Hand bags For Pregnant Women



Hand bags are one of the necessities for woman. You may be wondering why I decide to review hand bags for you.

For one thing no woman will deny the usefulness of hand bag so pregnant women are not left out.

Why this review

I found out that some complaint of body pain and low waist pain you complaint comes from the type of bags you carry especially during pregnancy. As bags have many sizes and types, it is important to know the type you will carry that will serve your purpose

What type and sizes are good for you

Think of many things women carry, If not checked you would like to stock almost every thing heavy and light into your hand bag and still carry the remaining loads in another bag hanging down in the other hand. This type of loads are not good for you especially when you are in your early pregnancy.

Do not go to carry very spacious bags it will make you carry more loads than you can carry, who wouldn’t when you have all the space you want and this would definitely put you in a position where you would like pushing in lots of stock making it more heavy than necessary. Carrying heavy hand bags will cause general body pain or even increase low back pain because all the pain mount down to your hip.

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Though there are many sizes of bags, from small to large and to extra large. If you are driving I suggest you get two hand bags, small and large. Allow the large hand bag to always remain in your car and the small one you can simply carry while moving out of the car, and that can only contain very few important things you may need immediately like your few things for make up and your small wallet and few receipts and keep your bag to a size that will be good for you.

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