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Health in a lay man’s term is a state of being free from Illness and injury. For you to be healthy you must be completely free from any illness both physically, mentally and socially. So according to world health organization (WHO) Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Beauty, as defined by Oxford dictionary, Is a combination of qualities; color, shape, height or form that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.   Artificial Beauty; Additional makeup is a thing of preference, some may prefer to make-up while some may like to go natural. In the pursuit of beauty, people have devices many ways to make themselves beautiful for example use of extension on the hair, earrings, lipstick, cortex, nail extension, application of foundation on their faces. some still go further to change the sizes of their breast, buttock to name but a few otherwise known as plastic surgery. All these things actually do not describe beauty because beauty is in the eyes of a beholder. In general terms, we say “Health is Beauty”.

Health and  Beauty Mental Health


How Health and Beauty affect the mind

In the absence of illness, next thing is confidence.  confidence is a real key to beauty. If you are confident in yourself, how you look may not matter so much to you. What is beautiful is how you see yourself, how you carry(present) yourself in the public or what you tell people you are. people with confidence follow a routine in their life. They are outgoing, they communicate easily with people, they know the type of make-up that suits them, they go to the gym, visit friends and still have time for their family. They are loved by people, their social life is wonderful, they make a wonderful selection of the type of food they eat. They maintain their figure through exercise and diet.

 Lack of confidence can create an abnormal attitude in an individual causing lack of self-esteem, anger, jealousy, hatred and so on. If this individual continues like this the general outcome will be traumatic leading to a lack of appetite, Anxiety, Depression, withdrawal, self-neglect, rejection, isolation from the group or even suicidal. A person who seemed physically beautiful but having developed all the mention signs above will automatically become ugly because people would not like to associate with a person like that, and then the person will not be happy. That is why I love reading confident womanA confident woman is a book written by Joyce Meyer. It guides women in the way of positive thinking. Makes women are in the way they suppose to be; feeling good and happy.This book will help you to get every confidence you need. I recommend every woman TO READ THIS BOOK

There are other things that will make one lose confidence;

1, Loss of job

2, poverty

3, Stress

4, Pregnancy

Women in their first few months of pregnancy 1-3 months (first Trimester). The period when pregnancy hormone called Chorionic gonadotropin is poured into the blood system announcing the presence of the baby once it attaches itself to the placenta. the woman will start to experience body changes, taste for certain food changes, Nausea, and vomiting, headache etc. during this period some women tend to neglect their beauty.

Mothers with children of about three or four without help coupled with home chores and other responsibility being too much on them tend to neglect their beauty.


A survey from The Renfrew Center Foundation Data showed that 1292 women were surveyed. This survey is carried out to find out women’s  different feelings when they go natural;

15% of the women say that Feel unattractive, 14% say they are self-conscious, 14% say they feel naked as though something was missing ( total of 43% had negative emotion)Only 3% said they felt natural when they don’t make-up. The rest say they do not feel a thing.

Why you should think when making-up:

Make-up makes women look beautiful, it is good and it is the individual choice. We should know that everything has its own pros and cons.

a   People who constantly use dye on their hairs are likely to develop hair problem, like early loss of original hair color, thickening of hair thereby causing the hairs to breakage

b, People who constantly tan their skin are likely to suffer skin cancer

 Some chemicals use in preparing lipsticks applying on the lips might be harmful to the body

Health and beauty mental health tips:
  • Get yourself into a routine, look after yourself
  • Get good sleep daily
  • Create time for yourself for example; watch films, listen to the radio, writing scripts and read books.
  • Eat good food
  • Meet friends
  • Go to gym
  • Make-up if you like it
  •  last but not the least be confident in yourself. When you do all the above no matter the situation you find yourself you will be a superb being, being happy, cheerful, loving and socializing.  

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