Abdominal Binder is elastic abdominal garment that can be used for different purposes. Anyone can use it but in this write I am focusing on the abdominal binder that women use, though it is the same with men.

Considering what these abdominal binder is made of. It is elastic and
can be sowed in a way to hold film the abdominal muscles together
without hurting the skin.

Keeps your figure intact. Makes you fill in control of your abdominal walls and not feeling any floppiness of your abdominal muscles while in the public Most importantly can support and relieve your back pain

Those who use abdominal Binder

  • The pregnant mothers who delivered a baby normal can use it to provide compression to tone up the abdominal muscle and prevent bleeding
  • A pregnant mother who delivered a baby by Cesarean section to help bind the skin together
  • An obese woman who wants to hold the muscles of the abdomen from floppy while moving
  • A lady who wants to maintain the look of her abdominal walls ( figure eight shape)
  • A woman who wants to support her abdomen after an abdominal plastic surgery, for example abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) OR an abdominal liposuction
  • Can be used in Paralysis

Functions Of Abdominal Binder

  1. Binds abdominal muscles together
  2. Improves blood circulation
  3. Provides Support to the abdominal wall
  4. Assists in oxygen circulation in the body
  5. Prevents bleeding
  6. Use to correct your posture problem

How To Use Abdominal Binder

Using it after a normal delivery. This can be used immediately after delivery of the placenta to check bleeding. In this case you may wear it for a week or more after your delivery by then all the bleeding points might have stopped

In the cases of surgeries the doctors may prescribe these abdominal binders as a care for the operative patients.

It can be worn steadily on for at least two to three weeks depending on how long that is in the prescription

But if you want to maintain your figure after your delivery to maintain your figure eight you can get it at least two for yourself so that you can change to any of it at any time as you want to.

You can as well use this to correct your lower back if you have low back pain by so doing you relieve your low back pain.

But if you are pregnant and want to correct your back pain make sure to consult your doctor to advise you appropriately.

Measuring the Proper Abdominal Binder

There are some already made abdominal binders with sizes which you can choose from but in the cases where you have undergone operation your doctor would have measured out the abdominal binder before operation. He does this in stages in that the first stage will be bigger than the second so that he uses the first one in the first stage when your abdomen is still big and the second used after some weeks this time the size of your abdomen must have reduced significantly. It is tighter and smaller and can fit very well to a reduced abdominal size.

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You should be sure to avoid the use of abdominal binder if you are allergic to Latex. So be advised to use the latex free abdominal binder to avoid the allergy.


Abdominal binder an essential product which can not be over look in the correction of the low back pain, toning of abdominal muscles, in the smooth blood circulation around the abdominal region of the body. For good result in the use of abdominal binder be sure to get the one which is your size.

Plastic doctors use it to bind the abdominal muscle for quick healing and good blood circulation.

You can use these if your back still hurts;