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Fibroid Miracle Guide Book Review

Fibroid Miracle book can help you get rid of your fibroid naturally

Fibroid in the womb comes with low back pain, cramps, heavy bleeding, anemia, high body temperature, weakness, miscarriage.

Fibroid with heavy bleeding and other problems that come with may lead to untimely death of the mother and baby in the womb.

Socially the woman may be ashamed to participate in the social gathering especially during her period because she may not be able to control the heaviness of the bleeding.

Remember there is an answer to every problem. Go for this book called Fibroid Miracle Guide.

Why Fibroid Miracle Guide?

Fibroid miracle guide is a well-trusted book that every woman facing the problem of fibroid seeks out to get and read. This is because this book can tell you everything you need to know about getting your fibroid eliminated, shrunk and cure or even prevent it from recurring. Over tens and thousands of women have testified of this book that it has really helped them to get their lives back. Good work of this book cannot be overemphasized.

It is a great book written by Amanda Leto. As long as you want to get rid of this tumor or uterine fibroid from your system, this book can guide you step-by-step on how to achieve that. Not only on how to deal with fibroid it can teach you how to maintain a healthy living too.

As fibroid comes with so many symptoms, Fibroid miracle book handles each of them one by one.

This book really functions miraculously; surprised how? 

Do you know that there is no medical treatment which can treat fibroid effectively? It obviously handles only the symptoms without curing it. This means that no medical treatment cures fibroid and the symptoms always come back after all.

You may decide to go for an operation. But operation may not have a final answer to your fibroid even after all the rigorous opening and closing of your abdomen. The only answer the surgery can give you is to remove your womb not regarding if you still want to have a baby or not.

Fibroid Miracle Book has the answer. Do you know how? This is because this book will tell you everything you need to know about how to get rid of this fibroid by:

  1. Detoxification; most of the time our body is full of toxins due to what we eat, drink, the air we breathe and the water we use to cook and drink, the environment where we live. When these chemicals are inside our body joining with the body fluids will cause abnormal cells to grow and form these growths in the body called tumors or fibroid when they grow in the womb. By knowing how to detoxify your body is the first step to fibroid prevention.
  2. Elimination: This book will guide you on how to eliminate your fibroid step-by-step which is the ultimate help when you are looking for a way to get rid of these fibroids, this you cannot do effectively without the guide from this Miracle book. You are able to eliminate your fibroid and have a permanent and safe cure.
  3. It will teach you how to prevent even the symptoms like:
  • heavy bleeding, clots, and cramps
  • Pains and blotting
  • most of the digestive disorders
  • and getting rid of your excessive weight

All these and others will the Fibroid Miracle Book help you to know.

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Other Benefits of Fibroid Miracle Book are

The sweetest thing about this book is that it tackles the root cause of fibroid and help you to have a life you deserve By:

  • helping you to know what to do and what not to do
  • empowers you to have an abundance health and well-being
  • Increases your mental clarity and vitality
  • reducing your weight makes you feel lighter and healthier
  • It helps you to avoid surgery and consequences of surgery
  • helps you to save costs
  • 60 days of your money back


Amanda Leto the owner of this book suffered this fibroid herself, and that is why she has empathy for women, spent time and did enough research that helped her find out the root cause of this fibroid and on how to deal with it safely and healthy.

To convince women that she is not out to make money out of them she is only trying to cover the cost of production she set out Bonuses which is an added advantage to anyone who buys her book.

The bonuses include; Free one-one- counseling, free lifetime update, Free secret To sleeping Soundly, Free understanding the phrases of the female Body and more. This shows that she is out to help anyone that buys her book to make the history of her fibroid a past tense

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This All-In-One-Holistic-Miracle-Book treats your fibroid naturally and does not have any side effect.  This book itself contains a guaranteed advice that can help you eliminate your fibroid and still have your normal pregnancy and delivery.  Teaches you how to eliminate your low back pain during your pregnancy by getting rid of your fibroid and all its symptoms. Teaches you how to gain your everlasting freedom from fibroid making your live younger and healthier. You can only achieve this naturally through the use of herbs and get rid of your obesity. Make sure to get this book and make it your pocketbook and master it for your own advantage.

You can see that it has 60 days of your money back in case if you get this book and don’t like the pieces of information it offers. You can return it and have your complete money back.

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Hand bags For Pregnant Women

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Handbags are one of the necessities for women. You may be wondering why I decide to review handbags for you.

For one thing, no woman will deny the usefulness of a handbag so pregnant women are not left out.

Why this review

I found out that some complaint of body pain and low waist pain your complaint comes from the type of bags you carry especially during pregnancy. As bags have many sizes and types, it is important to know the type you will carry that will serve your purpose

What type and sizes are good for you

Think of many things women carry, If not checked you would like to stock almost everything heavy and light into your handbag and still carry the remaining loads in another bag hanging down in the other hand. This type of loads is not good for you especially when you are in your early pregnancy.

Do not go to carry very spacious bags it will make you carry more loads than you can carry, who wouldn’t when you have all the space you want and this would definitely put you in a position where you would like pushing in lots of stock making it more heavy than necessary. Carrying heavy handbags will cause general body pain or even increase low back pain because all the pain mount down to your hip.

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Though there are many sizes of bags, from small to large and to extra large. If you are driving I suggest you get two handbags, small and large. Allow the large handbag to always remain in your car and the small one you can simply carry while moving out of the car, and that can only contain very few important things you may need immediately like your few things for makeup and your small wallet and few receipts and keep your bag to a size that will be good for you.

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7 Best exercises for your Low Back Pain During Pregnancy

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You may be overwhelmed when you are pregnant and people are talking about

exercise. Don’t worry, exercises you will do are not difficult ones and
they will help you greatly to stay fit even if you have not been doing
any exercise before or it has been long after your last exercise. Some exercises help you get relieved from your back pain or will prevent the back pain from occurring at all. The slogan in pregnancy is “get moving”. It is observed that those who get moving have an easy pregnancy, delivery and after birth. They hardly complain of sickness.

What Is Exercise?

Exercise according to Google Search is activity requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness. An activity carried out for a specific purpose.

Pregnancy is an important issue in one’s life that needs to be taken good care of. When you are pregnant it is better to indulge in anything that will give you and your baby good health.

Every exercise you do is geared toward maintaining good health during pregnancy for yourself and your baby.

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Types of Exercise

There are many types of exercise for health and fitness. It ranges from mild, moderate to vigorous exercise

  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Sitting
  • Running
  • Weight-lifting
  • Dancing
  • Swimming
  • Singing
  • Clapping and so on

If you have been doing a lot of exercise before getting pregnant, remember that now you are pregnant that you are not advised to do all the exercises you do before.

In normal circumstances, the exercises listed above are what we do in our daily activities while in your house or in any association with others. But running and jogging are discouraged if your pregnancy has advanced as you may not be able to control the wave of your big abdomen and so you may fall. For weight lifting like lifting your child from the ground, you have to use lifting good practice which you can read about here

These additional exercises might help you greatly to improve your health and the health of your baby and make the period of your pregnancy smooth and smooth delivery.

Seven Exercises That Will Help You Overcome Your Back Pain

-Forward Roll

-Relaxed Bell


– Pigeon Stretch

-Seated Tick Rocks
-Bent Over Front Raises

-Wide Squat With Twist
-Figure 4 Stretch

As great researchers affirm that about 85% of women suffer back pain during their pregnancy I still know that there are some women who never know what back pain is during their pregnancy which one of the contributory factors might be following these exercises as listed above and following good lifestyle.

Let’s look at the above exercise one-by-one

Forward Roll
This is the exercise done by positioning a ball in front of you as you kneel in a most comfortable way with your hip over or behind your knees. Make sure you are kneeling comfortably, not experiencing any pain. The purpose of this is to stretch the muscles of your back. Begin your action by gently exhaling, Turk your chin out and roll out the ball while you are drawing your shoulder away from your ears as you are inhaling the breath deep down your belly this makes your low back to arch into a comfortable position. By so doing the muscles of your back are stretched and softened. Repeat this for 5 times or then as long as you can fill comfortable.

Relaxed Belly

Keep yourself in a comfortable position. Either standing or sitting, Keeping your hands drop on laps or side. If you are sitting down do not place your hand own the armrest but allow your hands to rest on your laps, do not rest your back on the backrest but sit upright. Remain in that position for a few minutes. Now gently draw in your breath and allow it to go down to your belly and touching your pelvic muscles and bones. You will have a feeling of it as you are doing so. Remain in this position for a minute or more. Then release the breath. Repeat for 5 times or as many as you are comfortable with.


Find yourself comfortable and wide space where your actions will not be restricted due to compacted space. Pose yourself in equating position with your legs spread apart and your stance on the toes. Allow your toes to carry your weight and your abdomen between your legs. Your hands spread out and slightly lifted to the air and stretch out over your head to another side of your head. Now you should feel a wrapping on your hips, on your gluteal muscles, and on your upper arm strings. Retain the position and maintain balance by sticking your buttock back. Gradually lift your trunk up and down for some minutes as you inhale and hold your breath stand in full stand. Repeat for 5 or more times as long as you feel comfortable to do so.

