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Women Jewelry and Accessories Boxes

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  Today I woke up and went online  searching and I found myself in eBay   website, turning over certain pages I came across these beautiful boxes my mind said yes talk to your women about these boxes.

I know that many women have not got this opportunity to search for something like this. this is the reason why I should obey the minds prompt to write about this.

Does this make sense? I know it does because we are women and we know what we need.

I found many beautiful boxes but let me concentrate on these three boxes. At your own time you may go to eBay to look at them. Sure you must feel the way I felt. They are beautiful I must tell you.

Before I go further, these are the boxes I picked to talk to you about. You might have got them or you are desiring to get one , this is the opportunity before it goes out of stock. Number one in the list is;

High gloss large wood jewellery box necklace storage organizer cabinet moire,

two, Large leather Jewellery box bracelet necklace storage and three, Extra large Vanity Case Beauty Box make up jewelry

Ask yourself a question, do I really need this box?

I understand that most women like putting their jewelries in one place OR who wouldn’t like good things? Would you prefer leaving your jewelries scattered on top of your table or lying about and be played with by children. No, I don’t advised that .Women are known by their orderliness.

What you will do is depending on quantity of your jewelries get yourself a good box that will accommodate your jewelries and prevent them from scratches.

These are the options:

1, High Gloss Large Wood Jewellery Box Necklace Storage Organizer Cabinet Moire

This is a big cabinet that may contain all your jewelries if you have plenty of them.

It will contain and still have extra space where you can put valuable things like your under wears and your night gowns, this is my own opinion you might have other things you may prefer to stock in this cabinet.

Wood Jewellery Boxes

Free Postage and one day shipping

The seller of this cabinet said that this cabinet can be posted to your door post without any extra cost and this can be done within one day.

Note: The one day shipping may drag depending on these factors: 1, When the seller gets your payment 2,  Dispatch time 3, The type of Shipping services you choose 4, Delivery time may vary due to peak times                                                                                 High Gross Wood Jewellery Box

Note Also that if you choose express shipping it may charge you extra money so to avoid paying extra money for your shipping go for standard shipping which may take up to five days for you to receive your cabinet

You may want to know how to process your payment

eBay uses trusted financial service providers so that you can pay without fear that your money may get lost.

These providers are PayPal, Visa, and master card. They make sure that any financial service provider they use passes credit check before they allow them, but you must have  enough money in your account to use these people because they don’t deal on credit.

Let’s say the total cost of your product is £100, please don’t start processing the payment if the money in your account is less than £100 instead allow your money to be more than hundred pounds in-case of any transfer charges

Returning your  Good after Purchase

You are covered by eBay money back guarantee. This means that once you don’t like the product you bought that is if the product you bought is not according to the description by the seller you are permitted to return it and have your  whole money back.

But you will pay the returning fee. Make sure to return it within the 30 days after purchase.

To make sure that seller of the product included this eBay return policy in his sales Go to the listing of the items you have already bought and check the return section for the policy.

If it is not there you know that the seller does not allow return.

2, Large Leather Jewellery Box Bracelet Necklace Storage Organizer Travel Case

This is a case that will allow you to collect all the necklaces you want to use in your journey in one place.

Putting these necklaces in one place will save you the hassles and the chances of not losing your necklaces in your journey.

Large leather Jewellery Box big


Large leather Jewellery Box big

In the ordering of this box you may want your order to reach you the same day, choose to use express delivery which will cost you £ 10 extra.

If you prefer not to pay any extra money use standard delivery which may take longer day to get you, approximately 5-7 days.

A Note of Warning

The seller of this good is in United Kingdom and is happy to sell to people living in the United Kingdom and anywhere in the world But people  living in places like Channel Islands, Hong Kong and China don’t worry as you can still search around and get what you want from the sellers  who are willing to deliver  to your area

Payment Mode : Payment is done through PayPal either by visa, direct debit, master card, debit or credit cards.

3, Extra Large Vanity Case Beauty Box Makeup Jewelry

You can pack all your make up accessories into this vanity case comfortably without putting them piece by piece into your bags.

Packing them together is the most convenient and less stressful to move cosmetics about without missing one

This seller is in UK and is willing to deliver within one day for  people living in United Kingdom using standard delivery selection which is a free delivery.Extra large vanity case

Wants also to deliver free and fast to people living in Dunstable and Bedforshire within one day with standard delivery selection.

The seller of this product is not willing to deliver to people living in these countries Such as; Channel Islands, Isle of man, Isle of  Wight, Northern Ireland, Sicily, Scottish Highlands, Scottish Islands.

So if you want a Vanity Case please search for a seller who is willing to  deliver to your own country.

