About ioo Eurotech office chair

Price= $80-110

Color= Different colors; black, pinch and so on

Base= aluminum Base

Support= 3D Lumber support

Adjust-ability =8-way adjustable arms

Knob= tilt tension control knob

Shipping= Free shipping

A new ergonomic office and computer chairs  are now in Amazon online market (ioo Euroteck office chair).  Every working class ladies especially when pregnant needs this chair for absolute comfort and health and also for job satisfaction at the end of the day.

Sitting all day on your computer can really make your work worst with low progress and not only that can cause low back pain. You are not a robot and therefore can definitely feel the impact if you don’t use a proper chair to sit in your office or while relaxing at home. Low back pain is the complaint of about 85% of every pregnant woman under normal circumstances how much more when you combine it with office work where you have to sit down for about eight hours a day working on the piled up work to do.

Considering your predicament in your place of work or even at home think of this new ergonomic office chair. It is specially made for comfort with the wonderful features it possessed it will surely give you the comfort you need.


Features of good quality Ergonomic Office and Computer Chairs;

  • Adjust-ability ( height, Armrest, front reading table,  legs, and backrest)
  • Lumbar Support
  • Mobility
  • Strong
  • Seat depth adjustment
  • Warranty

To get the Ergonomic Chairs with the above features it will cost you more money but will give you the worth. This type of chair is highly recommended to you if you are pregnant to save you from low back pain or for anybody who wants to save himself/herself from back pain. To be frank the chair is good for everyone especially when you have long hours to sit or to work.

It is adjustable; This will give you the opportunity to adjust the height to any level of your table that will be convenient for you. You can adjust the hand if you want to rest your hand from work, you keep it in a position that is good for you. The backrest can be adjusted to suit your back and allow it to rest and be free from pain. If you are resting and want to use your computer you can bring out the adjustable reading table right in front of you to a level that is most convenient for you. If you want to keep your chair at a place, not wanting it to move about you can remove the legs.

Lumber Support; Lumber support is very necessary for you to avoid back pain, this will help you position yourself correctly when you sit down working or reading. It will keep your back straight, with your bottom pressed against the back of the chair. Your lower back slightly arched and well cushioned. Your knees slightly lower than your hip. The whole idea is to allow your feet flat on the floor but if you find supporting your feet with footrest will be more comfortable for you, you can as well do that.

Movability; The chairs have movable legs which can move you to any area of your room in a dash flash you are there. It can help you to change your position from a stress area to a less stress area where you can have a little break.

The chairs are strong; For the fact that the chairs are not caring equal weight it is built in a way that everybody will be comfortable in it. Whether you are thin, huge (obese) or you are the normal size, the chair will be able to carry you. You can relax in it and enjoy yourself.

Seat Depth Adjustable; The chairs are roomy, this shows that it can enter everybody without the person hanging out and not be comfortable. whether you are fat or slim as long as it is deep you have no problem using it. It is important when buying it to buy a bigger size if you are fat.

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Warranty;  Best Ergonomic Chairs have a warranty of 2-5years but they overstay the years and continues to give the service as new. Once you make your order your product will be carried to door post without any extra charge. The manual and how to fix it will be there, you will not find it difficult to fix but in case you meet any difficulty fixing it, contact the manufacturer using their contact in the manual

Durability; For the fact that ergonomic chairs are built to serve the purpose of caring people of different sizes, Its inbuilt are metals of high quality and the leather of good quality too. which do not wear out or tear. so it lasts as long as you are using it or kept it in a safe place. 

Ergonomic Chair has other types you can use but these ones are lower in price but cannot have all the features mentioned above. Some may keep your back straight without having a place to rest your hands. Some may have three feature like hands, height adjustable, and movable legs but may not have enough room for everybody’s size.

Some may have the backrest but may not have Armrest, movable legs, may or may not be roomy.

All the above have different prices depending on the one you can afford. Ergonomic chairs are quality chairs made in different ways but for the same purpose, which is to keep your back straight, comfortable and save your back from pain. If you want to buy go for the best depending on the area you want to use it either in the office or at home for your relaxations.

If you are a low-income earner, go for the one you can afford that can also give you the maximum service you need.

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If you have any question/s or comment feel free to drop it in the box below I will get back to you.

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