5th Month of Pregnancy And Low Back Pain


You have successfully entered your fifth month of your pregnancy

Congratulations!! Your pregnancy is actually progressing and you are now enjoying the gift of pregnancy which most women are doing every thing in their power but could not get.

It is time to show showcase your pregnancy because this time all the morning sickness and discomforts are gone. You feel stronger, and healthier to carry on with the days’ activity.

Your abdomen is growing bigger, by now the weight of your baby will be pressing hard on the pelvic nerves including sciatic nerve which is the major pelvic nerve that runs from your buttock to your eggs. When the pressure mounts on them you begin to have discomfort at your lower back and sometimes causing low back pain.

What To Expect In This Your 5Th Month Of Pregnancy

    • Your abdomen is growing in size and you are putting on weight, this is because your baby is growing rapidly
    • You may develop back pain due to increase in baby size and the pressure on the pelvic nerves
    • Family chore might mount pressure especially if this is your second pregnancy looking after your first baby might bring additional work. But don’t worry just take your time or finding a helper might help.
    • Center of gravity is changing, and your spinal column is curving to assist in the carrying the weight of your baby. Do your best to maintain a good posture.
    • You might start to feel hot flushes despite the weather, this is because your body is working hard to supply blood enough for you and your baby.
    • You may found out that your mood can change quickly, thinking of the responsibilities that lies ahead for you when the baby comes. It is normal but think of the present, future will take care of itself.
    • As the weight of your baby is increasing and pressing on the veins and arteries supplying your lower body you might start to develop vericous veins on your legs (spider veins) due to inability of your lower blood to flow upwards as before.
    • A dark line may run in the middle of your abdomen. This line is called pigmentation, this is because of hormonal surge and it may affect your vision. This is temporal it will fade away.
    • There are marks that might appear on your abdomen, buttock, thighs, breast and on your upper arms. These marks appear in different colors (red, purple, white). It is called Strae Graviderum in the medical terms

    Watch this video for the signs and symptoms you will expect

Other signs and symptoms You Might expect

  • Headache
  • Brittle nails
  • Bleeding gums
  • Shortness of breath
  • hot flushes and red lines in the palms
  • Nasal congestion and nose bleeding
  • Absent mindedness
  • Swollen ankles or Achy feet
  • heart burn
  • White vaginal discharge

Your Baby In Your Fifth Month Of Your Pregnancy

Your baby is changing significantly and it is very exciting to see how your baby is growing in your womb.

Most of your baby’s features are in place now

    1. Within the last two weeks of fifth month the weight of your baby doubles.
    2. The endocrine and the neural system has started functioning controlling your babies movement
    3. The kidneys are functioning and your baby now producing urine and contributing in the amount of amniotic fluid in the womb sac
    4. The blood vessels can be seen under your baby’s immature skin
    5. Your baby’s skin is covered in a white greasy substance called Vernix Caseosa
    6. Your baby has formed the primary and the deciduous teeth.
    7. Your baby can now demonstrate some actions like yawning, making cute face and can scratch in your womb
    8. Your baby can respond to sounds like your voice, your heartbeat and musics
    9. Your baby now has a unique finger print
    10. Your baby’s nipples are prominent on its chest
    11. The reproductive system is formed which is prominent in the showcase of a female sex but the male’s may not have completely descended.
    12. Legs and arms are formed though flexed at the knees and the ankles

Watch your babies movement in the womb

What To Do In This 5Th Month

  • Maintain a good posture to avoid back pain
  • Take adequate fluid daily to help in the general body cleansing and supply of fluoride that help your baby bone and teeth growth
  • You should do some medical tests
  • Maintain your body temperature by have frequent shower and bath at least two times a day to reduce the possibilities of heat rashes on your body
  • Eat good and balance diet small but frequently add more fiber to your diet to help you fight constipation
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothing
  • Be up and about in your house and do your house chores
  • Indulge in some work out exercises
  • Develop a positive mind about your pregnancy and do not harbor any fear of the unknown
  • Make sure to be speaking to your baby because it hears you
  • Sleep well and have enough rest to avoid exhaustion. Give yourself enough fresh air every day for your baby needs a lot of oxygen for normal growth
  • Get yourself involved in some social activities in your environment

