7 Best exercises for your Low Back Pain During Pregnancy



You may be overwhelmed when you are pregnant and people are talking about

exercise. Don’t worry, exercises you will do are not difficult ones and
they will help you greatly to stay fit even if you have not been doing
any exercise before or it has been long after your last exercise. Some exercises help you get relieved from your back pain or will prevent the back pain from occurring at all. The slogan in pregnancy is “get moving”. It is observed that those who get moving have an easy pregnancy, delivery and after birth. They hardly complain of sickness.

What Is Exercise?

Exercise according to Google Search is activity requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness. An activity carried out for a specific purpose.

Pregnancy is an important issue in one’s life that needs to be taken good care of. When you are pregnant it is better to indulge in anything that will give you and your baby good health.

Every exercise you do is geared toward maintaining good health during pregnancy for yourself and your baby.

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Types of Exercise

There are many types of exercise for health and fitness. It ranges from mild, moderate to vigorous exercise

  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Sitting
  • Running
  • Weight-lifting
  • Dancing
  • Swimming
  • Singing
  • Clapping and so on

If you have been doing a lot of exercise before getting pregnant, remember that now you are pregnant that you are not advised to do all the exercises you do before.

In normal circumstances, the exercises listed above are what we do in our daily activities while in your house or in any association with others. But running and jogging are discouraged if your pregnancy has advanced as you may not be able to control the wave of your big abdomen and so you may fall. For weight lifting like lifting your child from the ground, you have to use lifting good practice which you can read about here

These additional exercises might help you greatly to improve your health and the health of your baby and make the period of your pregnancy smooth and smooth delivery.

Seven Exercises That Will Help You Overcome Your Back Pain

-Forward Roll

-Relaxed Bell


– Pigeon Stretch

-Seated Tick Rocks
-Bent Over Front Raises

-Wide Squat With Twist
-Figure 4 Stretch

As great researchers affirm that about 85% of women suffer back pain during their pregnancy I still know that there are some women who never know what back pain is during their pregnancy which one of the contributory factors might be following these exercises as listed above and following good lifestyle.

Let’s look at the above exercise one-by-one

Forward Roll
This is the exercise done by positioning a ball in front of you as you kneel in a most comfortable way with your hip over or behind your knees. Make sure you are kneeling comfortably, not experiencing any pain. The purpose of this is to stretch the muscles of your back. Begin your action by gently exhaling, Turk your chin out and roll out the ball while you are drawing your shoulder away from your ears as you are inhaling the breath deep down your belly this makes your low back to arch into a comfortable position. By so doing the muscles of your back are stretched and softened. Repeat this for 5 times or then as long as you can fill comfortable.

Relaxed Belly

Keep yourself in a comfortable position. Either standing or sitting, Keeping your hands drop on laps or side. If you are sitting down do not place your hand own the armrest but allow your hands to rest on your laps, do not rest your back on the backrest but sit upright. Remain in that position for a few minutes. Now gently draw in your breath and allow it to go down to your belly and touching your pelvic muscles and bones. You will have a feeling of it as you are doing so. Remain in this position for a minute or more. Then release the breath. Repeat for 5 times or as many as you are comfortable with.


Find yourself comfortable and wide space where your actions will not be restricted due to compacted space. Pose yourself in equating position with your legs spread apart and your stance on the toes. Allow your toes to carry your weight and your abdomen between your legs. Your hands spread out and slightly lifted to the air and stretch out over your head to another side of your head. Now you should feel a wrapping on your hips, on your gluteal muscles, and on your upper arm strings. Retain the position and maintain balance by sticking your buttock back. Gradually lift your trunk up and down for some minutes as you inhale and hold your breath stand in full stand. Repeat for 5 or more times as long as you feel comfortable to do so.

Wide Squat Twist
Stand in stride with your feet widespread, place your hands on your legs, twist your shoulder to the other side and make sure you look over your shoulder to the other side. You should feel the twist on your shoulder, hip and upper arms trig. Strengthening the muscles will pain that must have existed in that area.

Seated Tick Rocks
Get a chair without hand rest. Sit straight on the chair, cross one leg over the other. Lift your hand and allow it to fall across your head to the other side while you allow the other hand drop by your side. Stay for in that position for a few minutes then change to the other hand. Repeat this up to 5 times or more than long as you are comfortable doing it.