BONUS Buy One Get One at 5% off from this seller

This seller has a lot of goodies to choose from, ranging from Extra large vanity electronic Acrylic Nail art Drill set manicure to Professional Large makeup Bag vanity case cosmetic  Nail

30 days refund Policy

The seller refunds you your money back completely. So once you purchase your good and it is not as the seller described it, you are free to return it within 30 days of purchase and you have your money back

Your Queries are welcome

Alternate Products

Red Tea Possibly can Shrink Your Body Fat Cells?

  Our body is made up of many cells which the main parts are;  red blood cell( erythrocytes), white blood cells(leukocytes), platelets (thrombocytes), Nerve cells (Neurons) Cartilage cell(chondrocytes- bones), Muscle cells(mycocytes), Neuroglial cells(provide support and protection for neurons as they are maintaining hemostasis to the brain, Adipocytes(lipocytes and fat cells).
These cells are grouped according to their functions in the body.
according to the sciencenetlinks, there are about 200 different types of cells in our body with different structures and organelles.
In this particular post we are concerned about the body fat cell.
Adipose tissue (Adipocytes) are collection of fat cells and is made of two types.
white adipose tissue called white fat (WAT) and brown adipose tissue called brown fat(BAT).
Each of these fat tissues comprise of two types of fat cell.
 When the adipose tissue in the body reaches to the level it is meant to reach by nature it begins to multiply or expand to accommodate more fat cells.

When this happens the person starts to grow in size adding weight which if not controlled the person reaches obesity level that is above (29.99 lb) the normal body Mass index.

Free eBook For Red tea Detox

Why You May Not Be Able To Lose Your Fat Cells

Wikipedia had it that people who are fat because their fat cell are replicated are hard to lose their fat and maintain it.
It says that an adult who becomes obese may not have more fat cells than a lean counterpart person.
This means that they have more fat cells in their body and so may not loose a significant weight Like in people whose obesity is from childhood whose fat cell are inflated and can easily be shrunken.

 Shrink your stubborn body fat cell

Many individuals have use many ways to get rid of their stubborn fat cell to no avail. They have used countless products but hit their heads on the wall.
This time there is this wonderful tea that does the magic for both. This sounds like a joke huh!
I am going to reveal to you this wonderful product in a minute.
Hold on with me and you will be surprised what a single product can do in your life. Taking  away those fat cells you never believed could be possible to be dealt with.

Have You Heard of  Elizabeth Swann Miller?

I know it will interest you to know about this wonderful woman who has been helping many people with one of her newest discovery of how to use red tea detox to shrink both the inflated body fat cell and the replicated fat cells that have  been your concern for ages.
She is a psychologist, neutropatic doctor(ND),  has published a lot of eBooks relating to smoothies and recipes like Diet solution and Juicy Fast. She has been a committed author in Amazon for ten years(10yrs) providing people insights on how to get best out of what they eat.
With this knowledge of who she is you can now agree with me that she holds the stuff to make us trust this her new discovery.

Does Red Tea work Like Other Teas?

Though many people who want to lose weight may think that it not necessary to use red tea for detox since they are using others like it.
I am telling you that this red tea is very different from other teas you have been taking, whether blue tea, black tea or what not.
Red tea detox is a special tea on itself. It does special work which you may not find in other teas.
Read on to find out more about red tea detox

What Makes Red Tea Superior To Other Teas?

Red tea detox is the only tea that can open your body fat cell and shrink it within 24hours as said by the Liz Swann Miller the founder.
She discovered this particular leave she added to her red tea detox that made this particular action possible from the south African forest.
This leaves contained an ingredient called rooibos and this in conjunction with or ingredients in red tea do the magic.
Not only that it shrinks the fat cells, its components  polyphenol and flavonoids can never allow any new fat cells to grow again in your body once it has shrunk the old ones, this is an added advantage to this red tea detox.
This red tea detox does not require you to fast or to die in exercise before it can work but rather it allows you to enjoy your favorite meals and the exercises you cherish while it does its work.
If you like don’t do anything, this red tea detox works with no added help.
It does not only depend on shrinking the fat cell to give you a younger looking shape you deserve but also nourishes your entire body and refreshes you life.


It is really great to find out at last a Tea like this Red Tea which can do both reducing your obesity as it is adding more vitality to your life.
It is a good decision to detox yourself with this red tea and get rid of chemicals from your cherished body, and as you know leaving these chemicals in your body means inviting a long standing sickness.
Prevent this sickness now that you have found out the remedy to your long standing problem before it gets late.
Your opinion and questions are highly welcomed.