Wide Squat Twist
Stand in stride with your feet widespread, place your hands on your legs, twist your shoulder to the other side and make sure you look over your shoulder to the other side. You should feel the twist on your shoulder, hip and upper arms trig. Strengthening the muscles will pain that must have existed in that area.

Seated Tick Rocks
Get a chair without hand rest. Sit straight on the chair, cross one leg over the other. Lift your hand and allow it to fall across your head to the other side while you allow the other hand drop by your side. Stay for in that position for a few minutes then change to the other hand. Repeat this up to 5 times or more than long as you are comfortable doing it.

This exercise stretches the muscles of your hip side. It will really touch your pain if it comes from the side as the muscles and tendons around it are stretched and softened. Do it more frequently if it helps yours.

Pigeon Stretch

This type of exercise you have to make a space on the floor where you can stretch out yourself. Put one pillow under your hip if it will give your more comfortable. Stretch out yourself on the floor and fold your leg under your belly. Allow this leg reach your opposite hip through the other leg lying straight on the floor. Keep the arch of your low back straight so that your gluteal muscles will get the stretch.

Using your upper back try as much as you can to push out the floor, breath in deeply and hold your breath as your bear carrying out the action making sure you get the feeling of the stretch on your belly and on the hip muscles.

When you have got a good stretch of your abdominal and gluteal muscles for about 10 to 15 seconds, you can now turn and do same for the other side. Repeat for 3 – 5 times or then long as you are comfortable.

Figure 4 Stretch

You can do this exercise by standing with one leg, bend that leg at the knee and lifting the other leg place it on that leg above the knee, lean forward and grab that leg, placing one hand at the toes and the other at the knee. You have to be firm to maintain the balance if not place your buttock against the wall. Still, in this position draw in a deep breath and hold onto it for about 10 – 20 seconds. Change to the other leg and repeat for five to ten times that long as you are comfortable with it. This exercise will strengthen the muscles at the side of your buttocks and the internal ligaments at the pelvic floor relieving any pain around the area.

Bent Over Front Raises

Stretch yourself over on the flow, supporting yourself with your two hands and two feet. Raise one leg well high on the air while your sport yourself with two hands and one leg. Stay like that for one or two seconds then change to the other leg. Repeat for 2 or 3 times that long as it comfortable for your



These above-mentioned exercises can help relieve your back pain. Note that it is not a must that you do all but stick to those that you are comfortable with and if you are in doubt or not capable contact your doctor to assist you and give you the best advice according to your condition.

Another thing that is necessary for preventing your back pain changing your lifestyle by eating a balanced diet, getting good sleep and having enough rest. Most importantly be up and about, be on the go and don’t be your bed lover.

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Using A Home Pregnancy Test

Using a Home Pregnancy Test
Home pregnancy test gives you the opportunity to check in the comfort of your home if you are pregnant or not without going to hospital clinic or to your health provider to do that. Technology has devised different ways you can check if you are pregnant, and all these can be done in your own home.

The end result of most of these tests is to recognize the presence of human chorion gonadotrophin(hCG) in the urine. When a woman is pregnant this hormone will be seen in the urine signifying pregnancy.

First Thing You Should Do

You may try to get a home pregnancy test of your choice; be it strips, machine or thermometer or anything for different types of pregnancy tests. You actually will find many brands in the market but do not be carried away they all get the same result of finding the level of hCG in your urine.

So before purchasing first check your purse and the type you want. But most importantly check these things:

  • Expiring date
  • If the package is intact
  • No tears and wears
  • Check for the packs with more than one in case you may desire to check again especially when the first checking is negative.

Clearblue Home Pregnancy Test

Checking the things listed above and making sure that what you are purchasing is in good condition will help you get the best and trusted result after your test.
Another thing that may affect the result you get is when you test is testing too early when the hormone is not yet poured into the bloodstream, you definitely will get NEGATIVE result, So it is advised that you wait up to a week or more after missing you period before doing the test if you want good result (either positive or negative)

Though some test may tell you that they dictate pregnancy even a day after missing your period. It might be true or not but instead of taking that chance of getting a negative result when actually you are pregnant, it is better you exercise patient a bit longer to get a proper result.

NOTE: The fertilized ovary embeds in the uterus 6 days after it is fertilized and from that day the body will begin to produce hCG. So from then, you begin to calculate the best time for you to do the test to get the accurate result.

Doing the actual testing Step I

Pack Of 6 Home Pregnancy Test


  • You have got the test brand
  • Have made up your mind when to do the test, either a day or a week after you missed your period
  • Ready to do the test with first early urine as that is the time you get high hCG concentration

Step 2

Make sure to read the manufacturers’ instructions to make yourself familiar with how to use and the best time to use. This is because since the brands are different there might be different ways of doing the test.

There might be instruction on how to contact the producer when you are not sure of how to use or what to do.

Step 3

Ultra Early 5 time one step

compose yourself to take the test as you might be nervous and anxious about the result might be, you can invite a friend or family member to keep you company as a diversional therapy so that you do not mess up the reagents because of anxiety.

Step 4

Ready to test? wash your hand with water and soap and check that you have everything in hand before starting.

Recheck the type of test you want to do. Testing with urine? OK, get you clean specimen bowl in hand, sit on the toilet seat, allow the first urine to go out, put your bowl between your legs and allow the flowing urine inside the bowl(midstream urine), dip the strip inside the urine and allow its minutes.some instruction might be to urinate directly on the strip or to use the dropper, in this case, use a dropper and drop some measured urine on a given side of the test strip. Follow the manufacturers’ instruction at all times.

If you are to use the strip directly, then bring you strip out from the strip pack, sit on the toilet seat and allow the first urine out, turning the strip absorbent side upward put it under you two legs as the urine is still flowing and allow it to absorb enough quantity of urine. Take it out and allow it to stay depending on the instruction some number of seconds, say 5 seconds for the reading to be completed.



Using a home pregnancy test removes you from the hassle of going to your health provider to check if you are pregnant or not. Now you do the test yourself at the comfort of your home and when you are ready for it. It allows you to use the method you find easy and comfortable for you to use. Allows you and your husband only know at you early pregnancy that you are pregnant without the whole community seeing you going up and down while going to your health provider.

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Ovulation Calculator: Quick Pregnancy


Ovulation is the period when a ripped ovum falls from the ovary of a woman. If a sperm meets up with it conception occurs if not the womb “weeps” menstruates. So anyone who wants to get pregnant will target this period. It comes in the middle of every menstrual period. The menstrual period comes up every 28 days after the woman’s period ( the menstrual cycle). In, it is poised that ovulation period occurs within the menstrual cycle on the fourteenth day of menstrual cycle, that it happens from the first day of the woman’s period. So ovulation calculator will help you to know the right time to have intercourse to be pregnant.

So are you ready to get pregnant soon? Start today knowing the time of your menstrual periods. Though some people experience irregularities in their period with a proper calendar checking and /or ovulation calculator you can still get pregnant.

Ovulation Calculation Resources

Ovulation and Pregnancy predictor

  • Fertility calendar
  • ovulation pregnancy calculator
  • Body rhythm
  • Cervical Mucous
  • Basal Body temperature

Taking the resources one by one

 OVULATION strips and PREGNANCY calculator

Ovulation Strips and Pregnancy CalculatorsWithin the period of menstrual cycle which is 28 days and you are not sure of your ovulation day and you want to get pregnant. The best thing to help you be using fertility/ovulation pregnancy calculator. Two of them will help you succeed in your effort to get pregnant. While the ovulation pregnancy calculator can give you the time of your next menstruation the fertility calendar will give you the exact day for Your intercourse for the pregnancy to take effect


According to Planned Parenthood, Rythm practice has been in existence. It is a method of tracking when you are ovulating. Using this calculator can be a very good tool for someone looking for pregnancy to use.


Using mucus as a pregnancy calculator is the most accurate, free and easy to use the method when seeking pregnancy. It is the only fertility sign that comes before ovulation and is a sure way to get pregnancy.


Oral Basal Ovulation Predictor

Oral Basal Ovulation Predictor

Basal temperature is a method where you can use your body temperature to measure for ovulation day. You  want to know more about basal body temperature check here

Knowing Your Baby’s Sex

With ovulation calculator and calendar you choose which sex you want, and this is dependent upon the actual time at your ovulation period you had intercourse.

Calculation Of a Male child

Male sex runs faster than the female sex so that if the ovulation has already taken place before the intercourse you are likely to have a male baby. This is because male sex can run quickly and faster to embed on the ovum before the female cell comes and ovum can only accept one sperm cell. Male sex cells also die quicker than the female sex cells

This can only be possible if you know the date of your last menstruation then count out 14 days from there if you are using a calendar, so schedule your intercourse on that fourteenth day to expect your male baby.

You may wish to use a basal calculator have your intercourse on the fourteenth day when your temperature is slightly higher than your normal temperature(37.2-degree centigrade) so when it rises slightly above it (37.4) on your 14th day after your period then you can have your intercourse on that day.

