You have successfully entered the fourth month of your pregnancy.

Considering the signs and symptoms you experienced from your first month to the thirty month of your pregnancy entering the fourth month will be a sort of relieve to you.

This is because in the first three months known as first trimester your body was trying to adjust to so many things happening at the same time.

Such as; out pouring of pregnancy hormone into your system, presence of new life coming into your body, placenta, umbilical cord,  formation of amniotic fluid and the reactions of these chemicals in your body.

Now you are in your fourth month you found out that those things, discomforts you were experiencing though not gone completely but are significantly reduced.

You can now begin to enjoy your pregnancy and the thought that you are going to be a mother soon will also energize to be proud of your self and people will now notice without being told that you are pregnant and they will respect you for that. Most at times they would not allow you to take part in any strenuous event that can hurt you or your baby.

There is one thing you will notice about yourself, You will notice that you can no longer stand straight as when you are not pregnant because your vertebral column is slightly curving inward to give room for fundus (head of the womb) coming into the abdomen to occupy it.

The soft tissues and the ligaments around these vertebral bones would also soften to make the process of expansion possible.

Then you would be experiencing some kinds of discomfort or slight pain around your low back but don’t worry yet some little exercise may take care of it.

What To Expect In This Your Fourth Month

  • Your abdomen is getting rounded because your baby is growing and leaving the pelvis and coming up to the abdomen
  • Morning sickness ( morning vomiting and feeling of sick) will be reducing
  • Loss of appetite will change to hunger
  • Frequency of urine will reduce because your baby is loosing its pressure on the bladder
  • You will begin to widening up thereby loosing most of your clothes
  • Stretch mark will begin to appear on your body
  • Your Low back bone would be softening and adjusting gradually to accommodate the weight of the baby
  • You will start to gain weight because your will be in constant hunger in response to your babies hunger request

What To Do in This Fourth Month

Look after yourself by eating healthy, doing some exercise, sleeping well, taking some days off work maintaining good personal hygiene

Diet In This Fourth Month Of Your Pregnancy

As, you are feeling more hungry in this month your must be mindful of what you eat. Not the quantity that matters but how healthy it is. So eat healthy, more of fruits and vegetables. Using them in between meals (that is using them as for your snacks) instead of stocking yourself with starchy and fatty food. This can only give your add undesirable weight.

Your baby is growing and needs special nutrients to aid its growth, inducing yourself in eating wisely will greatly impart on your growing baby the ability to have a normal growth both physically and mentally.

There are such nutrient your can get from the food you eat that is very good for your baby if your are eating healthy diet, they are; Folic acid, iron, zinc, B complex etc these are good for the normal growth of your baby. Folic acid is very important for normal formation of your baby. It prevents condition known as neural malformation which occur at the spinal cord.

Eat plenty of food containing fiber like oats to help your prevent constipation which is common in pregnancy

Drink plenty of water to aid your blood circulation and elimination of waste products from your body

Eat more protein that carbohydrate as protein help in the body nourishment and aid the baby normal growth

Some Exercises You May Need in Your Fourth Month

You are now in fourth month of your pregnancy and the effect and misery of first trimester are losing their grip. It is advice you will always be on the go. Not staying at a place it will not do you well even it places your health in danger.

If your are on the go, It will give your general body good health and your baby too and will lead to your smooth pregnancy and delivery.

Exercises like yoga, evening work out, House core are encouraged but do not carry heavy loads or participate in vigorous exercise.

If your have any health issues and carrying this your pregnancy please let your doctor know and do not do any exercise till your let your doctor know. He can now help your to select the type of exercise that will be good for your.

The way You Sleep during this fourth Month

In this your fourth month your need rest and sleep. You have to task yourself to have rest and sleep at least once during the day your night sleep not inclusive because that one is for sure.

Take some days off whenever the need be to help your get your strength back

As, your baby is growing and adding weight its weight will be having some negative impact in the way your blood circulate. So in this fourth month begin to form the habit of lying in your left side. It will help your to maintain a good sleeping position (which is lying by your side) in the later age of your pregnancy.

Good Personal Hygiene

Maintenance of good personal hygiene is very important, this is because if your are dirty it is likely that your may catch infection.leading to constant illness and your baby may be infected too.

Infection may bring about your death or the death of your child.

Wear loose clothing to aid your easy movement with your baby in the womb

What Not To Do During Your Fourth Month

  • Avoid lifting heavy loads
  • Avoid eating heavy meals as it will make your lazy but eat lightly and frequently
  • Do not over work yourself at any time
  • Do not run as when your are not pregnant as your may trip and fall and the story may be different
  • Do not join in vigorous exercise

The Recommended Tests To Do This Fourth Month

Your health provider has sent your to some tests in your first trimester, which includes; Blood tests, Urine test, amniocentesis. In this your fourth month of pregnancy your doctor will be sending your for test as need may be as when your are sick or when your come for check up.

But if your have not registered for your antenatal at this stage all the above mentioned tests would be prescribed for you and also scanning to check the condition, position or sex of your baby


Fourth month of pregnancy is a period you would begin to enjoy your pregnancy as it is period when your morning sickness and all the whelms of first trimester is gradually fading away. Your loss of appetite would be overtaken periods of hunger and the tendency is that if you don’t control the way you eat and what you eat you may become over weight.

Being over weight and fact that your vertebral bone is curving to accommodate the growing baby in the womb would create pressure on your low back and may cause discomfort and pain. To avoid this do not eat heavy food that might cause your over weight but eat healthy food that might maintain your health and that of your baby. Do some hip exercise from time to time.

Thank your for reading, don’t forget to tell other women how what you read has helped you in your fourth month of your pregnancy.

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