What Not To Do In This Your 5Th Month

  1. Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine indulgence. It might have negative impact on your developing baby
  2. Do not feel anxious about your pregnancy as pregnancy is a thing of joy and expectation
  3. Do not eat unhealthy food. This will do you no good than to increase your body weight and might bring about undesirable conditions like high blood pressure
  4. Do not over work yourself, it might make you tired and might not be healthy for your baby in the womb
  5. Do not entertain sudden reflexes in your daily chore, like sudden sitting, standing or any sudden movement, you might feel dizzy or you may stumble and fall
  6. Avoid lifting heavy loads from the floor like lift your toddler, baskets or anything heavy. Call for assistance

Tests you need to do in Your 5th Month

1, General checks in your first visit to your health provider includes:

Abdominal examination will be done to check the height of your abdomen, the position of your baby and others

Your swollen foot will be checked to know the extend your feet is pitting, whether it is mild or severe to know the type of advice and prescription to give to you.

Your breast will be checked to know the extent of engorgement and to exclude cancer.

By this time your baby must be moving in your womb so the doctor will check you to confirm it is doing so.

Your health provider will listen to your abdomen for the baby’s breath to confirm that it is alive.

Your weight will be checked to found out if your weight is increasing normally  and to eliminate your over weight

Your blood pressure will be checked to exclude high blood pressure

All these routine tests your health provider would do to know your general condition and detect any abnormalities  in time and treat same to give you a successful pregnancy and a complication free labor and delivery

2, Medical Tests Your Health Provider May Recommend;

Listed below are some of the medical tests your doctor may want be done on you for the same purpose of early detection of diseases or abnormalities to avoid later complications

  • Urine testing for sugar and protein levels, infections like any sexual transmitted disease and others
  • Blood test for hemoglobin level
  • Triple tests called alps-fetoprotein (AFP), human chorion Gonadotropin (hCG) and esteriol multipurpose test to rule out any fetal diseases
  • Glucose tolerance tests usually carried out towards the end of 5th month
  • Chromosome Abnormality is checked using the method called Cordocentesis and is done in the 18th week of your pregnancy That is within your 5th month


In this your fifth month of pregnancy, your baby has grown significantly. Most of its features are developed the weight is increasing. You are eating more than normal now that your baby is requesting for its portion of food from you. Your weight and the weight of your baby is now pressing hard on bones and nerves of the hip. This will showcase discomfort and low back pain. Sleeping lying on your left side and maintaining a good posture while doing your daily chores will help you reduce the discomfort.










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  1. Olushola says:

    Hello Bibian,

    Well I can say this is really an eye opener. 5th month during pregnancy is always hectic for I and my wife because that’s when the baby tend to increase in size just like you wrote in your article.

    I also read the do’s and don’t when a lady is in this period and I must be honest to say my wife is guilty of some of the things which are not supposed to be done above. 

    Now that I have better understanding of where the problem is occurring from, I have to sit her down and educate her or just make her read this great article. 

    Thank you so much for the great insight.


    1. bibian okoye says:

      The reason of this site is to give people insight concerning their pregnancy and how to deal with it for normal pregnancy and delivery. I am glad you found help in here and this will help your wife to have a smooth pregnancy and labour if she follows what is written in this article.

      Thanks for your comment

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    1. bibian okoye says:

      Thank you so much for this encouraging comment. This is exactly what I like because it will boost my moral to write more when people appreciate the work I am doing.

      Thanks for commenting

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  4. Babsie Wagner says:

    I love your website and how you go into so many details about what to expect during pregnancy.  It is so obvious that there is a baby inside you at this time, and reading through your site, I just can’t believe that people think it’s ok to kill this little life.  OMG, I just don’t know what this country has turned into that anybody in their right mind would think that is ok, and thank God for a site like yours that celebrates these little lives and protecting them by educating moms and others about what is going on inside at this stage of pregnancy.  You do a great service to everyone.  God Bless.