Calculation of a Female child

To get a good calculation for female baby, you have to first of all to know the first day of your period. Have your intercourse 3-2 days before your ovulation. Female sex moves sluggishly towards the ovum. It is not fast like male sex cells. But it lives longer than males. The aim of this early intercourse is that before the female sex cells could reach the ovum the male has gone there, and because they don’t live long they will die before the ovulation and before the female sex cells could reach.

If this has helped you in any way please drop your comment down in the box, or you have any question feel free to ask I will be more than happy to help you.

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Clavicle Brace

Posture corrector

It is discovered that most women do not know when they fall to bad posture and when they find out is only when becoming pregnant because of the low back pain they will experience. It is highly recommended you correct your posture before getting pregnant to avoid you suffering from mild or severe low back pain during pregnancy which is not a pleasant experience.

You can check for your abdominal support here

To help you with this common problem, there are many posture corrector and fracture rehabilitation aids floating in the online market today. The posture braces are designed in a way that corrects the misalignment of the bones effectively. But, although this helps in recovering from poor posture, some rules should always be maintained and certain exercises should be performed.


Posture is something that is not only essential for your health-wise but also brings a lot to your sense of style; a person is never considered smart without having a good posture not only that it is essential for the ordeal you are going to face. Nowadays, due to the high increase in the use of laptops, computers, and TV, posture disorders are also on the rise. It has become a common problem that adults start to lose their natural good-looking posture and begin to adopt poorer posture as they age.

A good deal of people might think that it is okay, to develop posture problem due to work and other movements like that during the day but by being cautious of your posture will always encourage you to sit properly, stand properly or even lie down properly because when these are done properly the issue of posture will not arise unless by accident, and the consequence of back pain during pregnancy will be minimal.

Does Bad Posture Affect Others

Bad posture has gone viral to all ages, children, men, and women. So kids and men are not exempted from the problem of posture. Kids may not work in front of the desk, but in this day and age, they are constantly on a laptop, mobile phones, TV or a multitude of other technological devices. Posture corrector helps you to recover from bad posture but you have to follow the manufacturers’ instruction on how to use and the exercises you have to do.

Different Types of Posture Corrector

  1. Back Pain Clavicle Posture Support Brace
  2.  TOROS-GROUP Comfort Posture Corrector and Back Support Brace
  3.  Cincher Tan Women’s Back Support
  4.  Oppo Medical Elastic Posture Aid / Clavicle Brace
  5.  tabi lityAce Upper Back Posture Corrector Brace and Clavicle Support
  6. Posture Medic Plus Posture Corrector Brace
  7. TOROS-GROUP Posture Corrector Brace
  8. Back Brace Posture Corrector
  9. BAX-U Posture Corrector Back and Shoulder Support
  10. BeFit24 – Posture Corrector
    There will be some initial pain or discomfort, but this is true of using all posture corrector. However, this one is designed for exceptionally comfortable long-term use. This correction brace helps you to effectively improve your body posture while also correcting your misaligned shoulders into their proper position.

Clavicle Brace

The clavicle brace helps to support your collarbone and back and stabilizes the position of the bones, making it ideal for if you have a fracture.This product not only corrects your body posture but also supports and protects the fractured joints from further damage. It is designed by an orthopedist, so it is also recommended as an effective remedy for neck and back pain.

Highlighted Features

2 Velcro
Clavicle brace
For both men and women
Comes in small / medium: 24 “-36” large / XL: 36 “-48”


Gives support and protects the body
Recommended by physiotherapists


Difficult to strap it alone
Check the Latest Price on Amazon
Back Pain Clavicle Posture Support Brace
This clavicle brace will free you from your severe neck and back pain. Apart from this, it will also improve your body posture. Bad postures have always been an important concern, but in this photogenic era we are living in, it has never been more important to maintain a good-looking body posture. This clavicle brace will definitely help you achieve and maintain that perfect posture you are looking for.

It is highly beneficial for one to use a good clavicle brace in their quest, to cure chronic neck pain and back pain, and physiotherapists recommend clavicle braces too. This product is perfectly designed to cure misaligned spines, along with relieving any discomfort around the neck, shoulders, etc.

You will not find all the clavicle braces on the market comfortable, but this product is carefully designed and created to ensure you have a comfortable, risk-free experience. You should definitely give this one a try if you want it.

Third month of pregnancy

3rd Month of Pregnancy and low back pain

You have successfully entered into the third month of your pregnancy

A lot is happening inside you. Your baby is growing and your womb is now leaving the pelvic cavity. Your breast has become more firm and enlarged. People can now recognize you protruding abdomen.

You may as your baby is growing in your womb tend to lean forward to support your baby and then causing strain on your back causing slight dull or severe back pain. Those who have not known that you were pregnant will now start to tease you and share with your new development.

But the whole ergo is that your pregnancy is getting stronger being in this month. At the end of this month if you have experienced morning sickness like nausea and vomiting from your first month it will now be less or stopped.

What to Expect in the Third Month of Pregnancy


  • you might see an increase in the amount of virginal discharge
  • due to changes in the hormonal balance in your system your gum may start to bleed
  • Your abdomen will expand showing that your baby is growing and from this time the growth of your baby will increase rapidly.
  • You may still feel dizzy during your daily chores especially when sitting or standing suddenly.
  • There may be constipation make sure to be eating a lot of fruits and vegetable this time.
  • In this stage, you may be feeling more sleepy, tired or even exhaustion.
  • You may see yourself easily irritated and sometimes teary but it is not your fault it is due to the hormonal changes in your body which will stop over time. Keeping good company and giving yourself break while working might help you.

In the uterus

  • Your baby is changing greatly
  • No movement of your baby in the uterus yet this month
  • The weight of your baby may be about 14gram now.
  • The height of your baby might also be about 3.54 inches
  • Your baby bone will be getting stronger due to hardening called ossification of bones
  • Your baby brain cells are forming rapidly
  • Your baby’s external ears are formed
  • The external genital area is demarcating but the whole genitalia is not yet fully formed
    • Your babies head is still large, larger than the rest of the body.

Physical Changes In this Third Month

  • Your breast is firmer, darker around the nipple and nipple is elongated
  • Your weight is increased and your skin looks groomed
  • Your lower abdomen is round and firm
  • Your color is fairer than how you were
  • Nausea and vomiting is reducing
  • You are gaining appetite and craving for some food

What to do in this third month of your pregnancy

In this third month of your pregnancy, your body has greatly changed. There are things you have to do to help yourself develop a smooth pregnancy process.

  • If you have not registered for your antenatal clinic try to do so now. Doing that early enough will help you detect any anomalies that can be corrected in time.
  • Do you have worries about your pregnancy: this is the time to talk to your doctor/ health provider about it.
  • Diet: You must improve the way you eat, you have a new person with you who needs nourishment to grow so your diet will go extra miles to serve two of you especially including those things that make diet balanced; such foods containing protein, minerals vitamins, and carbohydrates.
  • Eat more frequently but small at a time make you in between meals be more of fruits and vegetables and some food that can give you energy.
  • Foods containing iron and folic acid are advised to start them early as to get your body ready for the baby. These are also included in your routine medications your health provider will order for you.
  • To combat yourself from Hemorrhoid which is imminent due to constipation you experience, you must be drinking plenty of water and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  • It is obvious you might be feeling dizzy, or fatigue; don’t worry. Your body is undergoing some changes and the baby in your womb is growing to add an unexpected weight to your own weight. It is not bad at all you will get over it, but what you must be doing is not to resist sleep and rest. It should be part of your daily activities this time to be receiving enough rest and sleep. You will find out that you will get stronger after rest.
  • Make sure to improve your personal hygiene to eliminate infection especially this time you there may be an increase in your vaginal discharge. Maintaining personal hygiene will help you to keep away from body odor and infection
  • Exercise is very important this time. You are advised to be on the go at all time. Go about your daily chores and form a habit doing one exercise or the other that is safe for you.
  • Supplements are required to help you get does nutrients you are not able to get from your diet.

Necessary Tests To Do

In your first visit to a clinic you health provider will like you to do these tests:

  1. General blood tests will help the health provider to exclude, Anemia, diabetes,
  2. Blood test to exclude Diabetes, electrolyte imbalance, ketosis, and candidates
  3. Your health provider might carry out more test like Nuchal Translucency to exclude birth defects like Spinal Bifida or other congenital defects
  4. Scanning of your abdomen is to check your baby if it is developing normally and also to check the sex of the baby if you desire so.

What Not To

 Do not smoke during pregnancy if you have been smoking before, try to cut out now since smoking will complicate your pregnancy or may even result in your death or your baby.