Women’s Maternity Wears Review: Zeta Ville

Category : Fitness

Free Gown

Name: Zeta Villa Maternity Wears



Owner: Zeta Ville

Overall Rank: 98 out of 100%

Zeta Villa Maternity Wears Overview

These wears are made for pregnant women. It is a Jersey dress with originally made deep V-neckline cut. This shape is made to help you to wear this during breastfeeding and after. Gives you free movement, easy blood circulation and allows free movement of air inside you even during very hot weather.

Does This Maternity Wear Fit Everywoman

This maternity wear can fit every pregnant woman at every stage in their pregnancy. It has up to 82% expected fitness.

 >>For Your Figure Support After Birth Check Her>>

It has different sizes, therefore, can fit every individual whether underweight, overweight or obese. You can always get the one that will perfectly fit you.

The length is superb, covers everybody both for tall and short people. It is properly designed for this purpose

PROSGood overall rank of 98%

Pregnant Women comfortable wears

  1. Good fit everyone 82%
  2. Dress Length covers up to 90-96cm
  3. Sleeve, Both short and length of 10cm
  4. It is machine washable
  5. Regular fit for the occasion
  6. Easy for breastfeeding
  7. It has a 4-star ranking

60% off Every product, Hurry the offer ends Tomorrow


I cannot find anything bad with this wear apart from the fact that it doesn’t have long sleeved and that you may not like to wear it after your breastfeeding your child because it would be bigger than your size though some people may not mind.

Your comment is highly needed if you have any. Click Here

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Over Weight and pregnancy:The Effects and management

Category : Fitness

Pregnant women ordinarily put on weight as the pregnancy progresses. The question of overweight is when the woman exceeds her expected weight.

Every woman has her normal weight considering height and weight (BMI) which is the basic Mass Index) adding up to the weight that comes with pregnancy. The truth about overweight during pregnancy is that it is a predisposing factor developing pregnancy complications like low back pain, high blood pressure, Obesity, big baby, pre-eclampsia, heart attack or even death of he mother/baby or both. Underweight though has its own problem like a birth of premature or underweight babies.

How Do I know When I am Becoming Overweight

To know when you are becoming overweight during pregnancy you must have checked and known the weight you have before the starts off your pregnancy. You can do this by dividing your weight in kilometer by the square of your height in meters

Let’s say you have a normal weight before your pregnancy, and now that you are pregnant your weight is between 18.5 to 29.99 pounds, there should be no cause for alarm because you are within the good weight increase. Be sure not to increase more than this scope if, do you know you have entered danger zone(Obesity=30-39.99)

You can check your BMI here

Some women may enter their pregnancy with the weight which is anything below 18.5 pounds. if, you are in this category of women you are expected to gain higher weight in order to meet up within normal.

The women whose weight are higher than 18.5 should gain lesser to avoid overweight being sure of your weight will actually be of help to you.

The Factors That Affect Your Weights Are:

  • Diet
  • Habit
  • Hormones
  • Laziness
  • Sedentary work
  • Baby’s weight

How Diet Affects Your Over Weight

Mothers diet can affect her and her baby, it can cause mothers obesity and change your baby’s DNA as said by BBC News, though how it does it was not confirmed, but still under research.

Most at times in pregnancy, you hear people tell you to eat what you can for your baby’s request, obeying this order is good but you have to be careful. Make a good choice of what you eat. Eating a lot of junk food will definitely increase your weight and it is dangerous if your weight is borderline or already obese before pregnancy.

Nicole Avina, a researcher affirms in what she wrote in the that the consequences of obesity during pregnancy comes greatly on overindulgence in eating of unhealthy foods like snacks, cakes, and ice cream, she went further to say that in the US most of the women who get pregnant are already overweight or obese and this increases the risks of conditions like eclampsia, gestational diabetes, and postpartum hemorrhage.

These women according to her may as well gain more weight during their pregnancy and this weight may be retained even after delivery.

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It is also that most overweight pregnant women are deficient in vitamins, this is because the type of food they eat lack the necessary nutrients and vitamins.

The Habit You Formed Might Cause Your Overweight

As I said above overindulgence in eating sweetened diets like cake, ice cream, yogurt and other food that are made with lots of sugar increase your overweight.

According to the research conducted the across-sectional study of 499,504 Middle-aged adults aged (31 to 69 years) in the UK general population by a group of researchers Shadrach Dare & Co in the relationship between smoking and Obesity (overweight) shows that former smokers are more likely to be obese than both current smokers and never smokers.

Quitting smoking may also go with temporally weight gain. They also say that smoking and obesity are the major public health issues globally. So if, have been smoking before pregnancy or quitting your smoking habit during pregnancy you are more likely to be obese.

If you are a smoker you have a high risk of cancer, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases or even your death or that of your baby.

How Overweight May Affect Your pregnancy hormone

It is found out that people who are obese are more likely to Waite for pregnancy longer than they that are within normal weight.

