You have successfully entered into the third month of your pregnancy

A lot is happening inside you. Your baby is growing and your womb is now leaving the pelvic cavity. Your breast has become more firm and enlarged. People can now recognize you protruding abdomen.

You may as your baby is growing in your womb tend to lean forward to support your baby and then causing strain on your back causing slight dull or severe back pain. Those who have not known that you were pregnant will now start to tease you and share with your new development.

But the whole ergo is that your pregnancy is getting stronger being in this month. At the end of this month if you have experienced morning sickness like nausea and vomiting from your first month it will now be less or stopped.

What to Expect in the Third Month of Pregnancy


  • you might see an increase in the amount of virginal discharge
  • due to changes in the hormonal balance in your system your gum may start to bleed
  • Your abdomen will expand showing that your baby is growing and from this time the growth of your baby will increase rapidly.
  • You may still feel dizzy during your daily chores especially when sitting or standing suddenly.
  • There may be constipation make sure to be eating a lot of fruits and vegetable this time.
  • In this stage, you may be feeling more sleepy, tired or even exhaustion.
  • You may see yourself easily irritated and sometimes teary but it is not your fault it is due to the hormonal changes in your body which will stop over time. Keeping good company and giving yourself break while working might help you.

In the uterus

  • Your baby is changing greatly
  • No movement of your baby in the uterus yet this month
  • The weight of your baby may be about 14gram now.
  • The height of your baby might also be about 3.54 inches
  • Your baby bone will be getting stronger due to hardening called ossification of bones
  • Your baby brain cells are forming rapidly
  • Your baby’s external ears are formed
  • The external genital area is demarcating but the whole genitalia is not yet fully formed
    • Your babies head is still large, larger than the rest of the body.

Physical Changes In this Third Month

  • Your breast is firmer, darker around the nipple and nipple is elongated
  • Your weight is increased and your skin looks groomed
  • Your lower abdomen is round and firm
  • Your color is fairer than how you were
  • Nausea and vomiting is reducing
  • You are gaining appetite and craving for some food

What to do in this third month of your pregnancy

In this third month of your pregnancy, your body has greatly changed. There are things you have to do to help yourself develop a smooth pregnancy process.

  • If you have not registered for your antenatal clinic try to do so now. Doing that early enough will help you detect any anomalies that can be corrected in time.
  • Do you have worries about your pregnancy: this is the time to talk to your doctor/ health provider about it.
  • Diet: You must improve the way you eat, you have a new person with you who needs nourishment to grow so your diet will go extra miles to serve two of you especially including those things that make diet balanced; such foods containing protein, minerals vitamins, and carbohydrates.
  • Eat more frequently but small at a time make you in between meals be more of fruits and vegetables and some food that can give you energy.
  • Foods containing iron and folic acid are advised to start them early as to get your body ready for the baby. These are also included in your routine medications your health provider will order for you.
  • To combat yourself from Hemorrhoid which is imminent due to constipation you experience, you must be drinking plenty of water and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  • It is obvious you might be feeling dizzy, or fatigue; don’t worry. Your body is undergoing some changes and the baby in your womb is growing to add an unexpected weight to your own weight. It is not bad at all you will get over it, but what you must be doing is not to resist sleep and rest. It should be part of your daily activities this time to be receiving enough rest and sleep. You will find out that you will get stronger after rest.
  • Make sure to improve your personal hygiene to eliminate infection especially this time you there may be an increase in your vaginal discharge. Maintaining personal hygiene will help you to keep away from body odor and infection
  • Exercise is very important this time. You are advised to be on the go at all time. Go about your daily chores and form a habit doing one exercise or the other that is safe for you.
  • Supplements are required to help you get does nutrients you are not able to get from your diet.

Necessary Tests To Do

In your first visit to a clinic you health provider will like you to do these tests:

  1. General blood tests will help the health provider to exclude, Anemia, diabetes,
  2. Blood test to exclude Diabetes, electrolyte imbalance, ketosis, and candidates
  3. Your health provider might carry out more test like Nuchal Translucency to exclude birth defects like Spinal Bifida or other congenital defects
  4. Scanning of your abdomen is to check your baby if it is developing normally and also to check the sex of the baby if you desire so.

What Not To

 Do not smoke during pregnancy if you have been smoking before, try to cut out now since smoking will complicate your pregnancy or may even result in your death or your baby.

  • Limit coffee and alcohol intake these will have an adverse effect on the baby in your womb.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothing. Wearing free clothing will give you and your baby-free air intake and freedom to move yourself around the way you want to.
  • Do not eat those foods that can cause you indigestion. Some fats contain foods do not digest easily in the stomach and may cause you indigestion


Every Pregnant woman looks forward to seeing her third month ending because this is the end of the first trimester when the morning sickness is expected to stop and the woman feels free to eat and socialize with others and enjoy meeting other pregnant women in the antenatal clinic sharing views and experiences. This time as the womb leaves the pelvic cavity you tend to be temporally relieved from back pain