  • Limit coffee and alcohol intake these will have an adverse effect on the baby in your womb.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothing. Wearing free clothing will give you and your baby-free air intake and freedom to move yourself around the way you want to.
  • Do not eat those foods that can cause you indigestion. Some fats contain foods do not digest easily in the stomach and may cause you indigestion


Every Pregnant woman looks forward to seeing her third month ending because this is the end of the first trimester when the morning sickness is expected to stop and the woman feels free to eat and socialize with others and enjoy meeting other pregnant women in the antenatal clinic sharing views and experiences. This time as the womb leaves the pelvic cavity you tend to be temporally relieved from back pain

Women Needs Your Choice

Category : Product Reviews

Comfortable Boots

Pregnant women deserve comfort, so wearing comfortable boots this winter will give you more freedom to move freely without fear of falling due to harsh weather and bad road.


There are different sizes that can feet your leg no matter the size. It ranges from sizes 4 to 8 or more for those that have a big leg if you are buying from the United Kingdom. Some other countries may measure their own in different ways like 36 to 42 or more.

Colors; Comes in different colors depending on your choice

You can find popular colors like black, red, pink and others

Check for your comfortable boots here. Cheapest ever

These boots do not only provide you with comfort but it also keeps the worm from cold weather. You don’t need to change your shoe when you are on the go. It fits every occasion.


Cellucor Cor-Performance Fish Oil

Contains Essential Oil

Fish Oil

Fish oil is one of the recommendations for pregnant women. It contains good fat and omega-3 that is very good for your health and normal development of your baby’s feature like the brain and spinal cord.

It energizes you when you are tired. Replaces that ingredient you are not able to get from food. Read more here

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Tanita Fat Monitor Review

TANITA® Digital InnerScan Precision Home Bathroom Weighing Scan Body Fat Water Composition Percentage Monitor Scale – World Best Selling


Product Overview

  • Duo body fat scale
  • Remains two in stock
  • No sales tax needed
  • Manufacturer is Anita
  • Easy to use
  • Tanita Fat Monitor
  • Seller is reliable
  • 30 days warranty

Tanita is an electronic machine that enables you to monitor the composition of your body without difficulties. You don’t need to go to a General practitioner for it. It is done in the comfort of your own home.
Tanita fat monitor as described by the seller is a new product that has a dual function and adds to the good quality of Tanita group with its known data accuracy

You may wonder; Why Tanita Monitor (Scale?

We have studied Tanita and found Tanita to be the monitors that can deliver the service needed.

It uses Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology to monitor your complete body composition.

Tanita Monitor is capable of measuring your Weight, Body Mass, Physic Rating, Metabolic age, Visceral fat

It can also measure Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

It has automatic scrolling results

It also has backlit icons that will help you to understand features easily

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Portability; Tanita monitors are portable, light, and can occupy only a little space. This shows that you can carry your Tanita scale to where ever you wish to go with it especially where you can spend some days or months.

Good News ” Can Go Global”

Most a times people do not buy what the like online for the fear that the sellers may not be willing to ship it to them

But the manufacturer of this monitor (scale) has made it clear that where ever you are in the globe that they can ship it to you provided you provide them with your address and phone number for contact.

Shipping also is low flat, sometimes free depending on the seller. So you don’t need to worry so much about shipping since the manufacturer is very considerate of the shipping price.


Tanita who are the manufacturers of the monitor produces the product in different styles so that people will have different options to take and they are affordable or can I say kept in a way that people of different levels of income can buy.

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Customers Feedback

eBay customers almost always provide positive feedback responds in the product purchased in their company. Their staff works hard to make sure they provide their customers quality product and always seek for feedback from them to make sure they enjoyed the experience shopping with them and the product they purchased is really what they want.

Return Option

eBay has easy return option for its customers. It is easy to return the product back to eBay once you have checked the product and you are not satisfied, you can always return it and you have your full money back only what you will pay for is 15% restock fee which is very minimal


If my post helped you please drop a comment and if you have a question feel free to ask your question and I will be more than happy to answer you.



Monitoring Your Overweight During Pregnancy

Category : Fitness

 Reducing your obesity

The best way to deal with your body weight is a change of lifestyle. Eating healthy diet and exercise can help you manage your obesity, Inflammations, and low back pain well. A proper supplement can also help you a lot since you can not get every vitamin and minerals you need in your diet and finally regular weight monitoring.

 why you should monitor your weight during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very important period in a woman’s life. It is important that you should do all you could to keep yourself and your baby fit and healthy. You can do this by regularly monitoring your weight, your fat level, your water level and other components of your body which might pose a hindrance to your normal health condition.

Monitoring your body fat can help you know when your weight is escalating and when to start moderating. If not you fall a prey to high blood pressure, diabetics, cancer, and other diseases that go with excess fat in the body

What to look for when buying your monitor 

There are many many scales and monitors on sales out there today so that when considering which body fat monitor you want to use I advise if you can to check the modern monitors that come with many features in one place.

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This will not only reduce the cost for you but will also save you a lot of time handling many types of equipment for one procedure.

But the decision is yours to make considering your pocket and convenience. As I told you there are many monitors out there with different specifications (features) and prices but they are cheap and affordable. You can always go for the one you can afford. But know what cheap articles are, they can almost always spoil quickly and the cost of repair may be tremendous.

Check out for these features when looking to purchase a fat monitor;

If the scale can actually measure your weight effectively and can store your reading in case you want to check back later

So many scales that monitor your fat can as well monitor your body water level helping you to know when there is high water level or low in your body

Some of the scales available today can measure your weight and display your fat count this is due to advancement in technology

If you are losing weight to get fit get a monitor that can analyze your muscle mass to help you find out how much of your weight is made of  lean muscle

You can get an app where you can download your results for easy tracking

getting a monitor that can check your heart rate at the same time is a big advantage  because it will help you to know the condition of your heart

Some of the modern monitors contain all the above features while some of the old scales may be lacking some of these features so it is proper you get the one that can be of good help to you


To deal with your overweight and excess fat in your body you are advised to effectively manage your lifestyle with proper dieting, regular body composition monitoring and the use of supplements.

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Low Back Pain Relieve In Women

As I mentioned in my previous article, most women in their pregnancy suffer low back pain. The low back pain is not without a cause. The pain may be attributed to different factors or causes Such as Arthritis, Tendinitis, Bursitis, Endometriosis, Femoral or Inguinal Hernia or even previous Gynecological issues and Or presence of fibroid in your womb

Low Back Pain Can Be Very Disturbing; Agreed?

Some women not all though, may prefer not to get pregnant and this is because of the painful effect of pregnancy some women experience or complain of.

The low back pains may come from the bones of the hip, or nerves surrounding the hip. Or tendons connecting the hip, or weight of the child in the womb resting severely on any part of the pelvic bone especially when they are pressing on the nerves or tendons.

 Types of back pain

Arthritic back Pain This type of pain is caused due to the disease called arthritis which is inflammation of tissues surrounding the pelvic bones. This condition is seen mostly on women with advanced age and it can be chronic and get worse during pregnancy

Back Pain Originating from femur or inguinal when the femoral and inguinal ligaments are inflamed by any reason either by arthritis or trauma they experience pain which may radiate to the back causing low back pain

Tendinitis This is inflammation of tendons connecting the pelvic bones to each other. The pain comes from inside the pelvis and affects the back

Bursitis according to Wikipedia is inflammation of one or more bursae (small sacs) of synovial fluids in the body. These sacs are lined with synovial membrane that secrets synovial lubricating fluids. If this bursa are healthy the movement is smooth and painless but when these bursae are inflamed movement becomes painful.

Gynecological back pain issues This is a type of pain that occurs due to pregnancy, labor and post delivery. In order words the tears and wears got from the previous pregnancy and delivery magnifies in this present pregnancy. This type of pain my continue even after delivery(Chronic Pain).

Hernia Which is intrusion of a ligament through any weak point in the at the femur or inguinal and can radiate its pain to the back.

Endometriosis; which is said to be women’s ordinary aches but may point to be due to inflammation of the endometrium of the uterus especially when it occurs during pregnancy. The signs of which are nausea, painful bowel movements, abdominal pains and stomach cramps. If, you are experiencing these signs please notify your health care provider. It may be present in the beginning but worst when your womb begins to expand due to pregnancy. Your doctor will help you to know what to do. You can hear what NHS UK said about endometriosis in their video.

Presence of fibroid can as well contribute to your low back pain, it does it’s worst when it attaches itself inside the womb and occupies larger position that it might try to push out the baby. If this fibroid was not diagnosed and removed before pregnancy the pregnancy might be aborted or cause miscarriage


How would You Know or Find Out which Type Of Pain You are Suffering From?

Once you notice that you are pregnant this is the time so important in your life because now you are not on your own alone it is you and your baby in your womb. Sometimes you start your pregnancy in the presence of pain and sometimes the pain comes in the later stage of your pregnancy.

It will be hard for you to know which type of pain you are suffering from unless you speak to your health provider who ask you some questions and send you for some investigations. From this the health provider will draw a conclusion to the type of pain you are suffering from (Diagnosis).

The pains you experience differs and depend on the cause. You may experience pain on the thighs, groin, low back, buttocks, inside r and outside the pelvic bones and general discomfort due to the pain.

Relieving Low Back Pain in Women

Your back pain can be relieved by natural method, medication or the use of surgery. Before, your pain can be relieved the root cause must be known. If the cause is due to hernia surgical operation can be done to close the weak point and heal the inflamed areas.