This is believed that the circulating time of the produced hormone in the body of obese takes a longer time to complete their journey than on the normal sized woman, though not very sure, The story goes that fat cells absorb the hCG levels in the fat woman.

So sometimes it is hard to get a positive test in an obese as early as in normal weight even though they may be pregnant.

Baby’s weight May contributes to your overweight

If you are obese during pregnancy he tendency is that your baby will be bigger than normal(Macrosomia) therefore increasing your weight

Baby’s umbilical cord will be larger than normal, the placenta may also become larger due to a large baby.

Amniotic fluid may also contribute to your overweight.

All these are round about he baby. But if your baby becomes so large you have every tendency to develop pregnancy complication or poor delivery or Cesarean section.

Sedentary work may contribute To Your Overweight

Caterine Fazzi and Co carried out research on Sedentary behaviors during pregnancy: a systemic review said that most of a time wake is spent in sedentary behaviors, which is an activity that takes less energy than the others, for example sitting.

You can see this maternity support to support your large Abd.

He says that times spent in a sitting is a risk factor for diseases like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and death. Sitting for an extended time is a risk factor for death even with people who meet physical activity guideline. They said that they were not sure whether it influences pregnancy outcomes.

And he went on to suggest that if a sedentary outcome is bad for other people that it will definitely affect the pregnant women and their babies.


Overweight is not encouraged in pregnancy rather pregnant women are encouraged to eat healthy for and to monitor their weight from time to time to avoid overweight. If weight is not checked during pregnancy you might be faced with pregnancy complications like difficult delivery, low back pain which might become chronic even after delivery.

If my post helps you in any way drop a comment to help others.





5th Month of Pregnancy And Low Back Pain

Category : Fitness , Pregnancy Months

You have successfully entered your fifth month of your pregnancy

Congratulations!! Your pregnancy is actually progressing and you are now enjoying the gift of pregnancy which most women are doing every thing in their power but could not get.

It is time to show showcase your pregnancy because this time all the morning sickness and discomforts are gone. You feel stronger, and healthier to carry on with the days’ activity.

Your abdomen is growing bigger, by now the weight of your baby will be pressing hard on the pelvic nerves including sciatic nerve which is the major pelvic nerve that runs from your buttock to your eggs. When the pressure mounts on them you begin to have discomfort at your lower back and sometimes causing low back pain.

What To Expect In This Your 5Th Month Of Pregnancy

    • Your abdomen is growing in size and you are putting on weight, this is because your baby is growing rapidly
    • You may develop back pain due to increase in baby size and the pressure on the pelvic nerves
    • Family chore might mount pressure especially if this is your second pregnancy looking after your first baby might bring additional work. But don’t worry just take your time or finding a helper might help.
    • Center of gravity is changing, and your spinal column is curving to assist in the carrying the weight of your baby. Do your best to maintain a good posture.
    • You might start to feel hot flushes despite the weather, this is because your body is working hard to supply blood enough for you and your baby.
    • You may found out that your mood can change quickly, thinking of the responsibilities that lies ahead for you when the baby comes. It is normal but think of the present, future will take care of itself.
    • As the weight of your baby is increasing and pressing on the veins and arteries supplying your lower body you might start to develop vericous veins on your legs (spider veins) due to inability of your lower blood to flow upwards as before.
    • A dark line may run in the middle of your abdomen. This line is called pigmentation, this is because of hormonal surge and it may affect your vision. This is temporal it will fade away.
    • There are marks that might appear on your abdomen, buttock, thighs, breast and on your upper arms. These marks appear in different colors (red, purple, white). It is called Strae Graviderum in the medical terms

    Watch this video for the signs and symptoms you will expect

Other signs and symptoms You Might expect

  • Headache
  • Brittle nails
  • Bleeding gums
  • Shortness of breath
  • hot flushes and red lines in the palms
  • Nasal congestion and nose bleeding
  • Absent mindedness
  • Swollen ankles or Achy feet
  • heart burn
  • White vaginal discharge

Your Baby In Your Fifth Month Of Your Pregnancy

Your baby is changing significantly and it is very exciting to see how your baby is growing in your womb.

