got from the previous pregnancy and delivery magnifies in this present pregnancy. This type of pain my continue even after delivery(Chronic Pain).

Hernia Which is intrusion of a ligament through any weak point in the at the femur or inguinal and can radiate its pain to the back.

Endometriosis; which is said to be women’s ordinary aches but may point to be due to inflammation of the endometrium of the uterus especially when it occurs during pregnancy. The signs of which are nausea, painful bowel movements, abdominal pains and stomach cramps. If, you are experiencing these signs please notify your health care provider. It may be present in the beginning but worst when your womb begins to expand due to pregnancy. Your doctor will help you to know what to do. You can hear what NHS UK said about endometriosis in their video.

Presence of fibroid can as well contribute to your low back pain, it does it’s worst when it attaches itself inside the womb and occupies larger position that it might try to push out the baby. If this fibroid was not diagnosed and removed before pregnancy the pregnancy might be aborted or cause miscarriage


How would You Know or Find Out which Type Of Pain You are Suffering From?

Once you notice that you are pregnant this is the time so important in your life because now you are not on your own alone it is you and your baby in your womb. Sometimes you start your pregnancy in the presence of pain and sometimes the pain comes in the later stage of your pregnancy.

It will be hard for you to know which type of pain you are suffering from unless you speak to your health provider who ask you some questions and send you for some investigations. From this the health provider will draw a conclusion to the type of pain you are suffering from (Diagnosis).

The pains you experience differs and depend on the cause. You may experience pain on the thighs, groin, low back, buttocks, inside r and outside the pelvic bones and general discomfort due to the pain.

Relieving Low Back Pain in Women

Your back pain can be relieved by natural method, medication or the use of surgery. Before, your pain can be relieved the root cause must be known. If the cause is due to hernia surgical operation can be done to close the weak point and heal the inflamed areas.

But for the other types of pain you apply the principle of RICE which includes “Rest, Ice, Compression and elevation”.

Rest; Pain is one of the most important remedy to low back pain especially on the pain caused by trauma and sprain. This allows the wounded ligament, tendons nerves or bones to get rest and recover from the pain you are experiencing.

Ice: Use of ice can temporally relieve your pain; This is a simple procedure. Just get a block of ice wrap it on a clean gauze or flannel and place it on the affected area and allow it for some time. It will stop the veins and arteries supplying the area from expanding causing their constriction so that the action of the lymphocytes which is the part of the white blood cells that act as soldiers of the body will stop thereby stopping the inflammation or (swelling) then giving this area a temporal relief.

Compression; applying compression can range from pressing a firm finger on affected area to a firm bandaging. The aim is to stop the blood from flowing to that area and allowing the healing of the opened point to be effected. When this is done, the blood which is supposed to flow out into the tissues will stop then the swelling is stopped.

Exercise; Pain which is caused by arthritis and lack of exercise can be treated through exercise and good posture.

You may be surprised what exercise can do. Simple exercises like Winning your hip, yoga or simply tapping the affected area either by yourself but is better somebody does it for you. Simple stretching, if the pain persist let your health provider know about it and your pregnancy so that he/she can advise you on the best exercise to do.

Elevation; You can elevate your hip with pillow or elevate the affected femur as in yoga. You can do this by lying and raising the affected femur(in the case of sciatic pain) for at least ten minutes. Do it several times it may help you.

Hot Application; You can take a hot bath or apply a flannel dipped in hot water to the particular area that hurts you the aim is to relax the area and increase blood supply, this may stop your pain.

Massage; promotes relaxation with more blood going into the affected area the strained muscles and/bones get relieved of the pain.

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Medication May come as a last resort and there are many medications you can use such as:

Over the counter drugs like Paracetamol, aspirin, Ibuprofen are usually helpful. Where they fail your health provider may prescribe a stronger pain killer for you Liniment for external usePregnant Woman with low back Pain


Surgery like hip replacement may be carried out on you if every other things fail.

Other pain that might Lead you To Your Doctor

  • If you are a sickle and you are experiencing pains. You need to see your doctor in case you are developing crises
  • If the pains becomes persistence
  • If the pain you are suffering is caused by accident
  • If your pelvic pain is affecting other joints
  • If your pain comes with fever


It is normal for pregnant women always to seek out how to relieve their pain naturally. But sometimes the pain may persist and you are not able to help yourself anymore. Now you are strongly advised to see your doctor. Doctor will do all the investigations to find out the cause of the pain and on how to deal with it. Ordinarily increasing the strength of your pain killer may relieve the pain or it may lead to surgery.

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