But for the other types of pain you apply the principle of RICE which includes “Rest, Ice, Compression and elevation”.

Rest; Pain is one of the most important remedy to low back pain especially on the pain caused by trauma and sprain. This allows the wounded ligament, tendons nerves or bones to get rest and recover from the pain you are experiencing.

Ice: Use of ice can temporally relieve your pain; This is a simple procedure. Just get a block of ice wrap it on a clean gauze or flannel and place it on the affected area and allow it for some time. It will stop the veins and arteries supplying the area from expanding causing their constriction so that the action of the lymphocytes which is the part of the white blood cells that act as soldiers of the body will stop thereby stopping the inflammation or (swelling) then giving this area a temporal relief.

Compression; applying compression can range from pressing a firm finger on affected area to a firm bandaging. The aim is to stop the blood from flowing to that area and allowing the healing of the opened point to be effected. When this is done, the blood which is supposed to flow out into the tissues will stop then the swelling is stopped.

Exercise; Pain which is caused by arthritis and lack of exercise can be treated through exercise and good posture.

You may be surprised what exercise can do. Simple exercises like Winning your hip, yoga or simply tapping the affected area either by yourself but is better somebody does it for you. Simple stretching, if the pain persist let your health provider know about it and your pregnancy so that he/she can advise you on the best exercise to do.

Elevation; You can elevate your hip with pillow or elevate the affected femur as in yoga. You can do this by lying and raising the affected femur(in the case of sciatic pain) for at least ten minutes. Do it several times it may help you.

Hot Application; You can take a hot bath or apply a flannel dipped in hot water to the particular area that hurts you the aim is to relax the area and increase blood supply, this may stop your pain.

Massage; promotes relaxation with more blood going into the affected area the strained muscles and/bones get relieved of the pain.

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Medication May come as a last resort and there are many medications you can use such as:

Over the counter drugs like Paracetamol, aspirin, Ibuprofen are usually helpful. Where they fail your health provider may prescribe a stronger pain killer for you Liniment for external usePregnant Woman with low back Pain


Surgery like hip replacement may be carried out on you if every other things fail.

Other pain that might Lead you To Your Doctor

  • If you are a sickle and you are experiencing pains. You need to see your doctor in case you are developing crises
  • If the pains becomes persistence
  • If the pain you are suffering is caused by accident
  • If your pelvic pain is affecting other joints
  • If your pain comes with fever


It is normal for pregnant women always to seek out how to relieve their pain naturally. But sometimes the pain may persist and you are not able to help yourself anymore. Now you are strongly advised to see your doctor. Doctor will do all the investigations to find out the cause of the pain and on how to deal with it. Ordinarily increasing the strength of your pain killer may relieve the pain or it may lead to surgery.

If my post help you in any way or that you like my post, please comment on the box below. If you have any question feel free to ask and will be more than happy to help you.







How to eliminate fibroid tumors naturally

Knowing how to eliminate Fibroid tumors from your womb brings relief and cure to you because ignorant they say is a disease but knowledge is power. In this article you will learn ways to eliminate your fibroid tumors out of your womb naturally and safe, giving you relieve from back pains it causes.

You Would Like to get rid of your Fibroid Tumor? Be Food Conscious

Accumulation of bad fat in your system with increased presence of estrogen is said to be the cause of abnormal tissue growth in your body causing tumors in the organs including in your uterus( uterine fibroid). To see that this growth is brought to the barest minimum or even prevented, you should know the foods you should eat and those to avoid.h

The foods you should eat to help you eliminate your fibroid

For you to be able to eliminate your uterine fibroid eat organic foods, such as;

1 Green vegetables  It is said that green leafy vegetables are powerful anti oxide and contains vitamins such as Vit K which brings about blood clotting preventing excess blood flow during your menstruation

2  Bone Broth Drink bone broth regularly ( water got from cooking bone and few green vegetable with little ginger) this simple diet contains gelatin which is said to possess the ability to heal the intestinal mucous providing a conducive environment for good digestion which in turn brings about good elimination of waste products from the body.

3 Whole grain Eat more of grains such as brown rice, millet, pelt, buck wheat, oats and rye,this food contains more fibers and less carbohydrate. It will make you feel you have eaten heavy, prevents you from eating too much of other foods  that may contain a lot of unwanted fats. They contain more mineral and vitamins. This type of food can also help you to empty your bowel regularly, removing accumulation of toxins that make up to form the tumors.

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Exercise can reduce your obesity henceforth eliminate fibroid

when you are not pregnant make sure to do those exercise that would have impact on your system. Exercises like going to gym, jugging, lifting, running can cause you to sweat. In so doing the unwanted fat will go away sweat while your hormonal level is maintain to normal causing the tumors and uterine fibroid to shrink and consequent elimination.

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The foods you must make sure to avoid to be fibroid free

Engage yourself always in healthy foods. Avoid processed meats and foods like sausages, hamburger they contain trans-fat that cause clots in the body leading to tumor formation (fibroid). They also contain some preservatives(chemicals) and some other ingredients, all these increase presence of toxins in your body system promoting inflammations which also among the core cause of tumors.

Recommended Supplements for you

When pregnant, do not take supplements without letting your health provider know. They are in the right position to advise you on the ones to take and the ones to avoid and the times to take them. This will give you the best health benefit of those supplements.

  • Vitamins such as B.Complex helps the liver to work efficiently metabolising and regulating the presence of oestrogen in your system. Take B.Complex 50 milligram everyday.
  • Fish  and Flaxseed oils contain essential fatty acid that can help you to reduce inflammations and eliminate your fibroids. The dosage are Fish oil 1000 milligram daily and Flaxseed 1 tablespoon daily depending on your health provider’s advise.
    • Essential Oils such as Carly Sage, Thyme, and frankincense are the best oil for the cure of Fibroid and tumors. They have the ability to naturally balance the hormone levels. Carly sage has a significant effect on depression by lowering the production of cortisone and so it is a known anti-depressant. Check some here
  • You can drop this oils three drops into your mouth daily or rub it on your body especially at your lower abdomen.
  • >>Check some A1 Supplement Offers Here<<
  • Vitex (400, milligram twice daily) taken for at least 6 months reduces estrogen level and increases progesterone level thereby stopping the inflammation caused by presence of excess estrogen. Chaste-berry has the same function.


Elimination of Fibroid when you adhere to good food habit avoiding those food rich in trans-fat and processed foods  that contain pesticides and ingredients that promote inflammations in your body systems.

Eat more of foods like green  leafy vegetables that contain anti-inflammatory properties that discourage inflammation thereby prevent the formation of fibroid or cause the existing ones to shrink.

If you want to eat meat, eat more of the plant-base meat and let your choice of food be more green vegetables because they are capable of stopping the growth of fibroid and shrink them naturally and safe.










Detoxify yourself before Pregnancy to avoid low back pain; How?

Category : Fitness

Living in an unclean environment is never an ideal thing, the enemy of our general health today is environmental pollution especially to the pregnant mothers.

Know you that the effect of environmental pollution did not start immediately during the pregnancy but it is a long-standing condition which has been in your body system before you even got pregnant.

Accumulation of end product of what you eat and drink, breath-in, or even the chemicals you in contact with, come together to put toxins into your body.

Therefore it is necessary to get yourself cleansed of this toxins before pregnancy takes effect.

Things that Make your Environment Polluted 

There are different types of Pollution

  1. WATER POLLUTION; The water you drink get polluted through sewage running into the lake or stream which are major sources of the water you drink. other ones are biological contamination; like bacterial growth, illegal dumping of refuge and industrial spills.
  2. AIR POLLUTION; The air you breathe in may be polluted by smoke and harmful gases from Exhaust fumes of vehicles, Radiation spills or nuclear accidents
  3. LAND POLLUTION; The land where you live can be polluted with litters, that is illegal dumping of refuse, oil spills, the use of pesticides and radiation spills or accidents
  4. NOISE POLLUTION; Noise pollution can be caused by vehicles, constructions or demolitions, Aeroplane or helicopters.  Noise pollution can increase your stress level and can negatively affect your unborn baby.

Why You should Detoxify Yourself before Pregnancy

When you breathe in the polluted air you are taken in carbon, sulfur, and nitrite. These are not good for human health according to science and that it can lead to allergies and asthma.

Presence of these chemicals in the body cause abnormal tissues to build up thereby forming abnormal growths in the body such as tumors at any part of the body including the uterus. When growth is formed in the uterus it is called uterine fibroid.

Formation of fibroid in the uterus can be in part of the uterus( inside, middle or outside) You can have this fibroid and carry your baby in your womb or depend in the area where it is formed, it may not allow any baby to attach in your womb.

If you carry a baby in your womb with fibroid, the weight in your womb will either double or triple the normal weight you supposed to have thereby straining on your pelvic bones, ligaments, and nerves causing low back pain.

Most of the women do not know that they have this fibroid in their womb till they start having problems; either heavy menses, spotting during pregnancy or being sent to scan by their health provider as a routine check in their first visit to the hospital (antenatal visit) or actual miscarriage.