Most of your baby’s features are in place now

    1. Within the last two weeks of fifth month the weight of your baby doubles.
    2. The endocrine and the neural system has started functioning controlling your babies movement
    3. The kidneys are functioning and your baby now producing urine and contributing in the amount of amniotic fluid in the womb sac
    4. The blood vessels can be seen under your baby’s immature skin
    5. Your baby’s skin is covered in a white greasy substance called Vernix Caseosa
    6. Your baby has formed the primary and the deciduous teeth.
    7. Your baby can now demonstrate some actions like yawning, making cute face and can scratch in your womb
    8. Your baby can respond to sounds like your voice, your heartbeat and musics
    9. Your baby now has a unique finger print
    10. Your baby’s nipples are prominent on its chest
    11. The reproductive system is formed which is prominent in the showcase of a female sex but the male’s may not have completely descended.
    12. Legs and arms are formed though flexed at the knees and the ankles

Watch your babies movement in the womb

What To Do In This 5Th Month

  • Maintain a good posture to avoid back pain
  • Take adequate fluid daily to help in the general body cleansing and supply of fluoride that help your baby bone and teeth growth
  • You should do some medical tests
  • Maintain your body temperature by have frequent shower and bath at least two times a day to reduce the possibilities of heat rashes on your body
  • Eat good and balance diet small but frequently add more fiber to your diet to help you fight constipation
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothing
  • Be up and about in your house and do your house chores
  • Indulge in some work out exercises
  • Develop a positive mind about your pregnancy and do not harbor any fear of the unknown
  • Make sure to be speaking to your baby because it hears you
  • Sleep well and have enough rest to avoid exhaustion. Give yourself enough fresh air every day for your baby needs a lot of oxygen for normal growth
  • Get yourself involved in some social activities in your environment

What Not To Do In This Your 5Th Month

  1. Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine indulgence. It might have negative impact on your developing baby
  2. Do not feel anxious about your pregnancy as pregnancy is a thing of joy and expectation
  3. Do not eat unhealthy food. This will do you no good than to increase your body weight and might bring about undesirable conditions like high blood pressure
  4. Do not over work yourself, it might make you tired and might not be healthy for your baby in the womb
  5. Do not entertain sudden reflexes in your daily chore, like sudden sitting, standing or any sudden movement, you might feel dizzy or you may stumble and fall
  6. Avoid lifting heavy loads from the floor like lift your toddler, baskets or anything heavy. Call for assistance

Tests you need to do in Your 5th Month

1, General checks in your first visit to your health provider includes:

Abdominal examination will be done to check the height of your abdomen, the position of your baby and others

Your swollen foot will be checked to know the extend your feet is pitting, whether it is mild or severe to know the type of advice and prescription to give to you.

Your breast will be checked to know the extent of engorgement and to exclude cancer.

By this time your baby must be moving in your womb so the doctor will check you to confirm it is doing so.

Your health provider will listen to your abdomen for the baby’s breath to confirm that it is alive.

Your weight will be checked to found out if your weight is increasing normally  and to eliminate your over weight

Your blood pressure will be checked to exclude high blood pressure

All these routine tests your health provider would do to know your general condition and detect any abnormalities  in time and treat same to give you a successful pregnancy and a complication free labor and delivery

2, Medical Tests Your Health Provider May Recommend;

Listed below are some of the medical tests your doctor may want be done on you for the same purpose of early detection of diseases or abnormalities to avoid later complications

  • Urine testing for sugar and protein levels, infections like any sexual transmitted disease and others
  • Blood test for hemoglobin level
  • Triple tests called alps-fetoprotein (AFP), human chorion Gonadotropin (hCG) and esteriol multipurpose test to rule out any fetal diseases
  • Glucose tolerance tests usually carried out towards the end of 5th month
  • Chromosome Abnormality is checked using the method called Cordocentesis and is done in the 18th week of your pregnancy That is within your 5th month


In this your fifth month of pregnancy, your baby has grown significantly. Most of its features are developed the weight is increasing. You are eating more than normal now that your baby is requesting for its portion of food from you. Your weight and the weight of your baby is now pressing hard on bones and nerves of the hip. This will showcase discomfort and low back pain. Sleeping lying on your left side and maintaining a good posture while doing your daily chores will help you reduce the discomfort.










Abdominal Binder/support Review

Category : Fitness

Abdominal Binder is elastic abdominal garment that can be used for different purposes. Anyone can use it but in this write I am focusing on the abdominal binder that women use, though it is the same with men.

Considering what these abdominal binder is made of. It is elastic and
can be sowed in a way to hold film the abdominal muscles together
without hurting the skin.