This exercise stretches the muscles of your hip side. It will really touch your pain if it comes from the side as the muscles and tendons around it are stretched and softened. Do it more frequently if it helps yours.

Pigeon Stretch

This type of exercise you have to make a space on the floor where you can stretch out yourself. Put one pillow under your hip if it will give your more comfortable. Stretch out yourself on the floor and fold your leg under your belly. Allow this leg reach your opposite hip through the other leg lying straight on the floor. Keep the arch of your low back straight so that your gluteal muscles will get the stretch.

Using your upper back try as much as you can to push out the floor, breath in deeply and hold your breath as your bear carrying out the action making sure you get the feeling of the stretch on your belly and on the hip muscles.

When you have got a good stretch of your abdominal and gluteal muscles for about 10 to 15 seconds, you can now turn and do same for the other side. Repeat for 3 – 5 times or then long as you are comfortable.

Figure 4 Stretch

You can do this exercise by standing with one leg, bend that leg at the knee and lifting the other leg place it on that leg above the knee, lean forward and grab that leg, placing one hand at the toes and the other at the knee. You have to be firm to maintain the balance if not place your buttock against the wall. Still, in this position draw in a deep breath and hold onto it for about 10 – 20 seconds. Change to the other leg and repeat for five to ten times that long as you are comfortable with it. This exercise will strengthen the muscles at the side of your buttocks and the internal ligaments at the pelvic floor relieving any pain around the area.

Bent Over Front Raises

Stretch yourself over on the flow, supporting yourself with your two hands and two feet. Raise one leg well high on the air while your sport yourself with two hands and one leg. Stay like that for one or two seconds then change to the other leg. Repeat for 2 or 3 times that long as it comfortable for your



These above-mentioned exercises can help relieve your back pain. Note that it is not a must that you do all but stick to those that you are comfortable with and if you are in doubt or not capable contact your doctor to assist you and give you the best advice according to your condition.

Another thing that is necessary for preventing your back pain changing your lifestyle by eating a balanced diet, getting good sleep and having enough rest. Most importantly be up and about, be on the go and don’t be your bed lover.

I will appreciate your comment down below if you find this post helpful










19 thoughts on “7 Best exercises for your Low Back Pain During Pregnancy”

  1. ThaisGomez says:

    Thanks so much for your article. After pregnancy, I suffered of a back pain and I struggled to carry my baby. I was definitely not fit for the demands of having a little baby. I think it is important to exercise during and after pregnancy, with the doctor’s approval of course. I started walking and then I joined the gym to have some group and guided classes, and slowly I started to get stronger. I don’t have the back pains anymore but I still have more work to do to get my arms stronger 🙂 finding a group of mums to walk and talk about our babies is also a good idea. Do you think those kangatrainings or exercises while carrying the babies in babycarriers are a good option too? Thanks

    1. bibian okoye says:

      Thank you for finding my post helpful. Exercise is very good for healthy living. I know how you feel especially when you are a busy mum, but the benefit of exercise cannot be over emphasized. It is still important even when you carry your baby in the baby carriers.

  2. Brenda says:

    This is very useful information. Lower back pain is a common complaint among pregnant women as a result of the physiological changes that occurs when a woman becomes pregnant. It’s important that women know that it’s ok to exercise, but they need to be safe when doing so. These are all simple exercises that will beneficial to the pregnant woman in relieving lowback pain. Generally these are all exercises that I enjoy doing routinely. I personally thinks it helps to do these exercises as a routine, that way, it will be easier to continue doing them during pregnancy.

    Great post!

    1. bibian okoye says:

      Those who exercise before they get pregnant are at an advantage because they find it easy to carry on even when they are pregnant. If you haven’t been exercising don’t worry you can still do some safe exercises while pregnant but consult your health provider to help you choose the ones that are safe for you.

