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My name is Bibian Okoye. I live in the United Kingdom with my family.

I am a health professional. I started my health delivery journey since 1984,  which is roughly about thirty-three years now.

In the course of my journey as a health personnel I have drawn a conclusion that helping others comes from the heart, it is a hobby, it is a profession.

It doesn’t come by accident. I cherish and I enjoy it. I wish to write on this site about pregnant women and low back pain they suffer due to pregnancy.

We all know that healthy mind and body is the core of life. Without health, there is no happiness, no joy nor peace.

Another aspect is wealth. If you are alive without wealth you find out that your life May be impossible to manage and you May be subjected to many issues which might, in turn, start to affect you both physical and emotional.

For example; malnutrition, infections, unkempt and emotional problems like stress, depression, and anxiety. In all, you will see the world as a place of sorrow and cry.

My hobbies  are reading, traveling and singing

Let’s stop talking as if I am from the moon and mean business (lol)

I will be talking about  Pregnancy and low back pain

I am a mother of five and I write with experience.  Pregnancy is not a sickness on itself but can cause sickness.

In this my site also you can get other topics concerning women health issues. The problems and how to solve them

So feel free to come again and explore, you will not be disappointed.

Thanks, for coming this once, Come again!!! 







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