Keeps your figure intact. Makes you fill in control of your abdominal walls and not feeling any floppiness of your abdominal muscles while in the public Most importantly can support and relieve your back pain

Those who use abdominal Binder

  • The pregnant mothers who delivered a baby normal can use it to provide compression to tone up the abdominal muscle and prevent bleeding
  • A pregnant mother who delivered a baby by Cesarean section to help bind the skin together
  • An obese woman who wants to hold the muscles of the abdomen from floppy while moving
  • A lady who wants to maintain the look of her abdominal walls ( figure eight shape)
  • A woman who wants to support her abdomen after an abdominal plastic surgery, for example abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) OR an abdominal liposuction
  • Can be used in Paralysis

Functions Of Abdominal Binder

  1. Binds abdominal muscles together
  2. Improves blood circulation
  3. Provides Support to the abdominal wall
  4. Assists in oxygen circulation in the body
  5. Prevents bleeding
  6. Use to correct your posture problem

How To Use Abdominal Binder

Using it after a normal delivery. This can be used immediately after delivery of the placenta to check bleeding. In this case you may wear it for a week or more after your delivery by then all the bleeding points might have stopped

In the cases of surgeries the doctors may prescribe these abdominal binders as a care for the operative patients.

It can be worn steadily on for at least two to three weeks depending on how long that is in the prescription

But if you want to maintain your figure after your delivery to maintain your figure eight you can get it at least two for yourself so that you can change to any of it at any time as you want to.

You can as well use this to correct your lower back if you have low back pain by so doing you relieve your low back pain.

But if you are pregnant and want to correct your back pain make sure to consult your doctor to advise you appropriately.

Measuring the Proper Abdominal Binder

There are some already made abdominal binders with sizes which you can choose from but in the cases where you have undergone operation your doctor would have measured out the abdominal binder before operation. He does this in stages in that the first stage will be bigger than the second so that he uses the first one in the first stage when your abdomen is still big and the second used after some weeks this time the size of your abdomen must have reduced significantly. It is tighter and smaller and can fit very well to a reduced abdominal size.

Customers Feedback




You should be sure to avoid the use of abdominal binder if you are allergic to Latex. So be advised to use the latex free abdominal binder to avoid the allergy.


Abdominal binder an essential product which can not be over look in the correction of the low back pain, toning of abdominal muscles, in the smooth blood circulation around the abdominal region of the body. For good result in the use of abdominal binder be sure to get the one which is your size.

Plastic doctors use it to bind the abdominal muscle for quick healing and good blood circulation.

You can use these if your back still hurts;

4TH Month Of Pregnancy and Low back Pain


You have successfully entered the fourth month of your pregnancy.

Considering the signs and symptoms you experienced from your first month to the thirty month of your pregnancy entering the fourth month will be a sort of relieve to you.

This is because in the first three months known as first trimester your body was trying to adjust to so many things happening at the same time.

Such as; out pouring of pregnancy hormone into your system, presence of new life coming into your body, placenta, umbilical cord,  formation of amniotic fluid and the reactions of these chemicals in your body.

Now you are in your fourth month you found out that those things, discomforts you were experiencing though not gone completely but are significantly reduced.

You can now begin to enjoy your pregnancy and the thought that you are going to be a mother soon will also energize to be proud of your self and people will now notice without being told that you are pregnant and they will respect you for that. Most at times they would not allow you to take part in any strenuous event that can hurt you or your baby.

There is one thing you will notice about yourself, You will notice that you can no longer stand straight as when you are not pregnant because your vertebral column is slightly curving inward to give room for fundus (head of the womb) coming into the abdomen to occupy it.

The soft tissues and the ligaments around these vertebral bones would also soften to make the process of expansion possible.

Then you would be experiencing some kinds of discomfort or slight pain around your low back but don’t worry yet some little exercise may take care of it.

What To Expect In This Your Fourth Month

  • Your abdomen is getting rounded because your baby is growing and leaving the pelvis and coming up to the abdomen
  • Morning sickness ( morning vomiting and feeling of sick) will be reducing
  • Loss of appetite will change to hunger
  • Frequency of urine will reduce because your baby is loosing its pressure on the bladder
  • You will begin to widening up thereby loosing most of your clothes
  • Stretch mark will begin to appear on your body
  • Your Low back bone would be softening and adjusting gradually to accommodate the weight of the baby
  • You will start to gain weight because your will be in constant hunger in response to your babies hunger request

What To Do in This Fourth Month

Look after yourself by eating healthy, doing some exercise, sleeping well, taking some days off work maintaining good personal hygiene

Diet In This Fourth Month Of Your Pregnancy

As, you are feeling more hungry in this month your must be mindful of what you eat. Not the quantity that matters but how healthy it is. So eat healthy, more of fruits and vegetables. Using them in between meals (that is using them as for your snacks) instead of stocking yourself with starchy and fatty food. This can only give your add undesirable weight.

Your baby is growing and needs special nutrients to aid its growth, inducing yourself in eating wisely will greatly impart on your growing baby the ability to have a normal growth both physically and mentally.

There are such nutrient your can get from the food you eat that is very good for your baby if your are eating healthy diet, they are; Folic acid, iron, zinc, B complex etc these are good for the normal growth of your baby. Folic acid is very important for normal formation of your baby. It prevents condition known as neural malformation which occur at the spinal cord.

