You have now successfully entered the sixth month of your pregnancy

Sixth month of your pregnancy in counting is the 2nd trimester if counted by three months. It gives pregnant mothers joy when they are entering new month. Think about it. Are you not happy?

I remember my own time, though people will see that my womb is growing and they will be feeling sorry for me but inside me I would be feeling happy because I am getting nearer the end of my pregnancy bearing in mind that my baby would soon be out, and I would hear the cry of my baby.

Some pregnant mothers would be having bad thought about their pregnancy. It should not be that way  because it has never been made to be any negativity with pregnancy. In other words pregnancy should be a blessing if planned for it.

What About You How Do You Feel At This Stage?

I know you would be wondering whether to be happy or to be sad . Especially if this is your first pregnancy. Why should you be sad Why should you be sad? for goodness sake? You should be rejoicing because you are ending the second trimester, by next month you enter the third trimester which is the last trimester of your pregnancy. Be happy!!

What you may be expecting As Your   sixth Month Begins

  • In this period of your pregnancy you feel stronger and up and about.
  • You eat well and sometimes eat according to your baby’s request
  • Your baby’s movement is well prominent and sometimes you can say where the head and the limb are
  • You body is rounded and You feel more big than ever
  • Your womb is full with several movement at a time that sometime you may play with your womb and playfully caution your baby to stay quiet
  • If this is your second or you have had other children before, your children will be playing with your womb seeing how your womb moves
  • While siting in your office or at your work place you will sometimes feel a tickle beneath your cloth which may lead to your sudden action looking down thinking that something is under your cloth. This may be that your baby was gradually moving a limb or his body. These are normal things you may be expecting during this period.           Watch the Video

This period is the first stage of expectancy when you don’t feel much pains or illness but witnessing and enjoying the being inside your womb.

1. As The Month Nearly End What To expect

If every thing being equal and you are nearly the end of this month you might start feeling some minor ailments like; clamps, fatigue, general body pain, abdominal muscle separation, numbness of the legs, rectal pain, varicose veins, haemorrhoids and low back pain

2. Things To do In This Your 6th Month Of Pregnancy

Make sure to indulge yourself in some little exercises like Muscle massage, Stretching, Walk outs. Attend your antenatal click:

3. Antenatal Clinic

A quite number of pregnant women who attend antenatal clinic when they are pregnant have their babies delivered normal and they complain less of illnesses than those who are nonchalant about going to antenatal clinics. This is because those who attend antenatal clinics are well looked after and their problems are discovered earlier by their health providers than those who do not go to antenatal or those who do not take it serious.

Attending the antenatal clinic will help your health provider to know when to add your routine medication or when to stop or Which exercise is good for you , the type of diet to be taking, type of supplement you may need to use and some encouragement that will help you to carry on successful pregnancy.

Baby successfully growing in the womb

Growing Baby

4. Consistency of Balance diet all through

It is very necessary that you continue to eat well for yourself and your baby. Eating healthy diet boosts the healthy condition of your baby’s development. It will boost your immune system and therefore prevent you from sickness all the time and keeps you strong.

5 Conclusion

In conclusion, sixth month of pregnancy as I said from the beginning is a period of hope and joy and your baby is growing and you are moving into the last trimester. Most of the disgusting symptoms are gone and you can now enjoy the hope of answering a mother especially if this is your first pregnancy. Eat well , Rest well and exercise well.  Maintaining healthy life style during your pregnancy will give a bouncing baby in the end.

Do you have any question? drop it in the box below and I will be more than happy to give you a reply.