What benefit is exercise to a pregnant woman with low back pain?

The importance of exercise for the pregnant women is nothing to write home about. it is important for all the pregnant women to do exercise no matter how little every day to maintain their normal blood circulation. When the blood flow normally in the body the actualization of good health is achieved not only to the mother but also the baby. Exercise also can relieve temporal back pain.

Instructions concerning Exercise

Inasmuch as pregnant women are advised for regular exercise, there are some exercises which you are allowed to do and those you are not allowed to do. The most important thing is when you want to take part in exercises especially aerobic exercises like swimming, running and other exercises that will take a lot of your energy make sure to tell your healthcare provider who is knowledgeable. NHS choices state that your health is your choice

Have your exercise scheduled for 3 times a week and do not indulge in strenuous exercises that might be taking your breath as this will affect the baby. once it is taking your breath it is good you stop, find a cool place and rest. Breath deep in several times to give your baby enough oxygen.

The more active and healthy you are during pregnancy the easier the process of pregnancy and labor, after delivery, you will be able to change back to your normal shape and not only that you will deliver a healthy baby.

On the days of your scheduled exercise, start with warming up. don’t jump into running a long distance or swimming a long distance without first of all warm yourself up which will sustain your energy if not you will be tired easily.

As you are doing your exercise drink a lot of fluid to aid electrolyte(fluid) balance of your body as you will be losing a lot of fluid through sweating.

As your pregnancy advances avoid those exercises that will make you fall like down the hill skinning, cycling, ice hockey and horse riding.

Make sure to eat enough calories especially during your third trimester when your baby will be making more demand on you. While eating, visit your health provider for regular checking of your weight and your general condition. If your body mass index ( BMI ) is still within normal of 18.5 and 24.9. Make sure to be eating up to 450 calories every day.

Maintain comfortable outfit by wearing loose gowns and low heeled shoes but not flat shoes that may make you slip and fall.

Do not lie flat on your back after your first trimester. The weight of your baby has increased and when you exercise lying flat the weight of your baby and the weight of the uterus will lie on the major vein called vena cava. If this happens the blood supply to the heart and the uterus will reduce causing a shortage in the breath, dizziness, nausea or even vomiting.

If you must lie at your back during exercise, put one pillow at your back to help you remove the weight of your baby from compressing on the vena cava and stop you from becoming breathless.

Do not prefer to be lying down, keep moving it will give strength and prepares you for the ordeal of labor.

Exercise as much as your body can accept, do not overdo it. You might get overheat and you sweat profusely making you feel uncomfortable.

Cool down after your walk out. Do some pregnancy friendly stretching

You can invite some friends to assist you with your regular exercises

When you finish your exercise to cool down quickly; change your environment, take off your layers, go under air condition, take a cool shower and have more drinks.

If you are on the floor make sure to get up slowly. DO not jump up quickly you might lose balance and you fall over.



 Exercise the Pregnant women  do that ease back pain

These are the most needed exercise pregnant women should be doing to relieve back pain; Watch the video below


Pelvic Tilt Exercise

stand with your shoulders and bottom against the wall, keep your knees soft then pull your tummy button towards your spine so that your back flattens against the wall. Hold for four seconds and release then repeat 10 times.

Exercising Pelvic Floor

When your pelvic floor is weak. You will experience what is called stress incontinent which is leaking urine when there is any little pressure on your bladder like when you a cough, laugh, sneeze or strain. When this happens, don’t panic it is normal when pelvic muscles relax due to the weight of pregnancy on it.

To avoid this and to avoid back pain that goes with it there is a need for pelvic exercise which will help to prevent stress incontinent and back pain from occurring during and after pregnancy.

How to exercise pelvic Floor; You need to sit on a hard surface and put your two legs closed up, thereby tightening your anus so closing also your urethral orifice(bladder mouth).  Do this for several times a day so that the pelvic floor will tone up and be able to be controlling the release of urine from the bladder as before.

Another useful exercise that helps to ease off back pain is Abdominal strengthening;

Be on all fours, with knees under hips, hands under shoulders, with fingers facing forward and abdomen lifted to keep back straight.

Pull in your stomach muscles and raise your back up towards the ceiling curling the trunk and allowing your head to relax gently forward. Don’t let your elbows lock.

Hold for a few seconds then slowly return to the box position. Take care not to hollow your back, return to a straight neutral position.

Do this slowly and rhythmically  10 times, making your muscles work hard and moving your back carefully

Only move your back as far as you can be comfortable.

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  • Jude Banks says:

    You have provided useful information here about pregnancy exercises.

    These are beneficial, especially the pelvic and abdominal exercises, and it is important to continue on with these exercises generally.

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      Thank you, Jude Banks, for visiting my post on exercise and finding it useful. Yes, many more articles for pregnant women are on the way. I hope you will have time to revisit?

  • Bibain Okoye says:

    A pregnant woman who is always on the move maintains proper exercise modes will never have a cause to complain of low back pain if at all it will be temporal. Therefore every woman is encouraged for regular and safe pregnancy exercises all through their pregnancy because this may lead to their successful period of pregnancy and labor

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