Detoxing yourself before pregnancy is very important to cleanse yourself of all these toxic chemicals in your body. Get all-in-one-holistic-book written by Amanda Leto to assist you to know how to remedy the fibroid safely and healthily Click Here!

Detoxifying yourself will also help you to get the energy and body strength you will need during your pregnancy combining it with supplements will definitely give you all you need when you are pregnant which is smooth pregnancy and healthy and strong baby.

What Detox is good for you?

There are many ways and methods with which you can get yourself cleansed from the toxins in your body and circulatory system. These methods will be treated next article.

The types and methods will be treated on the next page.

If you found my post helpful feel free to comment on the box below. If you have a question ask and I will be more than happy to attend to you.




Uterine Fibroid

Pregnancy and low back pain: Fibroid may be the cause

Before Talking About the Cause You May want to Know What Fibroid is:

A fibroid can be called tumor or a non-cancerous growth found in or outside the uterus. It can also be called myoma. This Fibroid mimics the presence of a child in the womb, taking up nutrients from the woman and growing. It occurs mostly in the women from at least the age of 16 years and at most 50 years of age,

This means that if a woman fails to bear a child before the age of 25-30 years she is most likely to develop fibroid, and if a woman stops bearing children very early like from 35 to 45 years she is likely to develop fibroids.

This shows that fibroid dominantly occurs during childbearing age. Once the woman enters menopausal age the fibroids in her womb dry up because of the withdrawal of hormone (estrogen).

Most of the time women do not know that they have fibroids in their womb unless scanning is carried out. By this time they must have started experiencing some symptom of fibroid which would take them to their health professional who recommended the scanning. Some fibroids do not show any symptoms at all and can only be discovered through a vaginal examination.

Truth About Fibroid and low back pain in pregnancy

Fibroids are found in and around the uterus and uterus is found in the pelvic cavity. As I said earlier that fibroids are of different sizes. When they are small the effects are felt more in the abdomen. But if they are as big as Watermelon the effect is definitely felt all over the Pelvic bones because this time the growth is affecting the nerves both of the spine, the pelvic ligaments,  descending down to the legs all these cause low back pain.

The small ones with the presence of a growing baby sometimes cause spotting,  or actual bleeding or may even cause miscarriage, this also causes pain at the low backbones. The big ones depending on where they grow may not allow the baby to stay in the first place.

What is The Actual Cause of Fibroid

The actual cause of Fibroid is not known. Though Fibroid is believed to be caused by estrogen since it occurs mostly when its presence is high and shrinks when it is withdrawn from the body during menopause. If this estrogen is in excess it will begin to form abnormal tissues known as tumors including fibroid. This hormone called estrogen is a hormone that prepares women for pregnancy and when the pregnancy does not occur its accumulation in the blood gives rise to a condition known as estrogen dominance.

Symptoms of Fibroid

  • In between menstrual bleeding
  • Excessive menstrual bleeding
  • Abdominal aches and pains during menstruation
  • Irregular menstruation
  • Abdominal growth without a Baby
  • Frequent miscarriage
  • Constipation
  • Frequent urinating
  • Low back pain
  • Pains in the legs
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Anemia from excessive bleeding

Locations and Types of Fibroids

These fibroids are named according to their  positions in the walls of the uterus

  1. Uterus has three layers; which are perimetrium (outside). Fibroids that grow in this area grow outside the uterus they are intramural fibroid and they are covered by the outer membrane of the uterus, can become quite big that when you see the woman she will look seven months pregnant. It may not disturb the growth of the baby in the womb. Due to its rapid growth, it may contribute to discomfort the woman feels during pregnancy such as back pain, leg pain, and others.
  2. Endometrium: this is the muscle of the uterus or middle layer of the uterus. The fibroids that grow here are called Subserosal Fibroids.They are covered by the muscle of the uterus, depending on the size may still allow the growth of the baby in the uterus.
  3. Myometrium: This is the innermost layer of the uterus. It is covered by the mucous membrane.The fibroids that grow here are called submucosal fibroids. They grow between the inner and outer layer and can protrude into the uterine cavity. It may occupy the whole cavity and will not allow the baby to stay or may leave a small space for the baby to grow in keeping the baby in a distressed condition.
  4. Cervical Fibroids: This type of fibroid is rare in occurrence but when it occurs sometimes blocks the mouth of the cervix. When this happens either that the fibroid will not allow the baby to go in or baby inside to come out. The baby can only be saved by the surgical process (caesarian section)

Treatment of Fibroid

Medications: Medications cannot be established without its side effect which can be disastrous. Some can only reduce the pain or other symptoms but  will not cure fibroid

Surgery: Surgery can lead to either removing part or whole of your uterus which may not be much helpful especially if you still wish to have a baby.

Natural Remedies and Cure

Would you like to be healed of your fibroid or do you want to try or waste your time in trying medical treatment with its grievous adverse effect?

Or do you want the Surgical treatment which will result in part or whole of your uterus being taken away leaving you with half or no uterus at all? The decision is yours to make.

If you are confused about which way to go or what natural remedy to take that will bring relief and healing to the worrying symptoms of Fibroid and give you total healing at the long run, go for this scientific and proven All- In-One-Holistic-Guide to assist you. This book is called Fibroid miracle.

This book contains all it takes to cure your fibroid. As fibroid is of different sizes, it will also take different times to heal. Some will heal earlier than others, while it will take someone a week to be healed it may take others up to a month or more to get healed. All depends on how faithfully you follow the regime of the treatment. In my other posts, I will be guiding you on the way to start healing your fibroid on the natural and easy way.

If you find this article helpful please drop a comment or ask anything you are not clear with I will be more happy to help.





Pregnant Woman And Diet: What To Do

What a woman eats during her pregnancy goes a long way to describe the state her health and that of her baby. That is why when you eat balanced diet coupled with exercise and good posture you will have a very successful pregnancy and smooth labor. Not only this,  pregnant women should eat all classes of food which comprise of carbohydrate, protein, good fats, mineral, and vitamins and supplements


Should we avoid food to save our back?

All foods are important for the pregnant women. You are not allowed to diet yourself because every class of food is very important for you to keep healthy with your baby.  When you feed well during your pregnancy you will be able to carry your baby comfortably without stress. If you don’t feed well you will be exposed to certain illness due to lack of essential vitamins and minerals found in the food we eat.

It is only when you have health issues like Diabetes, high blood pressure or any other health problem that your health provider may decide to place you on diet with constantly checking your health condition.

Your weight and size do not matter too much during pregnancy, whether you are obese or slim you must be eating enough food to be able to keep fit with your baby all through the pregnancy, delivery and after. The study showed that those who eat enough healthy food will deliver healthy and strong babies

When you are not pregnant you may worry about your weight but when you are pregnant the pregnancy hormone and the increasing weight of the baby alone increase your weight then why should it border you if you add weight. You and your baby need a lot of vitamins and minerals and it is through the food you eat you will be getting them


A slim or underweight  woman should gain between 13 to 18 kg ( 28-40 pounds)

An overweight woman should gain between 7-11kg (15-25ponds)

An obsessed woman should gain between 5-9kg (11-20 pounds)

Normal weight woman should gain between 11-16kg (25-35 pounds)

What food should a pregnant woman eat and still avoid low back pain?

You should eat all food as long as you do not have any health issue. If you have health issue once you are pregnant please consult your doctor immediately.  Under normal health condition and you are confirmed pregnant, don’t worry go about your normal duties and eat your normal diet but increase your intake of foods that contain minerals and vitamins as they will help in the proper formation of the fetus.

In the early stage of your pregnancy, you may not be able to eat much due to the action of pregnancy hormone which may cause you sick or even vomiting in some people.This is what is called morning sickness because it tends to be worst in the mornings. During this stage, you will not want to be eating as you tend to nauseate or vomit. You are advised to eat more of fruits and vegetable and eat others as much as you can.

During this period you will not gain much weight as to cause you pain at your low back instead some people lose weight because they would not be able to eat and because of constant bout and vomit.

After the first trimester, you will start to eat more than before. This is because your baby is growing and demanding for food. This is the period you must eat in order to supply your baby enough nutrients for its growth.

From this period, you must register with your health provider for regular checks of your condition and the baby. You will be checking your weight regularly so that you do not pass the boundary.

With moderate weight, good posture,  exercise and if you are caring only one fetus in your womb your low back pain will be very very minimal or may not be there at all.

Foods to eat are;

Proteinous food like beans, breadfruit, egg, nuts, Dairy, milk, poultry,  red meat, pulses, and fish. You may need up to 40-90 gram depending on your weight

Hard cooked eggs good for pregnant women

Basket of egg

Carbohydrates; Rice,  potatoes, wholemeal pasta wholemeal bread, noodles, maize, oats, cereal, yams banana, and others

Fats; polyunsaturated fats contain omega-3 fatty acids they are important for your baby’s healthy development and omega-6 fatty acids too.