    1. bibian okoye says:

      I am energized to write more seeing how people appreciate my website. It really tells me how useful it is to my audience. If people make out their time to read these information they will not be making mistake. Thanks for your comment

  5. Huy says:

    This website is a great resource for anyone that is expecting, I have jumped around a couple pages and have enjoyed reading all the great information. I will definitely have to forward these to my girlfriend to read as she just loves information such as these. I liked that you included a section for things not to do very helpful! Thanks again!

    1. admin says:

      We do our best to keep our audience informed of what we are doing “bringing knowledge about pregnancy into their door step”. I am really glad you find it informative and can be helpful, thanks

  6. Staci says:

    I remember my 5th month of pregnancy all too well. That’s around the time that my belly began to show. I am a small frame. Prior to this, I just looked like I put on a couple of pounds, but not pregnant. But oh my goodness I craved peanut butter all of the time. I don’t know why. Maybe I was deficient in some vitamin or mineral but I really wanted peanut butter with everything! I miss those days of expectancy. Now my little baby isn’t a baby anymore!

    1. admin says:

      Lovely comment staci, I had the same experience when I was pregnant of one of my children. I was craving for this particular soup that one day while passing a road near a friend’s house, I passived the smell of this soup coming from her house,I went to the house stayed till my friend finished cooking the soup, I took my on share and went home lol. Pregnancy can be funny sometimes.

      Congratulation for your little baby being a big baby now anyway

  7. Susan says:

    This site is excellent for expectant mothers; and I know a few I am sending to your site to read up on what is coming. How I wish this type of information had been around when I was expecting my babies; very informative and keeps women from guessing. Let’s them know what to expect and what is absolutely normal or should they get to their doctor because they maybe having a problem.
    Thank you,

    1. admin says:

      Thanks Susan for your feedback. That’s so kind of you. It’s a pity you didn’t get such information during your time. Me neither thus the need I felt our young expectant mothers gets these information.

      Thanks for sharing the news. I appreciate!

  8. Akoli says:

    When I saw the title I wondered why you chose the 5th month of pregnancy, and maybe because it is the time, as you said, when the pregnancy is progressing, am I right? I found many of the things that you said to expect in the 5th month. My wife experienced some of the signs and symptoms you said to expect in the 5th month. I’m sending this post to my daughter to help her when she comes to this stage. Thank you for this article!

    1. admin says:

      5th month of pregnancy is in the category of pregnancy stages month by month. This means in every month of pregnancy there are expectations. The purpose of this post is to let women know what to expect in every month of there pregnancy and how to deal with each if necessary. Thanks for your comment.

  9. Emmy says:

    That’s exactly what I experienced during my second pregnancy. For me the low back pain was worse especially as I had to walk for evening classes for about one mile daily to and from school. But at the end I realized that the walking eased my back pain. Keep up the good work.

    1. admin says:

      Pregnancy is never a disease but some people see it as burden and prefer to stay in bed. But as you are up and about walking to and from school it eased your back pain so also some of the other exercises help so much in getting rid of back pain induced by pregnancy.

  10. Carl L. says:

    Nice Article Bibian,

    I remember when my daughter was born over 30 years ago, fathers didn’t have the information about what their wives are facing. We catered to the food craving parts and I was the type that would bring more than enough for any future cravings.

    I never knew what to aspect and was working two jobs I do recall spending more time at home when our daughter was born. I helped as much as possible around the house. I don’t remember my wife ever complaining of back pain.

    Is back pain something older women get or younger women, not sure if it happens to all women. Let me know if that’s something that will happen to all women?

    I’ve really enjoyed your information and feel it will be very useful information for dad’s to know what to aspect from a wife or girlfriend. I wish we had information like this years ago and it would have been helpful to know what’s happening with the little one.

    Thank you for a great article,


    1. admin says:

      Hi, Carl,
      I sincerely appreciate your sincere comment on how you find my post interesting. You know pregnancy is a concern for everyone including the fathers.It is said that knowledge is power. People continue to act in ignorance until they get the knowledge. Now that you have got the knowledge about what women undergo during pregnancy please do spread the news to other men.
      Every woman may experience this pregnancy induced back pain depending on how active the person is and whether the person was predisposed to getting the back pain. It is hardly an active woman complains of low back pain during pregnancy whether young or old. But those who preferred to lie on their bed all the time are the ones who are mostly affected.You may read here to get more

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