Pregnancy does not take place until there are ovulation and fertilization. In the first two weeks after your previous menstruation, nothing has happened.

Happy Couple

Happy Couple

Your body has just finished its ordeal and is getting ready for another one then something happened.

Your matured ovary was fertilized and a new being is formed (embryo) at the ampula of your Fallopian tube. This formed being has no head or limbs but just like a ball. it undergoes a lot of changes before it reaches the uterus. so unless the woman had previously developed low back pain before pregnancy, otherwise there would be no pain at the low back this time.

Watch the above video for the formation of your baby

In your uterus, your baby embeds itself at the wall of your uterus being connected with you through the umbilical cord. Your baby feeds through you through this umbilical cord.

What to expect in the first month of your pregnancy

  1. In the first two weeks after your menstruation, no pregnancy has occurred.
  2. In the third week, something is happening inside you- the zygote is formed once one of the racing sperms wins and attaches its head into the ovum, moving down in the Fallopian tube and undergoing cell division.
  3.  Embedding of the fetus is taking place in the uterus;  You might experience some dropping of blood from your vagina but don’t worry this is your child embedding into your uterus for the mother there will be the formation of umbilicus and placenta for its feeding.
  4. If you do your pregnancy test this time it will be positive but note that if you do your test very early you might get fake negative.
  5. There will be tingling in your breast, it becomes tender and full due to hormone surge into the blood
  6. A feeling of weakness and sleepiness
  7. You might be acting differently to food and even the air you breathe might be irritating

What To Do

  1. Allow yourself about 2-3 weeks after ovulation to test for pregnancy to avoid fake negative result. Though some pregnancy test strips can dictate pregnancy as early as 1 week and even give you the number of weeks the baby is in the womb.

  2. Notify your health provider any medication you are taking and inform them of your likelihood of being pregnant

  3. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits daily this will give the vitamins and minerals you need for the health of your baby

  4. Drink more water to aid circulation

  5. If you have not started start yourself on folic acid of about 200-400mcg daily

What Not To Do

  1. If you are a smoker you should quit

  2. Do not take a large number of vitamins

  3. Avoid any medication that contains RETINOL it might not be good for your baby

  4. Quit Alcohol

  5. Do not carry a heavy load on your hand or do a vigorous exercise

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