Eat plenty of food containing fiber like oats to help your prevent constipation which is common in pregnancy

Drink plenty of water to aid your blood circulation and elimination of waste products from your body

Eat more protein that carbohydrate as protein help in the body nourishment and aid the baby normal growth

Some Exercises You May Need in Your Fourth Month

You are now in fourth month of your pregnancy and the effect and misery of first trimester are losing their grip. It is advice you will always be on the go. Not staying at a place it will not do you well even it places your health in danger.

If your are on the go, It will give your general body good health and your baby too and will lead to your smooth pregnancy and delivery.

Exercises like yoga, evening work out, House core are encouraged but do not carry heavy loads or participate in vigorous exercise.

If your have any health issues and carrying this your pregnancy please let your doctor know and do not do any exercise till your let your doctor know. He can now help your to select the type of exercise that will be good for your.

The way You Sleep during this fourth Month

In this your fourth month your need rest and sleep. You have to task yourself to have rest and sleep at least once during the day your night sleep not inclusive because that one is for sure.

Take some days off whenever the need be to help your get your strength back

As, your baby is growing and adding weight its weight will be having some negative impact in the way your blood circulate. So in this fourth month begin to form the habit of lying in your left side. It will help your to maintain a good sleeping position (which is lying by your side) in the later age of your pregnancy.

Good Personal Hygiene

Maintenance of good personal hygiene is very important, this is because if your are dirty it is likely that your may catch infection.leading to constant illness and your baby may be infected too.

Infection may bring about your death or the death of your child.

Wear loose clothing to aid your easy movement with your baby in the womb

What Not To Do During Your Fourth Month

  • Avoid lifting heavy loads
  • Avoid eating heavy meals as it will make your lazy but eat lightly and frequently
  • Do not over work yourself at any time
  • Do not run as when your are not pregnant as your may trip and fall and the story may be different
  • Do not join in vigorous exercise

The Recommended Tests To Do This Fourth Month

Your health provider has sent your to some tests in your first trimester, which includes; Blood tests, Urine test, amniocentesis. In this your fourth month of pregnancy your doctor will be sending your for test as need may be as when your are sick or when your come for check up.

But if your have not registered for your antenatal at this stage all the above mentioned tests would be prescribed for you and also scanning to check the condition, position or sex of your baby


Fourth month of pregnancy is a period you would begin to enjoy your pregnancy as it is period when your morning sickness and all the whelms of first trimester is gradually fading away. Your loss of appetite would be overtaken periods of hunger and the tendency is that if you don’t control the way you eat and what you eat you may become over weight.

Being over weight and fact that your vertebral bone is curving to accommodate the growing baby in the womb would create pressure on your low back and may cause discomfort and pain. To avoid this do not eat heavy food that might cause your over weight but eat healthy food that might maintain your health and that of your baby. Do some hip exercise from time to time.

Thank your for reading, don’t forget to tell other women how what you read has helped you in your fourth month of your pregnancy.

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Red Tea Detox and pregnancy

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Download Your Free Ultimate Guide to Detoxing Book

Red tea detox is a program found by Liz Swann Miller for people who want to lose weight without killing themselves with vigorous exercise that may not work well after all. It is set in a way that works like a miracle in your body when you take it.
This smoothie is very effective in detoxifying your entire body from toxins, bad fats and returns your age to your 16th year anniversary. This tea is very powerful and can really give you back the shape you want. It works like magic and can miraculously reduce your weight in two weeks.

It removes fats, toxins, and unwanted chemicals and leaves the lumen of your blood vessels free from cluster thereby giving you an ultimate health.

I always advise women to detoxify themselves before getting pregnant in a planned pregnancy so that they do not have to detoxify while pregnant.

In a situation where the pregnancy is by accident, you do not worry also because you can still take some detox while pregnant.

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According to modern alternative mama,on their raising natural healthy family said that pregnant women though they are concerned about their condition(baby) they are faced with two alternatives when they are sick due to excess toxins and chemicals in their body that need to get rid off  as these can affect their babies in the womb too, need to detox and they also emphasized that red tea contains other nutrients their body need for health maintenance and proper growth of these babies.

Red tea detox cocoa which may contain some traces of caffeine in it but according to Liz Miller who is the producer of this red detox, she said that red tea detox is good for everyone.

I cannot make out the quantity of caffeine each cup of coffee contain but I can say that do it yourself would be a better process eliminating cocoa and using other four ingredients that can still give you what you want.

If you wish to know whether you can detox in pregnancy Read here 


Why is red tea detox a miracle drink?

