How to eliminate fibroid tumors naturally


Knowing how to eliminate Fibroid tumors from your womb brings relief and cure to you because ignorant they say is a disease but knowledge is power. In this article you will learn ways to eliminate your fibroid tumors out of your womb naturally and safe, giving you relieve from back pains it causes.

You Would Like to get rid of your Fibroid Tumor? Be Food Conscious

Accumulation of bad fat in your system with increased presence of estrogen is said to be the cause of abnormal tissue growth in your body causing tumors in the organs including in your uterus( uterine fibroid). To see that this growth is brought to the barest minimum or even prevented, you should know the foods you should eat and those to avoid.h

The foods you should eat to help you eliminate your fibroid

For you to be able to eliminate your uterine fibroid eat organic foods, such as;

1 Green vegetables  It is said that green leafy vegetables are powerful anti oxide and contains vitamins such as Vit K which brings about blood clotting preventing excess blood flow during your menstruation

2  Bone Broth Drink bone broth regularly ( water got from cooking bone and few green vegetable with little ginger) this simple diet contains gelatin which is said to possess the ability to heal the intestinal mucous providing a conducive environment for good digestion which in turn brings about good elimination of waste products from the body.

3 Whole grain Eat more of grains such as brown rice, millet, pelt, buck wheat, oats and rye,this food contains more fibers and less carbohydrate. It will make you feel you have eaten heavy, prevents you from eating too much of other foods  that may contain a lot of unwanted fats. They contain more mineral and vitamins. This type of food can also help you to empty your bowel regularly, removing accumulation of toxins that make up to form the tumors.

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Exercise can reduce your obesity henceforth eliminate fibroid

when you are not pregnant make sure to do those exercise that would have impact on your system. Exercises like going to gym, jugging, lifting, running can cause you to sweat. In so doing the unwanted fat will go away sweat while your hormonal level is maintain to normal causing the tumors and uterine fibroid to shrink and consequent elimination.

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The foods you must make sure to avoid to be fibroid free

Engage yourself always in healthy foods. Avoid processed meats and foods like sausages, hamburger they contain trans-fat that cause clots in the body leading to tumor formation (fibroid). They also contain some preservatives(chemicals) and some other ingredients, all these increase presence of toxins in your body system promoting inflammations which also among the core cause of tumors.

Recommended Supplements for you

When pregnant, do not take supplements without letting your health provider know. They are in the right position to advise you on the ones to take and the ones to avoid and the times to take them. This will give you the best health benefit of those supplements.

  • Vitamins such as B.Complex helps the liver to work efficiently metabolising and regulating the presence of oestrogen in your system. Take B.Complex 50 milligram everyday.
  • Fish  and Flaxseed oils contain essential fatty acid that can help you to reduce inflammations and eliminate your fibroids. The dosage are Fish oil 1000 milligram daily and Flaxseed 1 tablespoon daily depending on your health provider’s advise.
    • Essential Oils such as Carly Sage, Thyme, and frankincense are the best oil for the cure of Fibroid and tumors. They have the ability to naturally balance the hormone levels. Carly sage has a significant effect on depression by lowering the production of cortisone and so it is a known anti-depressant. Check some here
  • You can drop this oils three drops into your mouth daily or rub it on your body especially at your lower abdomen.
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  • Vitex (400, milligram twice daily) taken for at least 6 months reduces estrogen level and increases progesterone level thereby stopping the inflammation caused by presence of excess estrogen. Chaste-berry has the same function.


Elimination of Fibroid when you adhere to good food habit avoiding those food rich in trans-fat and processed foods  that contain pesticides and ingredients that promote inflammations in your body systems.

Eat more of foods like green  leafy vegetables that contain anti-inflammatory properties that discourage inflammation thereby prevent the formation of fibroid or cause the existing ones to shrink.

If you want to eat meat, eat more of the plant-base meat and let your choice of food be more green vegetables because they are capable of stopping the growth of fibroid and shrink them naturally and safe.










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6 thoughts on “How to eliminate fibroid tumors naturally”

  1. Seyi says:

    Fibroid is not a good thing as it has so many bad sides to it as one of it is it does not allow or makes conceiving difficult. I have had a a sister who had fibroid and couldn’t get pregnant  until she had it removed by surgery before she could conceive. This process is a little more convenient. Thanks for this information.

    1. bibian okoye says:

      Hi Seyi,

      Thanks for realising that natural way of removing fibroid is easy and more convenient than the mainstream. If you undergo surgical operation it will at least take you some months to come back to yourself. With the natural method, it is just like one taking her daily diet and the fibroid will be melt out or fall out.

  2. Gracen says:

    Hi Bibian, your article on how to eliminate fibroid is great. I am particularly interested in this topic of discussion because my friend has a history with fibroid. In fact, it was a miracle that she delivered her baby last year, however right now, her tummy still looks like one that is 4 months pregnant.  Did I mention that she underwent fibroid surgery some years back? Yet, it grew again.  

    Reading through your post, I saw where you mentioned that bad fat contributes a lot, my friend consumes lot of bread and most products that is produced with floor.

    I love the idea of eating whole grains since it contains fibers which makes one feel full easily. I will direct my friend to this blog, as it contains all the information she needs to get rid of her fibrod.

    1. bibian okoye says:

      Hi Gracen,

      You actually understand the truth of the matter. This fibroid sometimes can be stubborn but if you follow the natural way and take it from time to time it will be hard for a new fibroid to grow up again. Get the book here and learn more.

  3. Olalekan says:

    What an amazing post on how to eliminate fibroid tumors naturally. I found this post interesting and informative because I never knew that exercising the body to reduce obesity is a path way to eliminating fibroid. That’s a great research and an awesome discovery. I have someone having issues of fibroid, I will inform her to be eating more of green vegetables as you have directed. But please I want to ask that does it mean all people suffering from obesity have fibroid tumors in them?  

    1. bibian okoye says:


      I very much appreciate you finding my post interesting. I assure you that not every fat person suffer fibroid but it is a predisposing factor for fat women to get fibroid easily than the lean women

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