Fish like salmon, mackerel, and tuna are also good for you and your baby.  avoid raw seafood like oysters or uncooked sushi, you are advised to be eating up to 8-12 ounces a day

vitamins and minerals; Most of the food we eat like lean meat, poultry, green leafy vegetables, eggs and all the other protein foods contain some amount of minerals and vitamins that you and your baby need.

Eat more of fruits, green leafy vegetables, and protein these do not add too many calories to your body rather they nourish your body and give your baby good development.

Foods pregnant women should avoid

These are foods when you take them might cause you to be ill because some of them contain microbes that cause food poisoning. They can poison you and your baby. They are; some fish, Raw meat, Vitamin A, Liver, Cheese,

Do not take Raw milk either of cow, goat or sheep or any product they are made of like soft goat cheese. Make sure that every milk is pasteurized before you take it.

Do not eat a raw egg or under cooked egg or any product made with them like homemade or Mayonnaise. Make sure they are cooked to hard before you take them.

Eat moderate carbohydrate, This is what will add your weight if you overeat it. Check your weight regularly to make sure you are within normal. Overweight will put pressure on your hip bones thereby causing your low back pain.

 Should I eat snacks and still avoid low back pain?

As I said earlier,  your baby needs plenty of minerals and vitamins for maturity and development so you are advised to eat plenty of fruits and green leafy vegetables where you can get folate (Folic Acid), vitamin B groups (B12, B6 etc), Vit C, Vit D. most of the times you can not get enough vitamins you and your baby need in food so you will need food supplements to supplement your food

Listed below are the snacks that are safe for you, they are not going to add much weight to you like carbohydrate and some protein

  • Veggies or chips with guacamole
  • 1 medium Apples and hard cheese like jack, cheddar, and Monterrey
  • Egg on an English Muffin
  • Mellon with lime
  • Toaster waffle with almond butter and pear
     Snacks for pregnant women

    snacks for pregnant women

  • Homemade trail mix
  • Greek yogurt parfaits
  • mashed avocados on crackers


Prepare your food safe

Endeavor to keep your environment clean before you start to cook your food Before ever you start any cooking be sure to keep all the utensils clean.  Wash your hand before and after cooking. Wash all surfaces and utensils and your hands, after preparing raw foods(poultry, shellfish meat, eggs shellfish and raw vegetables) to avoid food poisoning, make sure that raw foods are stored separately from ready-to-eat foods, otherwise, there’s a risk of contamination.

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7,  Buy ergonomic office and computer Chair to prevent low back pain






Buy Ergonomic Office and computer chair for your back pain

Category : Fitness

About ioo Eurotech office chair

Price= $80-110

Color= Different colors; black, pinch and so on

Base= aluminum Base

Support= 3D Lumber support

Adjust-ability =8-way adjustable arms

Knob= tilt tension control knob

Shipping= Free shipping

A new ergonomic office and computer chairs  are now in Amazon online market (ioo Euroteck office chair).  Every working class ladies especially when pregnant needs this chair for absolute comfort and health and also for job satisfaction at the end of the day.

Sitting all day on your computer can really make your work worst with low progress and not only that can cause low back pain. You are not a robot and therefore can definitely feel the impact if you don’t use a proper chair to sit in your office or while relaxing at home. Low back pain is the complaint of about 85% of every pregnant woman under normal circumstances how much more when you combine it with office work where you have to sit down for about eight hours a day working on the piled up work to do.

Considering your predicament in your place of work or even at home think of this new ergonomic office chair. It is specially made for comfort with the wonderful features it possessed it will surely give you the comfort you need.


Features of good quality Ergonomic Office and Computer Chairs;

  • Adjust-ability ( height, Armrest, front reading table,  legs, and backrest)
  • Lumbar Support
  • Mobility
  • Strong
  • Seat depth adjustment
  • Warranty

To get the Ergonomic Chairs with the above features it will cost you more money but will give you the worth. This type of chair is highly recommended to you if you are pregnant to save you from low back pain or for anybody who wants to save himself/herself from back pain. To be frank the chair is good for everyone especially when you have long hours to sit or to work.

It is adjustable; This will give you the opportunity to adjust the height to any level of your table that will be convenient for you. You can adjust the hand if you want to rest your hand from work, you keep it in a position that is good for you. The backrest can be adjusted to suit your back and allow it to rest and be free from pain. If you are resting and want to use your computer you can bring out the adjustable reading table right in front of you to a level that is most convenient for you. If you want to keep your chair at a place, not wanting it to move about you can remove the legs.

Lumber Support; Lumber support is very necessary for you to avoid back pain, this will help you position yourself correctly when you sit down working or reading. It will keep your back straight, with your bottom pressed against the back of the chair. Your lower back slightly arched and well cushioned. Your knees slightly lower than your hip. The whole idea is to allow your feet flat on the floor but if you find supporting your feet with footrest will be more comfortable for you, you can as well do that.

Movability; The chairs have movable legs which can move you to any area of your room in a dash flash you are there. It can help you to change your position from a stress area to a less stress area where you can have a little break.

The chairs are strong; For the fact that the chairs are not caring equal weight it is built in a way that everybody will be comfortable in it. Whether you are thin, huge (obese) or you are the normal size, the chair will be able to carry you. You can relax in it and enjoy yourself.

Seat Depth Adjustable; The chairs are roomy, this shows that it can enter everybody without the person hanging out and not be comfortable. whether you are fat or slim as long as it is deep you have no problem using it. It is important when buying it to buy a bigger size if you are fat.

 <<Cheap Ergonomics Office chair NOW in AMAZON Hurry before it is gone>>

Warranty;  Best Ergonomic Chairs have a warranty of 2-5years but they overstay the years and continues to give the service as new. Once you make your order your product will be carried to door post without any extra charge. The manual and how to fix it will be there, you will not find it difficult to fix but in case you meet any difficulty fixing it, contact the manufacturer using their contact in the manual

Durability; For the fact that ergonomic chairs are built to serve the purpose of caring people of different sizes, Its inbuilt are metals of high quality and the leather of good quality too. which do not wear out or tear. so it lasts as long as you are using it or kept it in a safe place. 

Ergonomic Chair has other types you can use but these ones are lower in price but cannot have all the features mentioned above. Some may keep your back straight without having a place to rest your hands. Some may have three feature like hands, height adjustable, and movable legs but may not have enough room for everybody’s size.

Some may have the backrest but may not have Armrest, movable legs, may or may not be roomy.

All the above have different prices depending on the one you can afford. Ergonomic chairs are quality chairs made in different ways but for the same purpose, which is to keep your back straight, comfortable and save your back from pain. If you want to buy go for the best depending on the area you want to use it either in the office or at home for your relaxations.

If you are a low-income earner, go for the one you can afford that can also give you the maximum service you need.

Nice to keep good posture to save your back from pain and deformity. Check Here

If you have any question/s or comment feel free to drop it in the box below I will get back to you.

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If your back still hurts you check these products;


2nd month Of Pregnancy: Does it cause back Pain?

You have successfully entered the 2nd month:

 In the second month of your pregnancy, your baby is growing, all the signs and symptoms of your pregnancy which started in your first month will continue but in a more pronounced way and this time the pregnancy hormone has started acting on the muscles of the pelvis softening the ligaments. You might have started to feel little discomfort around your low back.  The Breast is enlarging, fatigue, craving, and aversion to a certain food, Nausea and or vomiting, frequent urination,  there may or may not be spotting in this month.

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First Month Of Pregnancy has it effect on low back pain?

Pregnancy does not take place until there are ovulation and fertilization. In the first two weeks after your previous menstruation, nothing has happened.

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All animals undergo a process of multiplication that is increasing in number by producing young ones while the parent group grow old and die.  Generation begins with a single parent increasing by producing a number of offspring and the offspring brings other numbers of offspring in order words increasing from a family to families to kindred to kindred to town to state to country to countries to the region until the whole world.
Other animals multiply till they become clusters of animals all over the place

How does this happen?

This happens between a male and a female. a male produces sperm and pours it into the female vagina setting out a race between millions of females and males and each one of them would be targeting a ripe ovum which falls off from a female reproductive organ called ovary in a period called ovulation period. Any of the sperm that reaches the ovum and capable of penetrating into it has won the race. This process is called Fertilization


Fertilization can take place in a woman through different ways;

1, If a man and a woman have intercourse ( coitus) and there is a union of ovum and sperm pregnancy will occur. This is a natural way of getting pregnant. Fertilization occurs at the ampulla of the Fallopian tube forming embryo which travels along the Fallopian tube and embeds itself at the woman’s  wall in the uterus

2, Artificial insemination; According to Wikipedia ” artificial insemination is a deliberate introduction of sperm into a female’s uterus or cervix for the purpose of achieving a pregnancy through in vivo fertilization by means other than sexual intercourse

3, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).  This is another way of helping women to get pregnant by fertilizing an egg inside a tube in the laboratory dish and implanting the embryo into the woman’s uterus and she becomes pregnant. Medical News describes it as the most common and most effective type of assisted reproductive technology (ART) to help women become pregnant and declared that IVF has contributed to approximately 5 million births.