Red tea detox is a miracle tea tested and scientifically proven to open fat-sac and remove every clogged fat within two weeks. You are encouraged to drink this tea every time to cleans your system of the toxins and oxidants found in the body that may make you sick and make you fat.

Give yourself two weeks drinking this red tea you will find out how much fat you are to lose from 10, 20, 30, even 40 kilos of body weight or more and you see that you can lose this fat without killing yourself with exercise. Give yourself fourteen days you will come back with testimony how much fat you have lost.

Liz Swann Miller, Who Is She?

This Herbal tea detox is discovered in Africa in the Kenyan region, they use it whenever they want to do internal body cleansing.

The herb was discovered as Liz traveled to Kenya for a visit, and is in need of body detox as she had the problem of overweight she was seeking to get rid of.
She quickly took the opportunity and got her weight reduced by 15bl within two weeks.

Having done this she was so pleased to let others share in her success by making it scientifically proven to be effective for everyone regardless of sex or age.

Liz also called Elizabeth Swann Miller is a known Amazon author. She has published many eBooks such as Green Smoothie Diet Solution, Juicy Recipes, and Juicy Fast.

According to Liz Swann Miller, She is a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) practicing for ten years(10), A degree holder in Psychology. Equipped with all this knowledge she has known what people need and what is safe for health.

She is now willing to spend everything in order that the world will recognize this miracle red tea detox as she knows that Obesity is a global viral disease and she wants to play her own part in using this Detox to help those who are worried over their size, especially for belly fats.
You can read More about Liz Swann Millers’s story here How she Overcame Her Obesity

The advantages of taking Red Tea detox

Watch This Video

  • Removes toxins from your body
  • emulsifies (breaks down) your fat
  • Makes you feel younger than your age
  • Gives you longer health
  • You do not need to kill yourself in exercise to get the shape you want
  • It makes you an adviser because people will come to you to find out how you made it
  • Red tea can be taken by anybody no matter age or sex
  • It makes you feel full and keep away from eating every time
  • Helps your bowel open
  • Prolongs your age of getting Alzheimer

The Disadvantages of red Tea Detox

  • You have to spend at least $17 to get it.
  • You have to restrict your movement while taking it as it will open your bowel
  • You may not be able to get it in off license unless online
  • you will have to follow the instruction to get it properly

Other Advantages of Red Tea Detox

  • Immune system booster
  • Makes you fee light
  • It comes with a leaflet that can tell you how to use it for good effect

Bonuses You will Get if you buy this Red tea

The founder of this program wants everyone to share in this her discovery without hassle. She also wants you to have these bonuses to encourage you and to show you how sincerely she wants you to believe in her.

>>Purchase In This Program and get a free eBook and Ultimate Guide<<

The Content Of This Red Tea Program

The Red Tea Program contains about 5 ingredients in one that makes it exceptional from other smoothies.

  • Cocoa- found to have the abilities to improve your blood flow, lowers your blood pressure and improves your general health
  • Maca- Contains high anti oxides and the nutrients that improve your mood, and memory and then balances your hormonal level.
  • Chia- This is known to be an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acid. This is a good fat that cushions the heart and other vital organs and prevents one from any heart attack or stroke.
  • Raspberry- Possesses the properties that stop inflammation, therefore has the ability to fight cancer, heart and circulatory diseases. And can make you look under-age. Rich in good nutrients that nourish your body and that of your baby.
  • Vanilla- Is rich in fragrant aroma and velvety smooth flavor. It also contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that can boost your general health

Important Of detox (my Story)
There was a time I started feeling sick. I did not really know what was wrong, I took all the necessary precautions about my health but I did not get better.

I went to a doctor who did not discover what was wrong with me but I was dying. Getting sicker every day until one day a friend of mine brought smoothie to my husband and my husband bought two of this.

When I came home I was glad to take this smoothie because I was ready to take anything to get better. When I took this “Oh my God” My bowel opened and after all, said and done I was a new person, full of strength.

All the heaviness of the body was gone. Too much complain about one sickness or another was stopped and I felt I was a newborn. That is the reason I call this program a miracle program which helped me to be well again.


Red Tea Detox Program can bring a great relieve to your general health and your body weight in particular, helping you reduce tons of fat from your body especially your Tummy.

Keeps you light to carry your baby with ease. If you have detoxed yourself before getting pregnant you body be cleaned of those toxins and chemical and will be ready to receive the incoming baby.

If you are pregnant and wish to detox please meet your health advisor who will help you to choose the detox best for your condition.

Red Tea Detox has a lot of health benefit in it as it is not only one herb or root but comprises of those ingredients that can boost your immune system, Boast your energy, Increases your vitality and mostly removes Toxins and unwanted fat that is troubling you.


You can get it cheap on Amazon