Living in an unclean environment is never an ideal thing, the enemy of our general health today is environmental pollution especially to the pregnant mothers.

Know you that the effect of environmental pollution did not start immediately during the pregnancy but it is a long-standing condition which has been in your body system before you even got pregnant.

Accumulation of end product of what you eat and drink, breath-in, or even the chemicals you in contact with, come together to put toxins into your body.

Therefore it is necessary to get yourself cleansed of this toxins before pregnancy takes effect.

Things that Make your Environment Polluted 

There are different types of Pollution

  1. WATER POLLUTION; The water you drink get polluted through sewage running into the lake or stream which are major sources of the water you drink. other ones are biological contamination; like bacterial growth, illegal dumping of refuge and industrial spills.
  2. AIR POLLUTION; The air you breathe in may be polluted by smoke and harmful gases from Exhaust fumes of vehicles, Radiation spills or nuclear accidents
  3. LAND POLLUTION; The land where you live can be polluted with litters, that is illegal dumping of refuse, oil spills, the use of pesticides and radiation spills or accidents
  4. NOISE POLLUTION; Noise pollution can be caused by vehicles, constructions or demolitions, Aeroplane or helicopters.  Noise pollution can increase your stress level and can negatively affect your unborn baby.

Why You should Detoxify Yourself before Pregnancy

When you breathe in the polluted air you are taken in carbon, sulfur, and nitrite. These are not good for human health according to science and that it can lead to allergies and asthma.

Presence of these chemicals in the body cause abnormal tissues to build up thereby forming abnormal growths in the body such as tumors at any part of the body including the uterus. When growth is formed in the uterus it is called uterine fibroid.

Formation of fibroid in the uterus can be in part of the uterus( inside, middle or outside) You can have this fibroid and carry your baby in your womb or depend in the area where it is formed, it may not allow any baby to attach in your womb.

If you carry a baby in your womb with fibroid, the weight in your womb will either double or triple the normal weight you supposed to have thereby straining on your pelvic bones, ligaments, and nerves causing low back pain.

Most of the women do not know that they have this fibroid in their womb till they start having problems; either heavy menses, spotting during pregnancy or being sent to scan by their health provider as a routine check in their first visit to the hospital (antenatal visit) or actual miscarriage.

Detoxing yourself before pregnancy is very important to cleanse yourself of all these toxic chemicals in your body. Get all-in-one-holistic-book written by Amanda Leto to assist you to know how to remedy the fibroid safely and healthily Click Here!

Detoxifying yourself will also help you to get the energy and body strength you will need during your pregnancy combining it with supplements will definitely give you all you need when you are pregnant which is smooth pregnancy and healthy and strong baby.

What Detox is good for you?

There are many ways and methods with which you can get yourself cleansed from the toxins in your body and circulatory system. These methods will be treated next article.

The types and methods will be treated on the next page.

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