4, External Ejaculation; this is an ejaculation that occurs any other place outside other than inside the vagina. If it happens at the vaginal orifice it might bring about pregnancy.


Pregnancy And Low Back Pain

Low back pain occurs in almost all the pregnant women especially from the second month of pregnancy, when the weight of the embryo starts to increase and the mother is adding weight due to hormone action.

low backbones comprise of sacrum, ilium and OS coxa. Posterior sacroiliac ligament joins these bones ( Ilium and sacrum) and low vertebral column uniting them through OS coxa forming the hip joint. This is where all the weight of the upper body rest then with pregnancy some women experience pain in the back.


Watch stages of a baby girl above ( a baby girl makes a nation)

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7 Important questions pregnant ladies should ask their doctors

Sometimes when the pregnant women go to their health providers they fall short of words and will be confused on what to do and who to ask certain pressing questions. therefore in this article,  pregnant ladies are encouraged to ask their doctors or their health providers any pressing questions they have prior to the date of their delivery. This will help them to clear all doubts during pregnancy, labor and after labor.

The importance of paying regular visit to your health provider is to help you through your pregnancy and delivery and to answer your questions Like;


How do I know when I am pregnant?

In as much as everybody’s body respond differently to the signs of pregnancy but there are things to look out for once you are pregnant. for example;

once ovum is fertilized, your menstruation seizes to come when it is due to come ( delayed menstruation) then you suspect pregnancy.

>>Check If you are pregnant using your own home pregnancy test stripe<<

spotting and cramping;  some women sometimes mistake spotting and cramping as the signs of the starting of their missed period. and when the spotting stops they may complain that they didn’t have a good flow of their period without knowing that it is the pregnancy that is taking place.

Spotting and cramping take place in the early stage of pregnancy when the fertilized ovum is embedding in the wall of the uterus ( implantation).

If the spotting and the cramping continue in intensity, consult a midwife or gynecologist quickly.

Breast enlargement is another sign of early pregnancy. Breast responds to the increase in the pregnancy hormone by increasing in size, becomes heaving, tingling. The area around the nipple becomes dark. All these are in preparation for breastfeeding the baby after delivery.

There are other ways you can know when you are pregnant; like home- testing increased in the frequency of urination, sleepiness, spitting, and others.

Scanning can be used to confirm your pregnancy. This is carried out between 8 to 12 week of pregnancy

Why do doctors prescribe generic testing for some pregnant ladies?

It is very pathetic that some of the pregnant women may look so healthy but still carry a gene that may harm their babies. Some of the doctors make is mandatory screen every pregnant woman that comes into their clinic before it is late to do so. Though the extent of the gene depends on the family history. If a mother is a carrier and the father is a carrier there is 50% chance that the child will get it.

Pregnant women or their husbands who have a history of Spinal Bifida ( discontinuity in the formation of the Neural tube which forms the brain and the spinal cord) needs special care during pregnancy by screening the woman out through proper history taking.

Blood Pressure Machine

Blood Pressure Machine

Another reason why genetic testing is important is to rule out cystic fibrosis, which is a serious lung disease. Some of the women who carry this disease do not show the signs. But they can be screened out and specially cared for during the pregnancy so that it doesn’t go to their babies.

My blood pressure does rise occasionally what effect will it have on my baby?

When you find out that your blood pressure does arise even when you are not pregnant. It is very important you ask your doctor or health provider this question who will advise you on what to do.

This may include regular checking of your blood pressure both at your own home using your own device and in the hospital during your visit and especially when you are not convinced of the result you got at home.

Another one is your diet. You might be advised to adapt to change of lifestyle by eating more of fruits and vegetables and reducing that food like red meat and processed food these might contain dangerous fat that will make your blood pressure worst.

Do not add table salt to your diet because table salt contains sodium which makes the blood pressure worst.

Increase the rate of your exercising at home, it will help you to eliminate some of the fat through sweat and will strengthen your heart and muscle and make you fit to carry your pregnancy without a problem.

Why your health provider/doctor is concerned giving the above advice is because high blood pressure is not good during pregnancy. If you do not take any precaution you/baby might have a problem. It might lead to a condition called eclampsia or even lead to your death and that of your baby

How do I know when to deliver my baby

The midwife does a calculation of Expected Date of Delivery (EDD) by adding seven days to the day of your last menstrual period and subtracting three months from the month of your last menstrual period, this gives you your expected date of delivery. The data you get may not be the exact date you are going to deliver. The gap will not exceed two weeks if it does exceed two days you have to let your doctor know.

Another way you can know your expected date of delivery is by scanning. Scanning done between 8weeks to 12 weeks of gestation will give you the date of your delivery and also give you the viability of your baby.  Another scan done towards the third trimester is done to check your baby’s structural anomalies. You can at this time know the sex of your baby if you want to or if the hospital is ready to reveal the sex because some hospitals don’t give out the sex of the baby to some pregnant women without first of all knowing the particular sex you are interested in.

What other tests or scanning I have to do?

In the first day of your visit to the hospital, Birth center, or home, you will be expected to carry out  tests like:

Blood tests;

To check the percentage of your blood to exclude Anemia

To know your Rhesus factor, If you have a negative Rhesus factor and you have had your first baby you would need a particular injection after any of your other babies.

To check your blood HIV status, if you are positive or negative

To check your blood to exclude Hepatitis B.


A scan called a Nuchal fold scan may be done to exclude the risk of your baby getting a disease called Down’s syndrome or disorders called chromosomal abnormalities. It is not a must done but where the tendency is high an amniocentesis can be suggested, in this case, your amniotic fluid is taken for the test. This test is not without bad effect, sometimes in one in one hundred, there may be miscarriage after the procedure.

Whatever, make sure to discuss any procedure that will be carried on you with your doctor to know the best way out.  Here your doctor may suggest to you about chorionic villus sampling (CVS) instead of Nuchal fold scan though this one is done in early pregnancy stage and it cannot detect Spinal Bifida.

Does low back pain adversely affect my pregnancy and normal delivery?

Low back pain is common during pregnancy due to the action of pregnancy hormone and the increasing weight of the baby. If you indulge in active life coupled with some exercise and good posture you may prevent low back pain during pregnancy. Some low back pain which comes during pregnancy may be cured following some simple exercise.

If your own back pain started before your pregnancy and the pregnant makes it worst. It is important you discuss it with your doctor so that he/she can plan the way you will be managed during your pregnancy and labor. Your delivery may be difficult because of pain. The doctor may suggest using the Epidural injection to reduce the pain or alternatively he may suggest carrying out a cesarean section.

Most of the chronic back pain women experience does not always come due to pregnancy. These may come from bad posture formed in a youthful age or dislocation of hip from a fall or accident. Another cause may be pain from sciatic nerve which the causes may be;Sciatic Nerve Pain

  1.   Arthritis in the spine
  2. Osteophytes
  3. Lumbar disc disease
  4. Spinal stenoses
  5. A lumbar herniated disc

All of the above are the cause of sciatic nerve pain which may be present before, during or after delivery. These may cause chronic pain during your pregnancy and labor.

Talking to your doctor at all times concerning your pains will always lead to better pregnancy and labor management.

What vaccines can I expect during my pregnancy and when?

Some of the vaccines given to you are to protect you and your baby in the uterus and some months after delivery.

These vaccines are;

1,  Vaccine against a whooping cough (Adult TDP)  would be given to protect you against deadly diseases including a cough which is very contagious, can lead to pneumonia and death. Your baby will be immune against this cough in the uterus and about two months after delivery when it will then receive its own doses.

2, Traveling Vaccine will be given to you if you are going to travel out of the country during pregnancy. Speak with your health provider if you wish to travel out the country during pregnancy at least 4 to 6 weeks to the date traveling.

3, Flu Vaccine may also be given to you if you are pregnant during influenza to boost your immune system

4, If you have not had immunity against hepatitis B, Immunization will be given to you during your pregnancy to protect you and your baby.

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7,  Buy ergonomic office and computer Chair to prevent low back pain



Health and beauty affects mental health


Matron Bibian Okoye


Health in a lay man’s term is a state of being free from Illness and injury. For you to be healthy you must be completely free from any illness both physically, mentally and socially. So according to world health organization (WHO) Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

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Making money online my move for 1917

Category : Product Reviews

My name is Bibian Okoye. I am very new member in internet marketing. I joined wealthy affiliate in December 2016.

I found Wealthy affiliate community as my second home where there is love and understanding. People are always ready to help when you are stuck.

We have marvellous tutors Kyle and Carson who are there for us two -four, guarding and teaching us even when we make grievous mistakes.

I have decided that I will make this 2017 my year of making money online. I am determined, though I am new in internet which makes my moves difficult. With our community and my lovely tutors I will make it.

My advice to new members like myself is to make sure we follow the lessons, join charts with action we will succeed.

One thing with the wealthy Affiliate is that you will have a lot to learn and a lot to do.

Determination they say is the key to success. I will always move on even when I make mistakes I will seek help and move on.

I wish my tutors and the community a very happy New year.