  3. Thais Gomez says:

    Thanks so much for your article. After pregnancy, I suffered of a back pain and I struggled to carry my baby. I was definitely not fit for the demands of having a little baby. I think it is important to exercise during and after pregnancy, with the doctor’s approval of course. I started walking and then I joined the gym to have some group and guided classes, and slowly I started to get stronger. I don’t have the back pains anymore but I still have more work to do to get my arms stronger 🙂 finding a group of mums to walk and talk about our babies is also a good idea. Do you think those kangatrainings or exercises while carrying the babies in babycarriers are a good option too? Thanks

  4. Daniel says:

    I think that this article is very helpful and informative. I think that this low-back pain is very common in pregnant women as my wife also have it. She already does squats but somehow it does not help. I will definitely share this article with her and she will see some other exercises she can do.

    1. bibian okoye says:

      One type exercise only may not be able to help your wife depending on the affected area. You as a husband can help your husband and provide massage at the area sometimes and see if it will help her.

  5. Babsie Wagner says:

    My daughter is in her 5th month, and we are super excited and reading everything we can.  One of her main problems has been back pain.  She has suffered both upper and lower pain,and I’m so happy to have found this article to show her to give her some great suggestions on how to alleviate this.  Not only do you list the exercises, but thank God you actually give us instructions on how to do them, lol.  I wouldn’t know, and she wasn’t sure, so we were glad to see the instructions.  Thanks so much.

    1. bibian okoye says:

      Hi Babsie,

      I am happy you found my post helpful. This is the reason I created this website so that people like your daughter will find the help they need. Instruct her to follow the exercise it will surely help her but if it fails tell her to see her doctor for more instructions. Thanks for your comment

  6. Christina says:

    I think exercise is really important in all stages of life, including during pregnancy! I’m glad you mentioned that it’s OK to exercise when you’re pregnant. I know you said that running is not advised, and it definitely isn’t if it’s something you haven’t been doing prior to pregnancy. But I have seen 9-months pregnant women in races I’ve been in, and they kicked my butt! lol 

    Of course, you would need to use caution. As you mentioned, you wouldn’t want to fall over!  

    1. admin says:

      Hi, Christina,

      I imagine how nine month pregnant woman will come out for a race, lol. It most be very funny to have them in the field. People who were used to running when they were not pregnant might do a little running without problem but not to race to avoid trip and fall which may be very tragedy.

  7. Felix says:

    These are great exercises for back pain relief. From what I hear, back pain is a common problem during pregnancy and most women start taking pain killers once in a while. The bent over front raises reminds me of my yoga class, I used to attend some time ago. What would you say, how often should these exercises be done to show some effect?

    1. admin says:

      Almost every pregnant woman complains of low back pain during pregnancy but I found that some women who do not complain of back pain are more active women so it is encouraged that every pregnant woman indulge in exercises that are good for them at least twice a week but bent over is not encourager on women with advance pregnancy as it may not go well with their baby

  8. harold smith says:

    I think it is good that you pointed out exercises that a pregnant woman can and that you pointed out the exact way a person should go about doing each exercise its good that you put small pictures because lots people put unnecessarily big ones I feel like this would be good for pregnant women because it will help them not Strang yourself

    1. admin says:

      Our work here is to give our audience the information that will help them in the process of getting pregnant and carrie it through to delivery without problems

  9. Cathy says:

    When my sister was pregnant, she did a lot of squatting. Apparently, it helps with opening the pelvic and also relaxes the back somewhat.

    I am actually surprised that bent over can be performed during pregnancy. I thought the posture is a bit too much while carrying a big belly. Is there anything to be careful about with this posture?

    1. admin says:

      Every exercise in pregnancy depends on the individual and what she can do. If any woman is in doubt of what exercise is good for her, she should contact her health provider to help her choose the exercise most appropriate to her. 

      Under normal circumstances in the 5th month of pregnancy bent over is not bad as the length of the exercise time is in seconds( short time) and everyone has a choice of which exercise to do.

  10. Dave says:

    Hallo there,

    I have been looking for ways to get my wife to stopping complaining about back pains and I have already gotten her into meditation.

    While it is helping a bit, I think having more other alternatives would be much better. I will get her to read this article so that she chooses her other best fit.

    Thanks heaps for the great info here.

    1. admin says:

      Thanks for your comment. It good if you could introduce your wife to this site, it means introducing her to different options on how to deal with her low back pains. If the pain continues she can check in come for more support from this ebook

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